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The Arlyn Series 5200 all electronic Large Floor Scales boast expensive features for a low price. Instead of aluminum or plated steel, there are four heavy duty stainless steel load sensors, which are bolted into protection pockets in the frame of the scale for maximum ruggedness. While inexpensive scales use a simple enamel paint, Arlyn applies a zinc rich 3-part galvanized epoxy coating to the steel platform for maximum protection and rust resistance. The large LCD display is also water resistant, fully graphical and fully programmable.

Other features include easy installation, very low profile, easy to read graphics LCD display, full numeric keypad, easy to use menu driven interface and large memory capacity. The indicator also offers Units Conversion, Net/Gross, Tare, Zero, and many other secondary functions. All Arlyn Scales are shipped direct from the factory. In addition to the platform sizes listed, there are many other capacities and sizes available.


Model 5-3305 5-4404 5-4405 5-4405-SS 5-5510
Capacity 5000lb (2200kg) 2500lb (1150kg) 5000lb (2200kg) 5000lb (2200kg) 10000lb (4400kg)
Readability 1lb (0.5kg) 0.5lb (0.2kg) 1lb (0.5kg) 1lb (0.5kg) 2lb (1kg)
Internal Res. 1 part in 500,000 1 part in 500,000 1 part in 500,000 1 part in 500,000 1 part in 500,000
Nominal Res. 1 part in 5000 1 part in 5000 1 part in 5000 1 part in 5000 1 part in 5000
Platform Dimensions 36″ x 36″ 48″ x 48″ 48″ x 48″ 48″ x 48″ 60″ x 60″


  • Very Low Profile Platform – Large diamond plate platform only 2.8″ high, making the loading and unloading easier.
  • Very Accurate – Internal resolution up to 1:500,000, Nominal Resolution at 1:5000. Includes features found on scales costing 5x more.
  • Extremely Durable –Stainless steel load cell system, 3-part zinc rich galvanized epoxy coating, remote mount water resistant display.
  • No Set Up or dealer services required. Automatic calibration. Adjustable leveling legs.
  • Easy Operation – Pushbutton functions for tare and unit conversion. Movable display head for easy viewing.
  • Optional Touchscreen – Available with Arlyn UpScale touchscreen indicator as shown above.*
  • Optional Stainless Steel – All models also available in Stainless Steel (SS) construction.
  • Other Platform Sizes – Many other standard sizes available. Custom sizes upon request.

Additional Specifications

  • Power Requirements – 117/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz (w/ included power adapter) DC-Rechargeable battery approx. 20 hours use, overnight recharge (only available with MKE5 indicators)
  • Accuracy – 0.1% of full scale
  • Shipping Weight – 350 lb
  • Tare, Zero Range – 100% of full scale
  • Operating Temp – 14ºF to 104ºF
  • Display – 1″ easy to read LCD with status annunciators
  • Overload Condition – Display warning message at 102% of scale capacity.
  • Display Speed – 0.5 seconds, adjustable
  • Weighing Features – Automatic calibration, eight unit conversions, net/gross, keyboard and digital tare with memory storage for tare and ID#s.
  • UpScale Indicator Option – 7″ color touchscreen, visually driven user interface, user programmable extended accuracy parameters, multiple screen format choices, battery backup.
  • Approvals Available –  Intrinsically Safe Approved scales available. Learn more…
  • Other Options –RS-232, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 4-20mA Analog Output, label and ticket printers, programmable setpoints for filling, mixing and monitoring, rechargeable battery, stainless platforms and indicator, ramps, parts counting, custom and standard platform sizes up to 92″ x 144″.

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