Premium Ultra Precision Scales built with Ultra Sensitivity and Surface Acoustic Wave Technology

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Arlyn Scales took its current SAW Scale technology and took it to a new level. Premium Ultra Precision Scales are 2x the resolution of current generation SAW Scales and 40x the resolution of regular strain gauge scales. See more product details
Arlyn Scales developed the Surface Acoustic Wave technology for over 15 years and counting. They then used that technology to create the Ultra Precision Scales, which provided accuracy that was 10 times better than regular strain gauge scales at a fraction of the cost of other high precision scales in its class. Now, Arlyn Scales is about to disrupt the scale industry once again with the Premium Ultra Precision Scales. These scales have have 2x the resolution of the current generation of Ultra Precision Scales as well as 40x the resolution of regular strain gauge scales. This powerful scale comes in a very compact, fixed table-top form with built-in keypad and display that makes it easier to be used in clean rooms and other laboratory or industrial environments.

Ultra Sensitivity

A regular 100 lb capacity scale offers resolution of 0.02 lb. The 100 lb Ultra Precision SAW scale gives a resolution of 0.001 lb. But the 100 lb Premium Ultra Precision Scale offers a resolution of 0.0005 lb. That is a resolution of 1:200,000 as compared to 1:100,000 of the current SAW scales and 1:5,000 of regular scales.

Ultra Accuracy

Regular scales generally provide accuracy in the range of 0.1%. The Premium SAW scale accuracy is the same as current generation of scales, that is between 0.01% and 0.005%. It is still 10 to 20 times better. The internal resolution is up to 1 part in 2 million!

Ultra Stable

Changes in temperature cause changes in the weight reading for all scales. Arlyn’s SAW scales reduce this problem dramatically. Readings will change less than 3 parts per million for each change in temperature of 1 degree C.

Ultra Compact

The Premium Ultra Precision Scales are the only scales manufactured at Arlyn that come in ultra-compact design. The design features a 9"  8" stainless steel pan sitting on a 12" x 8" form. It also includes a built-in keypad and a 128x64 Dot Matrix LCD screen allowing for ultra portability.

Ultra Rugged

Even though the scales are amazingly accurate, you do not have to be amazingly careful in using them. In fact, they can accept up to 2.5 times the rated load without damage. They are designed to be used in difficult industrial situations.

Ultra Versatile

The large, graphics digital indicator can be swiveled to any angle for easy viewing. These scales are available in many capacities, ranging from 10 lb all the way to 100 lb. A wide variety of communication options, including Ethernet, USB, and RS-232 give excellent versatility in connecting to other systems.

Available Upgrades

  • UPSCALE-9 Indicator: Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator (separate enclosure)
  • Analog: Analog Output 4 - 20mA
  • Ethernet: Ethernet TCP/IP Connectivity
  • WiFi: (UpScale Only) Wireless TCP/IP Connectivity
  • Label Printer: Label, Paper, and Card Printer (must purchase RS232 option)
  • Thermal Printer: (UpScale Only) POS Printer and Interface (Bluetooth/USB)
  • Flow Rate: Flow Rate Measurement Program
  • Data Logging: USB Memory Stick Data Logging
  • Battery: Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • RS-232: RS-232 Computer/Printer Port
  • Parts Counting: Include Parts Counting Feature
  • Set Point: Set Point Controller (for Filling Operations)
  • Relay (AC/DC): Solid State Relays for Industrial Control
  • USB: USB Port (Virtual COM Port Drivers)
  • Time & Date: Time and Date output
  • WinWedge: Data Collection Software (USB, RS232, etc.)


Built-in Digital IndicatorIncluded 1" high graphics LCD digits. Updates between 0.1 to 0.5 sec. Adjustable
UPSCALE-9 IndicatorUpgrade to Arlyn UpScale 7" Color LCD Touchscreen. Fully Customizable
DimensionsPan Size: 9" x 8". Unit Dimensions: 12" x 8" x 3.5"
Power Requirements117 VAC, 50/60 Hz. (Optional 24V supply available)
Accuracy0.01% of Full Scale
Operating Temperature10°F to 120°F
Sampling Rates3 Hz, 30 Hz, and 100 Hz

Capacities and Platform Sizes

Capacity x Readability10 lb x .00005 lb 4.5 kg x .02 g25 lb x .0001 lb 12 kg x .05 g50 lb x .0002 lb 22 kg x .1 g100 lb x .0005 lb 45 kg x .2 g
Linearity*1:40,000 of Full Capacity
Response Time(avg)Filtered: 0.5 sec - 1 sec Unfiltered: 0.01 sec - 0.2 sec
Display Update0.4 sec
Allowable Ambient Temperature10°F-120°F
 Sensitivity Drift (15C-35C)*approx.+/- 2 ppm
Overall Accuracy1:20,000
Safe Overload250%
Power Consumption1W
Pan Size9" x 8"