This Arlyn MKE-5 Digital Indicator – Quick Start applies to all scales equipped with the Arlyn MKE-5 Digital Indicator Display ( – Series 3200, 3250, 6200 & 5-xxxx Series Platforms.


Product Manuals and Specifications Sheets

  • MKE-5 User Manual – Instructions, Options Guide and Limited Warranty Terms
  • MKE-5 Parts Counting Manual – For Parts Counting Scales
  • MKE-5 USB Manual – Instructions for installing USB Drivers for the Scale (if equipped)

Software Downloads

  • MKE-5 USB Software CD – Software drivers for USB Communication (if equipped)
  • MKE-5 Ethernet Software CD – Software Utilities for integrating Ethernet Scales to your existing LAN (if equipped)


  1. Carefully unpack scale from shipping carton. Save packing material for possible future use.
  2. If the level legs are included separately, then screw one into each corner underneath the scale. If the level legs are already screwed into the platform, they MUST be unscrewed and extended out so they can hold the platform above ground.
  3. Place scale on a level surface and adjust the level legs so that all four legs are touching the surface.
  4. If your scale comes equipped with ramps, fix them to the floor using the mounting holes provided. This way the ramp will not move during normal use. Be careful not to let the scale platform rub up against the ramp or any other surface, as this would cause non-repeatability of other inaccuracies.
  5. Plug into 117 VAC wall outlet. (If your model comes with the optional 24V DC input, please insert the appropriate power supply) to turn on the Arlyn MKE-5 Digital Indicator. For non-battery pack equipped scales, wait for the weight screen to show up. For battery pack equipped scales, the screen will remain blank until you press the ON/OFF key. To shut the scale down, press and hold the ON/OFF key until the display blanks out.
  6. Allow a five-minute warm-up time for stabilization and most accurate results. Items can be placed anywhere on the platform for weighing, but for heavy items, it is advisable to place them near the center. Many models are equipped with shock absorbers and positive overload stops for protection. However, care should be taken to not shock load the load-cells. It is normal for a small amount of drift to occur over periods of time. For the most accurate readings, the scale may re-acquire a true zero by pressing the ZERO button prior to weighing.



WEIGHT DISPLAY Shows the weight on the platform in the current units setting.
COUNT DISPLAY Shows the current piece count on the platform. If there are any totals in the accumulate register it will indicate “pcs acc”
UNITS Shows the active conversion units.
NET INDICATOR Shows “Net” if the indicator is in net weighing mode.
STATUS/ZERO Shows either “Zr” if the platform is at zero, a bar graph showing how close the scale is to maximum capacity or “OVLD!” if the platform is overloaded.
TARE DESCRIPTION Shows the description of the active tare weight such as “From Keyboard” or “Tare #001”
TARE WEIGHT Shows the weight value of the active tare.
SAMPLE DESCR Shows the description of the active sample weight such as “From Keyboard” or “Sample #001”
SAMPLE WEIGHT Shows the weight value of the active sample.


Front Panel / Keyboard


Main Function Keys

ON/OFF Press and hold to reboot the scale. On battery pack equipped scales, press and hold this key to power it down.
TARE Tares any weight on the platform and switch the scale to the net mode. Hold the key down to clear the tare
NET/GROSS Will toggle the indicator between the net and gross mode. The net mode will show the weight on the platform minus any tared weight.
UNITS Pressing this key allows you to step through the various activated Units.
ZERO Will zero the indicator.


Menu Navigation Keys

MENU/BACK Using this key from the weight display will access the setup menu. In all other areas, it is used to back out from menus or to complete an operation.
ENTER This key is used to select items and to complete operations in the various menus.
ARROWS Use arrows to navigate and select menu items.


Secondary Function Keys

SAMPLE* Used to acquire a quick parts-counting sample from the platform. Pressing and holding this key down will clear the active sample. *Parts Counting Scales only.
ACCUM* Used to add the piece count to the accumulate register allowing the totaling of parts. Pressing and holding this key will clear the accumulate register. *Parts Counting Scales only.
? KEY Used in various areas to call up help screens. In some areas this key needs to be pressed and held.
SHIFT Used by the text-editing screen to toggle caps on/off.
CLEAR Used in some editing screens to clear input. In some areas this key needs to be pressed and held
NUMBER KEYS Are used in various places to input floating point numbers.



Indicators and Platforms must not be mixed and matched. Each indicator is calibrated towards a particular platform. If you purchased and received multiple scales, then each indicator must be matched with its own platform. To do this, match the serial number on the back of the indicator to the serial number on the platform. The platform’s serial number is usually located on the side of its frame or under it.