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Arlyn Scales offers durable and reliable bench scales for your industrial processes. Specifications about details such as platform size, accuracy needs are provided for these well designed, durable scales. Arlyn Scales gives you a range of quality Industrial Bench Scales from our Standard 6200 strain gauge scales to the select level D-6200 family, to the unmatched accuracy of Arlyn Scales SAW Ultra Precision technology. If you happen to have an environment with materials such as harsh chemicals or pressurized canisters that could become explosive during an emergency, we offer models to prepare for that as well.

Regardless of your intended purpose, our Factory Direct operation results in a far lower cost than comparable scales on the market. Factory Direct means Arlyn Scales has a unified HQ and production factory in our system.

Durable Scales with Sensitive Weight Measurements

Your scale will be able to withstand the bumping and jostling that’s just part of your day-to-day work in your industry. Despite rough use, these scales will still deliver the scale results you need.

Arlyn bench Scales offer state-of-the-heart display and high resolution graphics systems. This makes it easier for your employees to operate the scale at a quick pace, which is an important part of many industries.

Find the Precision Weight Measurements You Need for Your Industry

Arlyn Scales offers the Model 620C scales with superior readability of .02 lbs and a capacity of 100 lb. Meanwhile, the D-620C doubles that readability up to .01 lbs while retaining the same capacity. For a higher readability of .001 lb, also with a capacity of 100 lbs, the Arlyn Scales SAW-C Ultra Precision unit scale can offer what you need.

How to Learn More About Getting a Durable, Affordable Industrial Bench Scale

If you know exactly what capacity and degree of accuracy you need for your industry, you can find what you need with help from Arlyn Scales. We have outfitted a diverse range of industries from farms to factories to airport tarmacs with scales that are ready for conditions ranging from corrosive chemicals to rainy weather, heavy weigh loads, and hot sun.

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