Precision Scale Models: How to Choose the Right Specification

For many decades, scale owners had two main choices when it came to purchasing an industrial scale: strain gage scales or force motor scales. If customers needed precision measurements, they were left with only one choice: force motor scales. While force motor scales have their use, they do come with a variety of drawbacks. At … Continued

Commercial Weighing Scales for the Food Industry

As Americans, we largely take for granted the fact that we can easily go to a grocery store or restaurant and order exactly what we want, in the quantities that make the most sense based on our diet. Many of these recent conveniences are thanks to the modernization of food production technology. One technology in … Continued

Digital Scales for Factories and Laboratories

If you’re in the market for an industrial scale for a factory, or laboratory, there are no doubt large numbers of manufacturers to choose from. Laying out your exact needs can help you to be able to narrow down the manufacturers that offer scales that will be sufficient for you and your team. At Arlyn … Continued

Commercial Floor Scales at Wholesales Prices

There are countless companies around the country that must weigh items on a regular basis. Regardless of the industry, accurate weight data is incredibly important for these organizations to ensure they can remain profitable. Incorrect weight data can lead to a wide array of different business predicaments, all of which typically revolve around a company … Continued

Digital Lab Scales: Getting the Most Precise Data

If you’re in the market for a digital lab scale, you’ve likely perused the Internet and found a large number of options when it comes to scale manufacturers. While all of these companies may claim to offer high quality industrial scales, few have the experience of a company like Arlyn Scales. When you’re looking for … Continued

Types of Industrial Package Scales

If you’re shipping a large variety of items, it can often make sense to purchase an industrial package scale to ensure you’re not overpaying or underpaying for shipping. The size of the items you’re looking to ship will likely dictate which scale you need. Most of our customers who need to weigh packages on a … Continued

Highly Durable Scales for Measuring Heavy Weights

With a wide variety of different applications for industrial scales, it can be difficult to know what type of model to purchase. Some industrial facilities require highly precise measurements at low capacities, while others require extremely high capacities. If your facility is in need of a durable scale for measuring heavyweights, our Arlyn Series 5200 … Continued

Chemical Weighing Scales for Wastewater Treatment

If you work at or manage a wastewater treatment plant, you likely understand the need for rugged and accurate chemical weighing scales. Weighing chemicals in wastewater treatment facilities can be difficult and potentially dangerous. Furthermore, incorrectly weighing chemicals can cause significant problems for wastewater treatment plants looking to properly dispose of and treat wastewater. Turn … Continued

Ink Mixing Scales That Are Up to 10 Times More Accurate

Ink mixing is an extremely exact process that if done incorrectly can result in less than ideal results. One of the most important aspects of any mixing process is the accurate weighing of materials. To assist with this process, it’s critical that you choose a scale that’s both accurate as well as durable. If you’re … Continued

Platform Scale with Printer

If you’re in the market for a platform scale, you obviously want a scale that offers accurate measurements and is able to stand up to the daily rigors of an industrial facility, but chances are there are other features that are important to you as well. One feature in particular that many of our customers … Continued

Warehouse Scales: Heavy Duty Industrial Floor Scales

  Regardless of the types of items you weigh on a regular basis, if you’re looking to purchase a heavy duty floor scale for your industrial facility, you likely have browsed the wide array of manufacturers online. At Arlyn Scales, we offer our Series 5200 floor scales that offer best in class components, as well … Continued

How to Accurately Monitor Weight in Bioreactors

When it comes to bioreactors, it’s critical that the weight of nutrients and waste materials are being accurately weighed to ensure whatever chemical process is taking place will work properly. A typical bioreactor consists of a variety of different parts, and it’s critically important that the flow rates of inputs and outputs are correctly controlled. … Continued