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Cargo Spectre

Our goal was simple: Create an inexpensive, customizable way for warehouses and terminals to obtain pictures, weights, and dimensions of the cargo they handle. Up till now the market has been flooded with expensive hardware that is costly to set up and maintain, hard to interface custom aps and software to, and still left the problem of how to get the freight data out of the hardware and into your companies database. Approaching this as a software solution allowed us to accommodate all of these concerns while keeping maintenance and down time to a minimum.

Bob Jones University

At Bob Jones University we inspire you as a disciple of Jesus Christ to push the limits of your own creativity, skill and faith—all for the glory of God. We infuse every course with a biblical worldview and strive to offer the best academic experience of any Christian university. Our vibrant Christian community will support you as you build your faith, challenge your potential and prepare to follow Jesus Christ.

Florida National University

The purpose of Florida National University is to contribute to the education of a population of diverse, presently predominantly Hispanic, cultures. The University realizes this mission through the employment and development of a faculty of scholars who are proficient in the art of teaching. The University strives to prepare the students for employment in their chosen career or advanced studies through the acquisition of the required skills and knowledge needed for the successful completion of the program of studies.

University of Florida

Environmental Horticulture, unlike Botany, is a field of study that deals with the art and science of breeding, propagating, installing and maintaining plants that are used to enhance and improve the human environment.Many different issues are addressed by environmental horticulturists including the restoration of natural plant resources and environments; creating a balanced living environment within inanimate structures and urban settings; moderating climatic and local weather conditions; providing beauty, symmetry, creativity, and individual expression to living areas; and finding new ways to satisfy human needs through the use of plants.