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If you operate a business that requires a large amount of mail to be posted or shipped on a daily basis, consider investing in a platform, floor, or counting scale that can pre-measure and count your items, even in bulk, before you hand it over to the courier for transport. Depending on the type of business you have, keeping these scales in-house gives you the power to determine the amount of weight that you want to ship and allows you to plan ahead with confidence.

Of course, some shipments cannot be altered; it weighs what it weighs. However, knowing and understanding the advantages of being able to accurately weigh your shipment is most beneficial for your company as it can financially reduce shipping expenses overall. Additionally, making sure that your packages have the right measurement ensures the safety of the carriers as well as the right dimensions to reduce returns.

Industrial Scales for Mail

Postal fees are closely tied to the weight of the advertising piece. In order to take advantage of lower postal rates, the advertisers will often arrange for some type of bulk mail permit. The exact number of items within any bundle is often determined by weight. If the weight of a single piece has been accurately measured, then the total number of items in a bundle, or a stack of mail, or even a cart full of pieces may be easily calculated. Of course, the scales that are used for this purpose must be very accurate, easy to use, and quite rugged.

Most often, the type of scale chosen is called a Parts Counting Scale. This scale has the ability to calculate an individual piece of weight. The user will generally place a number of pieces on the scale platform. This is done so those small variations between any single item will be averaged together for a more accurate value. The total number of pieces will be entered using the front panel keypad of the scale. From this information, the scale will divide the weight measured on the platform to very accurately determine an average piece weight.

When a large bundle of pieces is placed on the platform, the scale will divide this weight with the value held in memory. The result will be the number of pieces in the bundle. For bulk mailing purposes, the scale should be able to read to an accuracy resolution of 0.01 lb, or better. If the weight is known in advance, it may be subtracted using the digital tare entry of the scale keypad.

Accuracy is key with counting scales and ours have been perfected over 30 years of working with the post, mail, and shipping industries.

Industrial Postal Scales

Parcel scales, which calculate the total weight of a product or item for shipping, are used in mailrooms and offices across the country to quickly determine the required postage for a package to be mailed.

Parcel scales used in mailrooms should be easy to set up and operate, and they should be calibrated correctly according to either the metric or English standard system, depending on which your company uses.

The ability to count individual parts and finished goods and to connect to a computer to store data has enabled companies to better track their work-in-process as well as items being prepared for shipment.

Barring expediency concerns, postal rates are based on weight. It has been necessary to determine postage by measuring the total weight of each package, as well as the dimensions. Packages with irregular dimensions generally cost more for postage than standard square or rectangular shipping containers. Some scales will let the user enter dimensions of an irregular package for more precise postage calculations, taking into account the weight as well as the shape of the package. Digital parcel post scales are the most convenient method of preparing items to receive postage, especially for shipping.

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Industrial Shipping Scales

The shipping industry moves quickly. Customers expect shippers to live up to that standard. Analog shipping scales are no longer be able to meet the needs of this fast-paced industry. A digital shipping scale is the best way to ship many packages as quickly as possible. You may find yourself amazed at the speed and precision that is offered by these types of scales.

Many electronic shipping scales will have a port to allow them to be connected to a PC or a printer. This connection can allow the shipping company to integrate programs with the scale to print postage, labels, reports, etc. while the item is being weighed for shipping. This can greatly increase the speed of the shipping process as electronic shipping scales can provide accurate readings within seconds.

The digital output screen displays the numbers in a clear format so the reading will be the same from every angle. Simply place the item on the scale and read the numbers from the digital output screen. These factors work together to ensure that today’s shipping experiences can go much more quickly yet accurately. In this way, the shipping clerk to move on to the next customer in much less time than before to keep them happy.

All Types of Industrial Postal Scales for Your Mailing and Shipping Needs

For smaller operations, Arlyn Scales has several scales and many options that print United States Postal Service postage for your packages. Not all shipping scales on the market offer this feature. There is also software available that uses a standard digital shipping scale to calculate shipping for a variety of services. And this is just the start! Explore our inventory of electronic shipping, post, and mail scales, and feel free to contact Arlyn Scales with any questions.

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