ArlynGaurd- S Ultra Precision Scales

Intrinsically Safe Saw Scales


Ideal for Parts Counting, Formulation, and every application where precision and extreme durability are important. Arlyn Scales introduces patented new SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave)Technology – a breakthrough in the scale industry. It utilizes an All Digital system to provide unrivaled accuracy that is 10X better than standard scales, with resolution that is up to 20X better. It also offers excellent temperature stability and durability. In many situations, one higher capacity SAW scale can substitute for 2 or 3 standard scales of different capacities. SAW scale technology was invented and developed by Arlyn. As with all of our scales, we only sell our scales factory direct. Other features include easy installation, easy to read graphics LCD display, full numeric keypad, and easy to use menu-driven interface. The indicator also offers Units Conversion, Net/Gross, Tare, Zero, and many other secondary functions.Accurate Paint Colors Using Ultra Precision Scales

Capacity 10lb
Readability 0.0001lb
Pan Size 12×12 12×12 12×12 12×12 12×12
Pan Size -16
NA 12×16 12×16 12×16 12×16


Ultra Accurate – Internal resolution up to 1 part in 2,000,000.
Ultra Durable – Massive heat-treated alloy load cell. 250% shock load protection. Large stainless platform. No set-up or dealer services required. Automatic calibration.
Easy Operation – Pushbutton functions for automatic tare and unit conversion. Movable display head for easy viewing.
Optional Touchscreen – Available with Arlyn UpScale touchscreen indicator as shown above.*
Other Platform Sizes – Other sizes available on request.
Certified CE –Manufactured in accordance with EU standards following EMC (2014/30/EU) & RoHS (2011/65/EU) Directives


→ Accuracy – 0.01% of Full Scale ←
Power Requirements – 117/220VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1W
Optional DC-Rechargeable battery approx. 20 hours use, overnight recharge. (only available with MKE5 Indicators)
Linearity – approximately 1:50,000 (typical)
Temp Coefficient – 2 ppm/ ºC (-5 – 40 ºC )
Creep – approximately 1:30,000 (typical)
Dimensions – 15” x 17” x 3.5”, 24lb (shipping weight)
Tare, Zero Range – 100% of full scale
Included Display – 1” easy to read LCD with status annunciators
Operating Temp – 10ºF to 120ºF
Overload Condition –Display warning message at 102% of scale capacity. Resists mechanical damage
to 250% of capacity.
Display Speed – 0.5 seconds, adjustable
Weighing Features – Adjustable constants, automatic calibration
Options – Optional 12” x 16”, Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator, Analog 4-20mA output, USB Computer Port, RS-232 Computer Port, Ethernet and WiFi Interface, adjustable rates, Time and Date output, Label, page, and ticket printers, Automatic Setpoints, Battery pack. (Limitations apply. Call for details)