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The worst mistake a warehouse operator can make is to simply assume that “a scale is a scale.” While all scales perform essentially the same function, they are quite different in terms of how much product they can weigh, how the measurement is calculated, and how they’re built. Scales come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types, and each one is appropriate for a different kind of warehouse environment. Before selecting from one of the many warehouses weighing scales available, here’s what business owners should know.

Scales for Warehouse Environments: What to Consider Before Purchasing

Arlyn Scales can improve efficiency in warehouses used for shipping, stocking, and storage. These facilities process hundreds of packages in an hour and need to keep accurate weight measurements. If the weight of each package, or in fact a whole group of packages must be recorded, a low-profile platform scale can make this safer, faster, and more efficient. All your warehouse workers have to do is set the tare to the weight of your dolly, and wheel the loaded container onto the low platform.

In other situations, the workers will be loading the packages onto weigh platforms by hand. In this situation, a low profile platform scale may be used on either the floor or an elevated platform depending on which is more efficient. The low profile of this scale makes it more adaptable to different environments. The easier it is for your workers to reach the scale, the faster and more efficiently your workflow will happen.

Eliminate Common Warehouse Risks with Low Profile Platform Scales from Arlyn

There are a number of things that can go wrong in a warehouse. One of the simplest and most obvious problems you want to avoid is damage to your goods. This can happen when one of your workers is trying to weigh a given item, and drops it. If the product is not altogether destroyed, it may be damaged. Inefficiencies like these are often accounted for, but you can always become more efficient and cost-effective by minimizing or eliminating them. Another great benefit of these low-profile platform scales is that when they are set up properly, they can significantly reduce the risk of back injury, muscle sprains, tears, strains, and cramps. This keeps your employees productive, energetic, happy and ready for work.

Learn more about our industrial strength Platform Scales here.

Pick The Right Scale with Customizable Upgrades and Features

A warehouse environment that spends its time weighing lighter, outbound shipments likely doesn’t need a very fancy scale to get the job done. After all, boxes are pretty light to carry and easy to place onto a scale of any height or size, so long as the scale itself is big enough to get the job done. But boxes aren’t the only thing stored in warehouse facilities, and they’re not the only thing that needs to be measured.

Companies that store major pieces of heavy equipment in their warehouse facility will not want any part of lifting that equipment onto a scale. Most people won’t take kindly to lifting several tons of steel and mechanical parts onto a platform no matter how much a company promises to pay them. For this reason, warehouse weighing scales for those companies involved in heavy equipment can optionally come with guides and ramps that result in much easier and more accurate measurements. Such heavy-duty scales are also far more durable than the smaller strain gauge scales that are typically used to measure boxes and other smaller items.

For those in the business of weighing chemicals and other substances, scales can have “lips” to catch any spilled fluid, saving it from hitting the floor and being considered a total loss. Especially for harsh chemicals, this feature can be a life-saver for warehouse workers. In both cases, special scales are designed to meet the needs of unique industries and provide them with the best path to safety, accuracy, and profitability.

Protective Coating for Resisting Harsh Materials and Environments

Arlyn Scales has developed a protective coating for our weighing equipment that helps them in harsh materials. Let’s suppose you are working in a warehouse that stores bags of chemicals for cleaning up, or clarifying pools. Many of these common substances are actually quite corrosive and can damage metal upon contact. If you are working with these materials, there is always the possibility that a bag could rip or the bottle could break, spilling caustic chlorine, lye, or sulfuric acid onto the surface of your shiny new scale. Fortunately, Arlyn Scales offers you a solution. Our scales are available with a Zinc Galvanized Epoxy coating. This keeps the scale from scratching easily. If it does get scratched, which is common when you are placing loads off and on scales at all times, the coating will prevent rust from spreading onto the scale. Rust can affect the accuracy and durability of your scale, so a coating to protect it can make a big difference in terms of how long you will get to use your scale.

See our line of Intrinsically Safe Cylinder Scales online and read more about them here.

High-Quality Scales Necessary for Functioning Facilities

The environment of a warehouse can be hectic and is always a place of potential danger. It’s important to have a scale that is durable and will last a while, and also one that can withstand harsh environments and not break easily.

The materials used to make the scale in your warehouse should be high quality so you know that the scale is the best that it can be. When shipping merchandise, warehouses depend on their scales to yield accurate measurements. It is important that your scale is equipped with the best available technology, can withhold the weight of the object you need measured and can operate safely within the environment in which it is being used.

Arlyn Scales’ platform, floor, and intrinsically safe cylinder scales are extremely durable, easy to use and have high capacities perfect for warehouse use. We offer scales in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum so you can purchase the scale that is perfect for your warehouse environment and one that will fulfill your warehouse’s measurement needs. We also supply scales manufactured to withstand corrosive or explosive environments.

Great Connectivity for Industrial Warehouses

When you are working in a warehouse, you have to figure out the best way to get your inventory data from point A to point B. Arlyn Scales can help you solve that problem with the incredible range of connectivity options we offer. Whether you prefer traditional cables or love the freedom and mobility that comes with using WiFi, we have the right option for you.

How to Add Arlyn Floor Scales to Your Warehouse

If you are tired of scales that don’t deliver the level of accuracy you need, or can’t withstand the rough conditions of your work, try Arlyn Scales. We have provided superior scales to industries ranging from farming to factories, and we are more than confident we can do the same for you.

Contact us online to learn more. We look forward to hearing about your warehouse, and how we can help you make it better, safer, and more efficient.

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