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Heavy Duty Industrial Scales for the Construction Industry

Construction companies, like many businesses must constantly monitor costs in order to stay agile, and ultimately profitable. To effectively control costs on and off the job site, often requires using industrial scales to maintain accurate inventory, monitor levels of material, and prevent excessive waste. With material costs being what they are, it behooves the industry sector to address the areas that they can have control over. With the many facets of the construction industry: carpentry, masonry, steel, plumbing, bridge erection, roadway paving and much more, it is really important that rugged scales be provided for each specific facet. However, in the world of scales, precision, durability, and accuracy are not necessarily a given. It takes a company that understands the complexities and intricacies of the industry to address each facet with its independent requirements.

Arlyn Scales is that company. Because we manufacture our own subassemblies, we are able to utilize the best materials for the construction of our many offerings. The precision aspect has always been at the top of our priorities. The effects of temperature and shock load on the load cells led our team of dedicated engineers to research the subject and devise a means by which these issues would not affect our scales performance. Prior to the innovative use of Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology, strain gage technology and force restoration technology were the best choices available. However, they did not address the variables that are more often than not, present in the day-to-day dealings of the construction industry.

The Main Issues

Strain gage scales are not consistently accurate. This technology relies on the spring constant characteristics of the load cell. However, these characteristics are far from ideal.  Over periods of heavy usage, after the strain gage springs have been bent a few too many times, the resistance values can drift and become faultyr, ultimately shortening the useful life of the scale. The use of four strain gages forming a bridge helped assuage this issue but did not completely eradicate it. Force restoration scales rely on the electromagnet that supports the platform to produce very accurate readings as long as the temperature remains stable. As the weight of the objects to be weighed increases, the electrical current needed to support the item increases, as does the utility bill. You can imagine how expensive this proposition could become with the heavy objects to be weighed in the construction industry. Additionally, these scales cost more than four times that of the strain gage scales making this technology a very expensive option.

Arlyn Scales Offers Higher Precision and Lower Prices

Surface Acoustic Wave technology is the ultimate solution for most weighing applications. Instead of measuring stress or strain, the load cells in these state of the art scales measure displacement. Fabricated using semiconductor technology, SAW scales measure the time it takes the bulk wave to travel the distance from the transmitter to the receiver. This rapid-fire technology also utilizes a spring element load cell, but because displacement is measured rather than resistance, these scales have none of the disadvantages of the spring load cells used in strain gage scales. The temperature stability ratings far exceed its predecessors.

Stainless steel is a very expensive material, especially when compared to nickel plated steel or often-used aluminum. When companies are looking to cut costs, they will opt for aluminum. However, it will not perform as well as stainless steel in regards to shock and overload and durability ratings. Despite the higher costs, Arlyn’s Ultra High Precision Scales cost two to ten times less than the comparable weight bearing force restoration scales. When budgets are on the table and scales are being purchased for specific applications, reliability, accuracy, variable temperature resistance and shock and overload resistance need to be at the forefront of the decision-making. These decisions can mean all the difference in a construction schedule being maintained. Precision and complete dependability are what Arlyn Scales is known for and we maintain that there is no better option for the construction industry than our industrial scales with SAW technology.

We are also confident in our prices because we are Factory Direct. By eliminating the costs associated with middlemen, distributors and importers, we’re able to invest more resources in the design and development of higher quality products and still offer you competitive pricing. It also means that you’re able to contact the manufacturer directly should you have any questions about your scale. If you’re struggling to choose a scale that will work under your site’s unique conditions, contact us today. We can answer any questions you may have and help you select a model that meets your needs without any costly bells and whistles at a price that suits your budget.

Corrosion-Resistant Scales for the Construction Industry

Construction takes place in unheated, raw environments and it is a known fact that these platform and floor scales also need to stand up to extreme conditions and are easily able to handle the overloading that often occurs on construction sites. By actively seeking industrial grade weighing equipment, you can greatly extend the useful life of your scales and have confidence that your measurements are and will continue to be accurate.

Custom Applications

There are many aspects to address in an industrial application and though we have listened to our customers and provide the industry standard for the middle ground, we realize that there are specific changes that need to be made to incorporate customized weighing solutions. Because we manufacture our own subassemblies and our scales in our New York-based warehouse, we are able to address custom orders in an expedient fashion for the best possible price. Arlyn Scales employs the best technical advisors who are at the ready to answer all of your weight-related questions and guide you to the best Ultra Precision Floor, Bench, Drum and Platform Industrial Scales with SAW technology to suit your specific construction application.

With a whole host of things you should look for, our team at Arlyn Scales is happy to report that we have a number of scales that fit the bill. Contact us today to get started.

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