Weighing plays an important role in the Agricultural and Farming equipment industry. Whether tracking crop yields, managing livestock and their feed, or shipping raw agricultural products, weighing is critical to your bottom line.

Our range of scales is designed to withstand the demands for agriculture and on-farm applications. Our Floor Scales, Platform Scales, Cylinder Scales, and Pig Sorters are durable enough to deliver and collect the vital information in this industry accurately in every step of the way without slowing down your operation. They even possess the capabilities of being monitored remotely by cloud, with email notifications should you require immediate information.

Our selection of agriculture scales can make a measurable difference in farming and agricultural applications. From stationary, portable and mobile livestock scales to digital weight indicators, Arlyn Scales products help maximize agriculture investments, all while keeping, safety, quality, and performance in the forefront. To get the optimizing benefits of precision agriculture you need precision tools. Count on Arlyn Scales for the most advanced technology that offers competitively priced, highly-accurate and durable scales with user-friendly touchscreens. We can even customize them in-house at our factory here in the U.S.A.

  • Electronic scales are heavily used throughout the agricultural industries.
  • Bench scales are used to weigh out seed, chemical additives, and other small items.
  • Platform scales weigh out small amounts of feed, monitor feed usage, weigh 55-gallon drums of fluids, and can even be used to track the weight of animals.
  • Large floor scales can be used to weigh cattle or larger amounts of contents.
  • Bin scales may be used to keep track of the amount of feed used.
  • Custom scales are designed for a very wide range of specialty weighing requirements.

By taking steps towards focusing on precision weighing, you can control costs and possibly increase your bottom line; grow more confident in your analysis of your business; how to go forward with adjustments and also be assured that you are giving the most accurate, transparent weights when dealing with third parties.

Operationally, with precision agriculture and precision scales, you can also weigh yield and residue to determine the exact measurement of herbicides and fertilizers that are best for each of your fields. We’ve patented a unique Surface Acoustic Wave Technology (SAW-KL) that renders 10-20 times more accuracy than strain gauge scales. This translates to .005% accuracy.

Configuring the output to a Setpoint, you can turn equipment such as feeders, mixers, motors, valves, solenoids. You can easily use the setup menu to save weight values that will trigger an action.

Datalogging, exporting data, and more processes are also available. Our optional, user-friendly UpScale Display Indicator controller makes this data collection and analysis a cinch. To assist with correct feeding mixes for each weight category, Arlyn Scales are 20 times more sensitive than that of the average scale, meaning that each animal can be weighed very accurately and will receive the correct mix and amount of food.

The Details

Every detail is thought of to extend the life of your investment in your Arlyn Scale and, of course, accuracy. We always aim to always be a cut above the rest. For instance, the scale industry uses a summation board in platform and floor scales, where each of the load cells is matched with potentiometers. These can corrode, be subject to a myriad of problems and can, therefore, result in inaccurate readings. Conversely, since we manufacture the load cells ourselves, we group the four based on their identical output readings, ensuring accuracy.

Another detail: instead of using regular paint coating of the scalelike many manufacturers, we offer an optional zinc-rich epoxy with mica particles. The epoxies produce a hard surface that is resistant to water corrosion, fertilizers, and even chemical solvents.

Basic Models, Upgrades, and Customization

Housed in our factory on Long Island, New York is all of the machinery for the sub-assemblies involved in scale manufacturing. This opens the doors for your account manager to customize a scale according to your specific needs. The scales are output matched for quality control, ensuring our workmanship is top-notch.

We believe in our products, so our stock comes with an extended warranty. Available upgrades include:

– WiFi capability
– Ethernet
– User-friendly, Android-powered Upscale Touchscreen Indicator


Arlyn Scales’ specializes in Load Sensor Design, Microprocessor Instrumentation and Computer Software.

Only the Best for Your Business from Arlyn Scales

Arlyn Scales farming and agriculture solutions help farmers and ranchers improve their processes while maximizing their agriculture investment with durable, dependable and strong weighing equipment that hold up to their return on investment promise.

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