If you work with farming or livestock, have you invested in weighing systems for the agricultural sector? Vital information and measurements play an important role in maintaining a livelihood and feeding customers.

Agriculture, the backbone of civilization, has become increasingly high-tech over the last century. Science allows for tracking arable yields and optimizing crop rotation. Since the beginning of agriculture, some 10,000 years ago, producing foods and goods through the cultivation of crops, and pastoral herding of livestock has always relied heavily on the use of tools.

Early agriculturalists employed simple irrigation systems, sickles, and plows to assist them in their farming needs. Today, from computer networks to hydraulic tractors to strong weighing equipment, technology is extremely vital to the ongoing success of modern agriculture.

Why Consider Weighing Equipment For Your Agriculture Investment

Although a plethora of tools helps farmers with their crops and livestock, a widely used agricultural tool that is not often thought about is the weighing scale. This simple, yet essential piece of equipment is often utilized in a variety of farming tasks. The crops that are produced are often bought and sold. The cost of the goods usually depends on the amount of crop. This is easily obtained by weighing the crop load.

Platform, drum and floor scales measure these weights in order to provide critical data for price determination. Some industrial scales such as these from Arlyn Scales are also equipped with Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports, which can connect the electronic scales to computers, printers, and other such devices. Connection to the Internet is also available. These features allow the farmer to record and store data. Specialized software can be installed to help run reports that can compare prices, crop production, and other such data.

Managing Feed Ingredients

Livestock farmers depend on their animals. They strive to foster optimal health for the creatures involved. To do so, the proper amount of feed for each animal must be distributed.

Weighing the feed is a sure-fire way of keeping the amount of food standard day after day. Often, the feed is a mixture, consisting of such things as corn, grains, and other seeds. Once again, weighing each component of the feed with the right equipment ensures that the exact amount of nourishment will be given to the livestock.

Choosing A Scale For These Industrial Applications

Platform Scales

Platform scales, such as the ones offered by Arlyn Scales, are ideal for a task such as this. With their low to the ground platform design, these digital scales make it easy to place bags of feed or feeding materials upon the sensors. The four-sensor formation guarantees accuracy.

High Precision Scales

However, some tasks performed by farmers require high precision scales. Arlyn Scales has both large and small ultra-precision scales with super sensitivity up to 20 times that of a regular scale.

Accurate Weight Measurements In Livestock Scales

Another assignment of livestock farmers is to measure the weight of their charges. Certain animals must be in regulated specific weigh parameters. Poultry, fowl, pork, or beef that weighs too much or too little could cost the farmer. Several veterinary scale types have been developed that are specifically created for the weighing of different livestock.

These livestock scales have several design features that make it optimal for farm use. The highly specialized Weight Average and Hold option is one that many farmers just cannot live without. This feature allows accurate measurement of their livestock, even if the animal is moving around.

Specialized software filters out the animal’s movement and retains only accurate weight measurement. The digital display will lock the weight and the animal can be removed from the scale platform without the weight disappearing from the display screen. The scale operator can release that weight and weigh another animal instantly.

Rugged Weight Indicator

Another feature of these animal scales is the rugged construction that withstands the harsh conditions of a farm. The stainless steel load sensors ensure durability against wear and tear. The entire scale is sealed, therefore providing water resistance. There is no need to worry about the veterinary scales in rain or light animal waste.

Water Resistance In Agriculture Scales

For scales that can endure the harsher conditions of agriculture, Arlyn Scales provides water-resistant platform scales and floor scales. These scales are also constructed in welded steel, but an additional zinc-rich epoxy coating is applied to the scale.

This layer protects the scale from moisture and chemicals. It is ideal for agriculturalists that weigh fertilizer, pesticides, and other chemicals. These materials can be weighed on corrosion-resistant platform scales, floor scales, or more efficiently, on drum scales or cylinder scales.

One of the newest scales from Arlyn Scales specifically designed for agriculture is the automated pig sorter scale. Created from the Smart Source Innovation division of Arlyn Scales, this swine scale encompasses top-rated technology in its design.

This pig scale’s construction is both rugged and animal friendly. Easy wide access means that you are less likely to stress out a hog or piglet when weighing them.

The scale has Stainless Steel Load sensors with 500% overload capability. It has an open frame, comfortable flooring, and a fail-safe mode that helps protect the animal against injury and stress. The pigs’ weights are recorded and analyzed. Diets engineered to suit the swine’s needs are produced and the animal is guided to the appropriate feeding area. This pig sorting scale saves the farmer time and money and as a result lower costs to the consumers.

Optimize Your Produce Or Livestock Weighing With Arlyn Scales

Do you need a weighing system for your farming and agricultural venture? Arlyn Scales can pair you with the right tools for handling raw agricultural produce, livestock feed, or farm animals.

To find out more about agricultural weighing scales, please reach out to us today. Let Arlyn Scales provide products designed specifically for your business, to deliver accuracy and an investment promise.

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