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Ultra Precision Scales for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries

The biotech and pharmaceutical industries protect and lengthen our lives. Through scientific applications such as fermentation and harnessing biochemical catalysts, biotech companies are reducing the use and reliance on petrochemicals. Using biofuels to cut greenhouse emissions, biotech industries are tapping into the underutilized resources of biomass waste products. The work of Pharmatech include searching for ways to eliminate life-altering conditions and serious illnesses affecting the developing world. Biotech industries as well improve lives through work in crop, pest, and disease resistance and facilitating the use of more environmentally sustainable farming practices.

Both of these industries deal with chemicals in their formulations that can be explosive in the laboratory setting or else rely on precise dosages for treatments in the form of pills or tablets. Our scales address these specific needs with explosive environment scales and counting scales.

ArlynGuard Scales for Multiple Applications

To cover all areas of applications for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, we offer a complete series of ArlynGuard Scales. Whether the application calls for Bench Scales, Floor Scales, Cylinder Scales or Platform Scales, there is an indoor hazardous scale for each location. Our scales are durable and rugged with load cells made of the finest industrial grade of stainless steel and are placed in a protective housing in the scale’s substructure. They are then protected with a variety of silicone coatings to ensure that no corrosive substance will contact the load cells. Additionally, the protective housing keeps the load cells safe from shock and overload damage.

The ArlynGuard Bench scales have excellent weight resolutions to one-thousandth of a pound. These scales are offered in five, ten, twenty-five, fifty, one hundred and one hundred and fifty-pound capacities with a twelve by sixteen platform size.

The ArlynGuard Cylinder scales are offered in the following capacities: sixty, three hundred and four hundred pounds. With resolutions from two-hundredths of a pound to one-tenth of a pound, these scales provide extreme accuracy. The platform sizes are either nine and a quarter inches square or an optional fourteen inches square for the larger sized cylinders.

The ArlynGuard Platform scales are also offered in complete stainless steel construction for applications that require endurance for extremely rugged applications. Available in five hundred pound or one thousand pound capacities, these platforms have a very low profile of one and seven-eighths inches in height.

The ArlynGuard Floor scale comes in the following capacities and platform sizes: twenty five hundred pounds with a three foot square platform, five thousand pounds with a four foot square platform in either stainless steel or aluminum, and a five-foot square platform, ten thousand pounds with a four foot square platform or a five foot by seven foot platform and twenty thousand pounds with a six foot by eight foot sized platform. This low profile floor scale comes with a diamond plated platform and a tough epoxy coating for the ultimate in corrosion protection.

Explosive Environments and Materials

Our ArlynGuard B, C, F, and P scales have one or more components that have been tested and approved to be Intrinsically Safe for use in an impressive range of hazardous locations including:

  • Intrinsically safe for use in Class I, II, III; Division I; Groups A through G
  • Non-incentive for use in Class I; Division II; Groups A through D
  • Suitable for use in Class II; Division II; Groups F & G
  • Suitable for use in Class III; Division II

Each ArlynGuard scale is equipped with one or more of:

  • Model MKE-5-IS(-C) Digital Weight Indicator System
  • Load Cell Models 620-300-IS, 620-100-IS, 620-50-IS, 620-25-IS, 620-10-IS, 520-10000L-IS, 520-5000L-IS, 520-5000IS, 520-2500-IS, 520-1250-IS, 320-500-IS and 320-250-IS which are FM Approved components as per Approval Standard 3600, 3610, 3611 and 3810.

The Class I and II designations cover the Groupings from A to G. Included in these allowed classifications are materials such as Acetylene, Hydrogen, Butadiene, Ethylene Oxide, Propylene Oxide, Acrolein, Methyl Ether, Cyclopropane, Acetone, Butane, Ethanol, Gasoline, Toluene, Benzene, Propane, Metal dusts, Asphalt, Charcoal, Coal Tar and Petroleum dusts, Alfalfa Meal, Wheat Flour, Cellulose Acetate and Sulfur. The Class III groupings cover Rayon, Cotton, Sisal, Hemp, Jute, and Spanish moss. The wide assortment of materials that must be handled with care and consideration due to their combustible nature has dictated the stipulations that are inherent in our ArlynGuard Series.

The ArlynGuard Series scales are made for the wide variety of explosive environments that are inherent with the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. To discuss the specifications of your specific operations with an expert who can guide you to the certified scale that best suits your needs, please contact us today.

Counting Scales for Pharmaceuticals

Pharmacists have to count pills for clients, inventory, large manufacturing plans, etc. With time itself as a valuable resource, what if you could save some time by cutting that step out of their day and have the scale simply tell them how many pieces there are?

Just weigh one of the pills on one of our precision scales and then start placing pills on the surface until you reach the desired amount. With our patented SAW technology, our scales are extremely precise so you can be confident of getting an accurate count.

Every time you weigh a new pill, our touch screen consoles allows you to name and save the weight of that pill in the console’s memory so that the next time you need to count out those pills you can simply look it up and start pouring pills on the platform.

Upscale Touchscreen Display Indicator

Our basic scale models come with all of the technology you need for the pharmaceutical industry, but you can upgrade to our touchscreen display indicator for ease of use. Very much like a computer tablet, you can swipe, open menus by touching, and the functions are visually easily found (unlike most consoles from other scales) in the “hamburger” three-line menu just like you would on an app.

You have data logging options to record weight and timestamp at certain intervals and you can program the console to email it to you. With 8G of storage, you can think of this like a minicomputer. Outfitted with a USB port, you can export information to an Excel format, download information, and more. The Upscale Touchscreen Display Indicator is also WiFi-ready, you can use an Ethernet cable, Cloud, RS-232, and more.

All of our ArlynGuard scales come with an automatically calibrated 32-bit high- resolution programmable indicator. The large one-inch high graphics with a swivel mount allow the indicator to be placed on a nearby wall for complete protection of scale operators, who can view the reading from a distance if necessary. The simple menu-driven interface allows for the toggling between seven built-in unit conversions as well as four hundred and eighty memory locations to store tare and parts counting readings.

Benefits of Precision Scales, only from Arlyn Scales

Consider some of the benefits of using industrial scales for your Pharmaceutical and Biotech Needs. Read more here.

1) Enhanced Quality Control by creating consistent and effective medications from the sorting to the manufacturing and distribution processes for biopharmaceuticals.

2) Improved Inventory Management with accurate recording of supply and demand from your customers as well as data analytics that you can use to better serve your customers.

3) Decreased Production Costs since Increased accuracy means fewer errors that could easily cost thousands of dollars in recall or overstock and less money spent on overall production.

4) Automated System Set-Up to control filling or batching operations. System automation helps companies reduce human error, minimize complexity, improve productivity, and lower costs.

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