Remote Screen

USB Remote Software Brings Data from Our Scales to Your Computer

Connect your digital scales to one computer via a USB remote hub. Now, download your weighing data to Windows database programs for easy reports and label generation.

The new USB compatibility interfaces our scales with plug-and-play ease. You can even control the scale from your computer’s keyboard, and multiple scales may be connected to one computer via a single USB hub. This downloadable software is available at no charge, and is compatible with most of our digital scales. Please, consult the manual for more information.

Software and Documentation Downloads
USB Remote (.zip) *Windows XP (MKE-5 Only) Download
RS485 Remote (.zip) *Windows XP (MKE-5 Only) Download
Readme (.html) (MKE-5 only) Download
Drivers (MKE-5 Only) Download
USB Remote Manual (MKE-5 Only) Download
Arlyn Upscale – Wired (for RS232, USB, etc) Download
Arlyn Upscale – TCPIP (for Ethernet and WiFi) Download
USB Port Available on Most Digital Scales $100.00
USB Remote Software and Drivers Download No Charge!