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Digital Load Cells can provide an all-in-one, single-point solution to the problems defined above. Since they are designed with built-in electronics for signal processing, they are ideal for applications that require compact solutions without the extra bulk of a digital display or an external amplifier board.

Arlyn Scales’ Digital Load Cells provide a fully processed output. This means there is no need for additional processing, filtering, or averaging to be done. When they are integrated into your system, these steps are centralized within the electronics housed inside the digital load cell.

What Is A Digital Load Cell?

A load cell is a device that digitally measures the force, weight, or pressure placed on it. It typically consists of a load-bearing structure, or bending beam, and four resistive strain gauges that are attached to the inside. The beam transmits force to the 4 gauges, in a Wheatstone bridge configuration, and converts this mechanical stress into electrical signals. These strain gauges are first calibrated on a calibration/test scale which ensures precision by applying known forces to them.

Digital load cells are commonly used as part of a force or pressure measurement system that can be built to perform virtually any force measuring task, regardless of the size, weight, and cost of the final product.

A digital load cell consists of an integrated strain gauge, a sensor circuit for signal processing, and an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) output. A strain gauge is a device that measures mechanical tension or pressure. This process is done internally inside the load cell. The only thing that needs to be externally mounted or connected is some type of display devices such as an LCD, LED, or VFD to see the digital weights. No external device is needed if the results are being communicated to another system

Arlyn Scale Digital Load Cells

Digital Load Cells (DLC) from Arlyn Scales not only provide the tried and tested reliability and ruggedness that is known for the brand. They also come with ease of use and convenience for operators.


Our DLCs can come with many different types of connectivity such as RS-232 or USB. You can also connect with\ RS-422 and RS-485 for multi-load cell applications. Our Digital Load Cells can also accommodate Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity which allows our customers to connect to their systems.


Our simplified protocols allow our users to directly test the DLCs out of the box using typed commands on any serial terminal to retrieve human-readable, ASCII formatted weight values. These terminals can include PuTTY, RealTerm, and TeraTerm.The Digital Load Cells have a dual-layer protocol;

Simple Protocol Vs. Complex Protocol

The Simple Protocol allows users to use our unique, simplified 2-character “star command” system to retrieve weights from the DLC. Other functions available are ZERO, TARE, NET/GROSS, and UNIT commands.

The Complex Protocol allows for even greater control over the DLC. This protocol allows our users not only to retrieve weights but to perform complicated functions. You can incorporate load cell calibration, configure filter settings, tracking, and other parameters. The Complex Protocol can be performed on any serial terminal without the need for special equipment.

Factory Direct Pricing

In addition to the unique features presented above, our customers will be able to utilize these features at a much more reasonable price point as compared to our competitors. These Digital Load cells are Made In the USA and are supplied by Factory Direct. This is a fact which most of our competitors cannot proclaim.

The price of digital load cells is affordable because the weight values are processed internally. They don’t need to be sent through an external amplifier, digitizing board, and processing board.

Low pricing makes them a very good alternative for applications requiring only a few load cells. With their small size, they are also easy to integrate and mount in a variety of devices. The size also makes them useful for situations where other measuring instruments aren’t convenient or practical.

How Digital Load Cells Contribute To Weighing Applications

Digital Load Cell technology has been around since the mid-1980s. These miniaturized devices are only just being adopted by manufacturers today for use in a wide range of demanding applications.

There are two basic types of measuring instruments. First is those that measure relative changes in force. Second is those which measure absolute dimensional values.

The most common load cells belong to the first type and may therefore be regarded as transducers that convert an externally induced extension/contraction into an electrical potential signal. In digital load cells, conversion takes place electronically by analog-to-digital converters at high speed. The conversion achieves greater precision than with conventional analog gauges.

Digital loads can either be installed for static measurements or dynamic loading under specified working conditions. Loads vary from small strain (±150N) up to 8500 kN full-scale capacity over a wide range of capacities.

One can purchase digital load cells as either an individual unit or in a complete system package. A complete system includes an amplifier, remote display unit, and accessories. In operating conditions, load cells should ideally be provided with a temperature-stabilized environment of 20°C ± 10%. But the measuring range can occur over a wider temperature range.

How Do Digital Load Cells Work?

An electrical current is passed through four strain gauges, which convert the force into an electrical signal. The output of each gauge will vary with the weight applied.

This process is known as strain gauge measurements. It’s the same system used in both analog and digital load cells. An exception to this is Arlyn’s Ultra Precision SAW digital load cells.

Receive High Precision From Arlyn Scales

Arlyn Scales is a leading manufacturer in the United States of industrial scales and weighing solutions. The company focuses on creating innovative products that can support industries ranging from micrographics to food processing. Manufactured scales and load cells provide for every type of need from small individual retailers to large international corporations.

Thanks for considering Arlyn Scales as a high-precision partner for your next industrial load cell application. To find out more about our digital load cells, please contact us today! With over 30 years of experience, Arlyn Scales has made it its mission to provide a superior product to retailers around the world who need the best weighing solution for their customers’ needs.

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