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An incredible number of industries require parts counting scales that can calculate the number of a large volume of small, difficult-to-count pieces. This can include items such as semiconductors or microchips. Typically, this process means finding the weight of an individual piece, weighing a high-volume of these pieces, and doing a simple division equation to find the number of units. Practically speaking this is far easier said than done. Many systems on the market simply get it wrong. Arlyn Scales offers you a quick and easy solution that is exceptionally reliable.

These durable piece counting scales are built out of machined aluminum, and a stainless steel weigh platform, and a display system encased in a rubber gasket for added protection.

Precise Measurements: The Key to a High-Accuracy Parts-Counting Scale

Parts counting scales by Arlyn feature precision-machined stainless steel load cells to deliver unmatched accuracy even when you are weighing batches that weigh as much as 100 lbs. For smaller parts, you will find that a lower capacity is serviceable. When you need extreme accuracy, the Ultra Precision SAW scales offer truly unmatched measurements.

Precision Parts-Counting Scales Thanks to the Factory Direct Model at Arlyn Scales

You get extreme accountability and accuracy an affordable cost thanks to Arlyn’s Factory Direct model. Our unified HQ and factory plant means that we can answer all questions about customization and scale purposes with ease.

One-Step Counting Process with Arlyn’s Quick Count Mode

Eliminate all confusing functions with the “Quick Count” mode, a one-step process designed to minimize confusion, which is a key part of maintaining an efficient production process. Even better, you can store multiple piece weight values in one scale and switch between them quickly depending on which one you need for that occasion. Beyond that, you can use the optional remote digital indicator to display the weight anywhere, making it easy to read the information from a centralized control panel, or in a remote office.

For more information about versatile, highly rugged counting scales, get in touch with Arlyn Scales. We have helped numerous facilities for industries of all kinds find the perfect weighing and counting scales for their needs.

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