Platform Scales (3-Wire) 4-20mA Analog Output – Wiring Diagram

Diagram below illustrates wiring diagram for 3200 Series Platform Scales equipped with Line Powered 4-20mA (3-Wire) and no display.

3200, 5200 (Platform & Floor Scales) Line Powered 4-20mA Out (3-Wire w/ no Display)

To check the output:

  1. Connect the RED wire to a 24V DC outlet.
  2. Connect the GROUNDING WIRE (bare) to a suitable Earth Ground location in your building. This is optional. This will help determine faults in the scale if any and increase stability of your readings.
  3. Connect the BLACK wire to a GROUND connection.
  4. You will now have 4-20 mA output coming from the GREEN wire
  5. Use an Ammeter or a digital multimeter to check the current on the GREEN wire. Connect the multimeter as shown.
  6. Press the platform to see the deflection in current.
  7. Use the SPAN and ZERO potentiometers located on the side of the board to calibrate your platform current output.