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Crane scales are an essential part of a wide range of industries including construction, oil work, shipping yards, and many others. Arlyn Scales offers your shipyard, facility or construction site or laboratory high capacity, durable crane scales for safe weighing and suspension uses. Let’s explore use cases and details of these crane scales.

ARC-10000 Crane Scales: Versatility, Accuracy and Strength

This crane scale from Arlyn Scales is ideal for industrial processes that involve lifting, hanging, weighing and force measurement. The crane scale is designed with a stainless steel load sensor encased in a rugged housing for long lasting service, even in harsh conditions. The housing on this crane scale is made of a special aluminum alloy, and features a highly visible 1” graphic display system for easy record keeping.

Upgrades available with these Crane Scales:

  • Counting: Piece counting functionality
  • Set Point: Set Point Controller (for Filling Operations)
  • Relay: This option is only available if you select “Set Point” Option above
  • Time & Date: Date and time output
  • Maintenance free: moving parts eliminated with efficient design
  • Extreme accuracy: High resolution up to .5 lbs
  • Easy operation: Push buttons operation for automatic, keyboard tare, zero commands with memory, net/gross and more

Find optional swivel shackles and hooks for different hanging needs, making these the perfect scales for a wide range of industrial setups.

Hanging Scales Come with a Programmable Weight Indicator

Arlyn offers a huge improvement over past weight indicators by virtue of offering your team a more visible display, and greater connectivity for easier data transfer from your scales. This will keep your industrial process moving in an efficient manner, with rapid, accurate and simple calculations and record keeping.

Scales for Hazardous Environments

Many industrial locations have a certain hazardous or corrosive component. Arlyn Scales offers specially designed, rugged scales that will serve you whether you work near the salty ocean spray, under the hot sun, or in a factory with gases and liquids that could become corrosive, flammable or even explosive. To learn more about use cases, applications and details of these scales, contact Arlyn Scales today.

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