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The following scale product manuals and specification sheets are provided for our customer’s convenience.

If you have difficulty viewing any of the following PDF files, please download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

Product Manuals
MKE5 – Instructions Manual Download
MKE5 – Parts Counting Manual Download
MKE5 – USB Manual Download
MKE5 – Options Manual Download
MKE5 – Ultra Precision SAW Scale – Quick Start Download
MKE5 – Ultra Precision SAW Scale – Instructions Manual Download
MKE-5-IS (-C) Intrinsically Safe Scale System –  Instruction Manual (Document 4500) Download
Arlyn UpScale – Quick Start Download
Arlyn UpScale – Instructions & Options Manual Download
Arlyn UpScale – Parts Counting Manual Download
Arlyn UpScale – Flow Rate Manual Download
Wiring Diagrams
Relay Wiring Diagram (AC) Download
Relay Wiring Diagram (DC) Download
Analog Output (4-20mA for MKE5/UpScale Indicators) Download
Loop Powered 4-20mA Out (For Cylinder Scales & Scales with no Indicator) Download
Barrier Strip Wiring For Intrinsically Safe Platforms Download
Infra Red Communication For Intrinsically Safe Scales Download
Specification Sheets
3200 Platform Scales Download
3250 Drum Scales Download
5200 Floor Scales Download
6200 Bench Scales Download
620G Gas Cylinder Scales Download
8200 Parts Counting Scales Download
3200 CR Corrosion Resistant Platform Scales Download
Ultra Precision Scales (SAW Technology) Download
Large Ultra Precision Scales (SAW Technology) Download
ARC Crane Scales Download
ArlynGuard B Bench Scales Download
ArlynGuard C Cylinder Scales Download
ArlynGuard P Platform Scales Download
ArlynGuard F Floor Scales Download