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Many industries require high-resolution balances for precision work. This is frequently true in water testing and pharmaceutical laboratories. That’s why Arlyn Scales provides high resolution analytics balances. These specialized weighing tools are known for their precision. Their design and accuracy allows for accurate measurements right down to a hundredth of a milligram. They are made out of durable materials designed to withstand hazardous substances, which include many of the chemicals often weighed in this type of scale.

The special design of these analytical balance scales help provide the accurate measurements they deliver. Typically, they feature a transparent box or container of some kind surrounded by weighing pans, resulting in an environment in which no additional forces can alter or compromise the results. For an extremely sensitive balance, dust or even air currents can throw off the results. For medicinal and pharmaceutical manufacturers, this can be a particularly big risk, because manufacturing failures can lead to health problems in consumers.

This design plans for that fact, and allows professionals to weigh a sample without worrying about inaccuracies due to environmental factors. Not only that, this container protects the operator of the scale from hazardous or unstable materials. Arlyn Scales distributes all of our scales from our location in East Rockaway, New York, which gives us flexibility and a streamlined process for answering questions.

Please get in touch with Arlyn Scales and let us know the details of your industry, and your requirements for accuracy and capacity. Various work projects require different degrees of precision and accuracy. For some chemical measurements, moisture naturally acquired by the air is an unacceptable degree of variance in weight. We would be happy to talk to you about specialized models and customization options. Many chemists and pharmacists need measurements that aren’t rendered inaccurate by dust, debris or air currents. We can also outfit your scale with USB or Bluetooth hookups. We have outfitted a wide range of industrial industries from farms, to factories and laboratories with weighing equipment suited to your needs.

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