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Numerous industries demand high precision balances for their work. This is particularly true for water testing and pharmaceutical laboratories where precision is of utmost importance. Hence, Arlyn Scales provides specialized high-resolution analytical balances that are renowned for their precision. These weighing tools are crafted using sturdy materials that can withstand hazardous substances and chemicals commonly weighed on this type of scale.

The unique design of Arlyn Scale’s analytical balance scales ensures accurate measurements by eliminating any external forces that can compromise the results. These scales usually feature a transparent container surrounded by weighing pans to create an environment where no additional forces can influence the results. Even air currents or dust can affect the results of a highly sensitive balance. In the pharmaceutical and medicinal field, this can pose a significant risk, as inaccurate measurements can result in health problems for consumers.

Arlyn Scale’s specialized design protects the operator of the scale from unstable or hazardous materials while ensuring accurate measurements, eliminating inaccuracies due to environmental factors. Our scales are distributed from our location in East Rockaway, New York, allowing for a streamlined process for answering any questions you may have.

At Arlyn Scales, we understand that different industries require different levels of precision and accuracy. Some industries cannot tolerate even slight variations in weight, like the natural moisture in the air that can affect chemical measurements.

We are here to help and can discuss specialized models and customization options to meet your specific needs. Our scales can be equipped with USB or Wifi hookups and have been tailored to the weighing requirements of a variety of industrial industries, from farms and factories to laboratories.

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Please contact Arlyn Scales and let us know the details of your industry and your requirements for accuracy and capacity. We are always here to help you find the perfect weighing equipment to meet your needs.

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