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Weight Indicator For Industrial Scales

A scale is only ever as good as the display equipment that’s attached to it. If you can’t see the readout of the gear that you’re working with, then you’ll have no way to see what the weight of any object is or how the scale is performing. Imagine trying to use a traditional bathroom scale that had no dial.

It probably doesn’t sound very fun to handle. Fortunately, Arlyn Scales has you completely covered in this respect. We’ll be able to hook you up with everything that you need in order to get an excellent measurement every single time you work with one.

Best of all, digital indicators show an exact level of precision that you might not be able to find with other types of measuring equipment. Needle dials have long been praised for their longevity. They can move at the absolute slightest change in weight. While this is true, there’s no reason to believe that digital indicators haven’t evolved to the point where they’re able to show a similar level of sensitivity along with the added bonus of giving you an accurate measurement each time with no debate.

You’ll never find yourself sitting there with your technicians debating back and forth whether the indicator is on one number or another because the scale will give you an ideal measure each time you use it. Those who habitually use scales in an industrial setting on a fairly regular basis will stand to gain the most from this sort of arrangement, perhaps merely because the more times you use it the more likely you are to benefit from the advanced technology inherent in this kind of equipment.

We’ve worked with our design teams to come up with some excellent options that should work with many of the products we currently have on the market. Consider the following designs.

Weight Indicator For Industrial Scales

Do you oversee an industrial production process or any other operation in which you need to perform exact weight measurements? A digital indicator is one of the most important design features of your scale. Digital indicators display the values of your weight on a screen. It is likely to be one of the parts of the scale with which your employees interact most often.

Arlyn Scales, a cutting-edge producer of scale technology, offers digital indicators that are accurate, durable, customizable, and easy to read. No matter what your operating environment may be like, we offer digital indicators with accommodating features, functions, and casings.

For example, the MKE-5 Digital Indicator offers a robust design and a compact and efficient form-factor loaded with features that are accessible via a menu system featuring natural language instead of the dense, confusing and off-putting numeric menus used by many digital scale indicator models. Ease of use is a key part of saving time, and by extension money, in your production process.

The Arlyn UpScale is a cutting-edge 7” wide IPS Touchscreen Digital Indicator that offers the most advanced features in the scale industry. Featuring a framework that is completely intuitive and simple-to-use, this digital indicator can accomplish the simplest or most complex tasks. It only needs a few simple touches and gestures from the operator.

The UpScale also features the “enhanced option.” The option includes timed datalog emails or weight-targeted email notifications all of which are available in one bundle. The faster your employees can access the information they need, the better your operation will be. Consider just how much this data logging feature can change the way you currently work.

Collecting Data From A Digital Weight Indicator

Depending on how long you’ve used personal computers or mobile devices in your current installation, there’s a chance that you might have developed some sort of spreadsheet method where you have technicians fill in the numbers for each weight that you take on a regular basis. If this at all sounds familiar, then it won’t be needed any longer as soon as you go with one of our digital weight indicators.

These can automatically communicate information over a network and store it in a Google Docs sheet or perhaps another type of document that you come up with a little more creatively. Since they support RS-232, USB, and Ethernet connections, some of the indicator displays we sell will be able to jot down every weight you receive and have them sent to a particular file for later storage.

If you don’t have sufficient staff to manage your existing workflows, then this is an excellent opportunity to maintain these and streamline them while freeing up your personnel to do something that requires a more human touch. “Automation” has quickly become one of the most talked-about buzzwords in the business world these days. Despite that many people are going out of their way to automate workflows on a daily basis.

Assuming that your firm has wanted to take advantage of this revolutionary technology, you can easily do so. Deploy one of these pieces of gear in your own place of business today.

Implement Scale Platform Technology With Arlyn Scales

As a leading provider of all things related to industrial scales for farms, factories, shipping yards and so much more, Arlyn Scales has supplied weighing equipment for diverse environments ranging from airport tarmacs to barns. Whether your process includes darkness, humid atmospheres, or even corrosive and abrasive chemicals, we are confident in our ability to offer you a digital indicator that will perform well. We’ll keep your process running at a steady pace.

Do you have any questions about the MKE-5, the UpScale indicator or any other product we offer? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll make sure to give you all the advice you need. No matter what kind of gear you use, we’ll be sure to get you what you need and improve on the measurements that you’ve already been taking.

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