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Industrial Floor Scales

Arlyn Scales offers a variety of industrial floor scales in a wide range of sizes and capacities in order to accommodate a wide range of industrial production, storage, weighing and shipping needs. We pride ourselves on producing scales that are rugged enough to withstand particularly harsh work environments while ensuring ease of use and ability to operate in a fast paced workflow. Available with steel construction which is coated with a special zinc-rich epoxy that guards against rust from damp or wet environments or with stainless steel construction for more corrosive environments. Due to our groundbreaking technology, these scales outperform standard scales on the market in terms of accuracy and durability. The high quality of all the components makes these scales better at performing in harsh conditions such as industrial refrigerators or hot barns and warehouses, all of which are common applications for floor scales.

The low profile of these scales is designed to make it easy for employees to weigh a number of materials quickly and efficiently with minimum risk of injury to the employee or damage to the goods. This is a key part of maintaining a quick, efficient and profitable work process.

A ramp can be added for additional safety and convenience. As with many of our products, we offer an extensive list of available upgrades including but not limited to USB interfaces, digital time and date outputs, thermal printers, rechargeable battery packs, and more.

These portable industrial scales come with display options designed to help any work process run at its best. Featuring a Large Graphics LCD digital display, these floor scales will make it easy for your employees to track and record all the relevant data. Optional color touchscreen indicators bring the latest User Interface for even more intuitive use. Choose from a selection of ten different size and capacities, and feel free to get in touch with us if you are unsure which size is optimal for the task you need the floor scale to perform.

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