Arlyn UpScale vs. MKE-5 vs. MKE-5-IS Digital Indicators

The Arlyn UpScale Display Indicator is simply a completely redesigned scale display. This digital weighing indicator is much different than the standard one that has been used for the past several decades on most industrial scales. Like other areas of the industrial scale market, the scale experts at Arlyn Scales are never satisfied with the status quo. Instead, we’re committed to providing truly revolutionary scale features that make your job much easier than ever before.


Arlyn Scales and Accuracy Over Time What to Know
Arlyn UpScale MKE-5 MKE-5-IS (Explosion Proof)
Display 7″ HD IPS Capacitive 5-point Multittouch 16:9 Touchscreen Display 3″ Monochrome LCD with 6-Digit Display 3″ Monochrome LCD with 6-Digit Display
Display Resolution 1024 x 600 (WSVGA) 128 x 64 128 x 64
Control Panel Full Color Contextual Touchscreen Sealed “Click-Type” 12-Button Keypad Sealed “Click-Type” 12-Button Keypad
Processor ARM Cortex(TM) A7 – Quad Core 64-bit CPU ARM Cortex-M4 ARM Cortex-M4
Storage 8 GB 4 MB 4 MB
Memory (RAM) 2 GB 256 KB 256 KB
Intrinsically Safe No No Yes
Tares & Samples Unlimited Tares/Samples
Exclusive Features: Sorting, Instant Search
100 Tares/Samples 100 Tares/Samples
Connectivity RS-232, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RS-485, Analog Output, etc. RS-232, USB, Ethernet, RS-485, Analog Output, etc. (No Wi-Fi) RS-422 only. Other options available through Safety Barrier.
Import/Export Import/Export of Tares, Samples, Setpoints, Users, etc. (Requires Data Logging Option) Not Available Not Available
Setpoint Definitions Unlimited Setpoint Recipes (8 outputs) 3 Setpoint Recipes (8 outputs) 3 Setpoint Recipes (8 outputs)
Setpoint Email Alert Yes. (Requires Wi-Fi/Ethernet Option) Not Available Not Available
Data Logging Option Optional Optional Not Available
Data Log Email Yes. (Periodic & On Demand. Requires Wi-Fi/Ethernet Option) Not Available Not Available
Enhanced Options Yes (Enhanced Setpoint and Data Logger Functions, SMS Alerts, Sample/Tares/Setpoint Excel Import/Export) Not Available Not Available
Print Frames Unlimited Custom Print Frames 1 Custom Print Frame 1 Custom Print Frame
Multi-Platform Up to 6 Regular Precision (Strain Gage) Platforms Up to 3 Regular Precision (Strain Gage) Platforms Up to 3 (Strain Gage) Intrinsically Safe Platforms
SAW Multi-Platform Up to 4 Ultra Precision (SAW) Platforms 1 Ultra Precision Platform 1 Ultra Precision Platform (Intrinsically Safe)
MODBUS Modbus TCP or Modbus ASCII/RTU Available Not Available Not Available
Barcode & QR Code Functions Optional Not Available Not Available
RFID Reader Optional Not Available Not Available
REST API Access Optional (w/ Ethernet or Wi-Fi) Not Available Not Available
Flow Rate Optional Not Available Not Available
Extended Accuracy User Defined Accuracy Control includes Software Filtering, Stability Control, Zero/Motion Detect, Zero Tracking. Customized Accuracy Control Customized Accuracy Control
Time & Date Included Optional (Additional Charge) Not Available
Battery Option External rechargeable backup battery (20,000mAh) Optional Battery Pack: 15-20 Hrs Single Load Cell, 6-8 Hrs Four Load Cell, 3-5 Hrs with Options (3) AA NiMH Batteries Rechargeable Included
User Management User Access Control & Time Tracking Not Available Not Available
Custom Fields Full Custom Fields Support Not Available Not Available
Water Resistant Yes Yes Yes
Power Requirements 117-240VAC, 50/60Hz – 24VDC Optional 117-240VAC, 50/60Hz – 24VDC Optional
  • (3) AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries Included
  • External Power Supply available through Safety Barrier
Remote Assistance Yes No No
Data Sheet UpScale Specification Sheet MKE-5 Specification Sheet MKE-5-IS Specification Sheet
User Manual Arlyn UpScale User Manual MKE-5 Digital Indicator User Manual MKE-5-IS User Manual

* Some options not listed. Look for additional options in Configure & Buy pages for each scale. MKE-5-IS Explosion Proof display can provide all listed options through Safety Barrier (See Configuration 2 and Configuration 3).