Arlyn Series 620G Gas Cylinder Scales Specification Sheet

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About The Arlyn Series 620G Gas Cylinder Scales

Liquefied gas cylinders are used in numerous industrial processes. The semiconductor industry is one typical application. Monitoring the pressure in the cylinder is not an effective way to determine the number of contents because the pressure will stay near-maximum until just before the last of the gas is used.

Monitoring weight is the most effective way to determine the amount remaining. Arlyn’s Cylinder Scales are specifically designed for this purpose with industry-standard capacities of 60lb and 300lbs. They use a special stainless steel load cell to provide a very thin platform with a size of 9.25” x 9.25”. A platform measuring 14”x 14” is also available for our Liquid Tank scales. Weight can be read on a digital indicator, or output using 4-20mA, or any combination.

Best Scales for Weighing Liquefied Gases



Model 620-(4)-(I)-(60) 620-(4)-(I)-300 620-(4)-(I)-400
Capacity 60lb
Readability 0.02lb
9.25″ x 9.25″ (14″ x 14″ Optional)
Indicator $ 4-20mA (I) – Indicator <-> (4) – 4-20mA <-> (4-I) – Indicator & 4-20mA
Construction  Aluminum Supports / Optional All Stainless Steel (SS)


Very Thin Profile – Loading and unloading heavy cylinders can be a difficult process. We have engineered our scales to ensure a low profile and to make this process easier. Our Cylinder Scale’s profile is only 1 3/8” high!
Very Versatile – Available with different outputs, including 4-20mA, 0-5V, or with a full-functioned indicator that can be enhanced by a variety of computer output formats, including RS-232, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB.
High Precision – Weights can be read as closely as 0.02 lb.

Additional Specifications

Platform Material – Stainless Steel (Standard)
Load Cell Material – Stainless Steel (Standard)
Supports Material – Aluminum (Optional Stainless Steel)
Max Safe Load – 150% Full Scale
Full Scale Output – 4-20mA [620G-4 models only]
Zero Balance – 4mA ± 0.2% [620G-4 models only]
Excitation – 12-30VDC [620G-4 models only]
Accuracy and Repeatability
• ± 0.1% Full Scale @ 20 ºC
• ± 0.25% Full Scale above operating temp. range
Operating Temp Range – 14 ºF – 104 ºF
Zero Shift
• ± 0.1mA / 30 days [620G-4 models only]
• ± 0.625% Full Scale / 30 days [620G-I models only]
Pig Tail Lead – 4 conductor, jacketed & Shielded
Relative Humidity – 0-95% RH Non-Condensing
Environmental – Water Resistant (Not Submersible)
Test Spec – EMI/RFI Emission Suppression

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