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Arlyn Scales Ultra Precision Scales for Industrial Weighing

Ultra Precision Scales by Arlyn Scales provide you with weight measurements that are 10 to 20 times more accurate than standard strain gage scales. Thanks to Arlyn Scales’ groundbreaking use of Surface Acoustic Wave technology, you get accuracy comparable to that of a magnetic force restoration scale but at a much lower cost.

What Are Precision Scales and Why Do I Need Them for My Business?

Ultra Precision Scales are weighing devices designed by Arlyn Scales to give you the most accurate weighing data possible. These scales are hypersensitive and can offer an accuracy of .005%. Some businesses might be able to get away with less precise measurements, but it’s always a good idea to get the most accurate reading. Frequently, you will need measurements that are up to three or four decimal places in accuracy. This is particularly true if you are working in an industry that requires exact, careful measurements. This can include paint mixing, wastewater treatment, laboratory research, pharmaceutical and medicine production, and many more.

For example, in the standard 100 lb SAW Scale, the smallest readable weight is 0.001lb. This outperforms 100 lb Strain Gage scales by a factor of twenty times, which can be read at 0.02lb.

Which Industries Use Precision Scales?

Our scales are used across a wide range of industries, from construction to liquid processing. Arlyn Scales’ Ultra Precision scales are available in a number of sizes and capacities, meaning you are certain to find one that will work in your process, no matter how big or small your operation may be. Aside from reliability, these scales are remarkably durable. Our large precision scales are made with a diecast aluminum frame, and stainless steel weighing pans. The easy to use indicator includes a large LCD graphics display. This model has a zero button, 15 different weighing units and an overall design virtually guaranteed to fit your infrastructure and preferences, whether you happen to work in a hot barn, an industrial refrigerator, or any other harsh environment. These scales are stable enough to cancel out common weight fluctuations due to temperature thanks to the technology used to create them. They also have a number of options depending on your preference for data transfer and storage, including Ethernet, WiFi, WinWedge, USB connectivity, label printing, and more. If you have highly specific needs, we are confident we can help you find what you are looking for.

Why You Should Buy From a Trusted Manufacturer

When you buy from a trusted manufacturer like Arlyn Scales, you know you are receiving a quality product from a company that understands your needs. Not only do we provide durable, highly accurate scales, but we also have the knowledge and experience needed to offer custom solutions to meet your unique business needs. If the United States Military, airline companies, and some of America’s top universities can trust our Ultra Precision Scales, you know you can, too.

Benefits of Buying a Scale That Meets Sanitation Requirements

Following food safety and sanitation standards promotes public health.Scales that help you adhere to safety regulations shows consumers you’re committed to safety. If you’re in a construction, industrial, and paint manufacturing industry, this might not carry much weight. However, if you’re in the food and beverage industry or involved in certain aspects of the agricultural industry (such as dairy), this is important.

How do Precision Milligram Scales Work?

Our Ultra Precision Scales use Surface Acoustic Wave technology to measure weight. With decades of experience behind us, we were able to create the patented Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology to bring you affordable, high-precision scales. Instead of measuring strain or stress like strain gage load cells, SAW scales measure displacement.

Tips on How to Maintain Your Scales So They Last Longer and Work Better

Our scales are extremely durable and meant to last, but treating your scale right will ensure it has a long lifespan and work its best. With other scales, you might have to worry about having them recalibrated, but we’ve designed out scales to be calibrated in the field. You can quickly recalibrate your scale where it is without having to shut down production. In addition to recalibrating your scale, you need to be careful about your loading habits. You should always properly load your scale, which means never shock loading or overloading. Both of these can lead to damage or inaccurate outputs.

FAQs About Precision Scales

Because our Ultra Precision Scales use new, patented technology, we receive a lot of questions about them. Here are some of the most common questions.

Why Should I Purchase an Ultra Precision Scale?

Arlyn Scales Ultra Precision Scales give you the best of both worlds. You receive a highly accurate scale at a cost-effective price. Our SAW technology provides high resolution and high capacity, and the load cells are constructed with much more durable metal. With these scales, you get a reliable, precise scale without having to break your budget.

How Are the Scales So Affordable?

Many customers are shocked by our low prices, especially considering all the benefits of our Ultra Precision Scales. There are a few ways we keep our prices economical. First, we work directly with our own design and manufacturing teams in our own facility located right in the United States. This helps provide quick, quality service to customers. Second, we sell factory direct, which lets us control prices and keep them low.

Where Can I Find an Ultra Precision Scale?

Our Ultra Precision Scales can only be found at Arlyn Scales. If you are interested in purchasing one, you can do so either online or by calling our customer service team.

To learn more about these scales in terms of technology, sensitivity, connectivity, and appropriate applications, do not hesitate to contact Arlyn Scales. We have advised a diverse range of businesses from farms to factories and helped them find the scales that make their work process more efficient, productive and more profitable.

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