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Paints, Pigments, and Dyes: Mixing and Weighing Solutions

Paint formulation is tricky business, but it’s also an art form. While much of a paint mixture may be of one particular color (generally white), the colored pigments must be added in precisely. Each shade must be carefully formulated and controlled as the slightest difference from what was expected will leave customers disappointed and cost the manufacturer money, not to mention tarnish their reputation for consistency. At Arlyn Scales, our mixing and weighing solutions depend on a high precision, high-resolution paint scale to measure the components for a final pigment color.


How to Weigh for Complete Balance and Account for Human Error 

Arlyn’s scales are versatile enough to be used in any paint-mixing niche. The company offers an array of standard mixing scales, which simply weigh each paint ingredient as it is poured into the mixing cup and onto the scale.

In some cases, Technicians must carefully pour out the amount of material needed while watching the scale. The scale will prompt users to either add the next ingredient or ask if users would like to recalculate the mix in the event of an accidental over pour. Painting chemicals also require mixing reducers, thinners, and other additives into the paint. Their accurate measurement is crucial when providing highly concentrated colorants and pigments to base paint.


Automated Weight Value Triggers for Easy Paint Mixing

Arlyn can also provide you with a setpoint controller for your SAW scale to further automate your precision dye mixing process. Our optional setpoint controller enables the user to enter up to eight weight values. Once one of the weight values has been read by the scale indicator, the controller can send an electronic notification to the scale user, or a signal can be sent via a solid state relay to turn on/off equipment, such as a dispensing pump. With paint mixing, you could set up a drum on the scale container that holds the required amount of base paint. You could then enter a target weight value equaling the first pigment weight plus the base weight. You can then repeat the process for each additional pigment required.


Digital Paint Mixer Scales

When a technician is not required, digital scales allow automated paint mixing. Using paint manufacturer formulations, Arlyn’s mixing scales are used to add the different materials to make the paint the desired color and viscosity. Arlyn can customize any scale to fit your needs.

For custom solutions, it will determine how much pigment, reducer, or hardener is needed by weight input. When mixing dye and solvents or other additives, it will prompt the user to provide content amounts accurately which is essential for good paint and application to bodywork.

To ensure this accuracy, we recommend our Ultra Precision line of scales, which utilize SAW technology, give more than ten times regular accuracy. The cost remains extremely competitive while the ability to absorb constant industrial usage is not compromised.


SAW: A Triple Threat of Precision, Quality-build, and Rugged Ability

The solid-state Surface Acoustic Wave or SAW scale includes ultra precision scales and large ultra precision scales. The SAW scales measure displacement, rather than stress or strain, which greatly reduces the range of error. With accuracy at 0.005%, this scale offers a sensitivity of up to 20 times that of regular scales. These scales also have a much greater resolution than a strain gauge scale.

For example, a 100 lb. strain gauge scale has a resolution of 0.02 lb., but a 100 lb. SAW scale has a resolution of 0.001. If you were trying to add 0.2 lbs. of red pigment to a base paint, the strain gauge scale can only provide 10% accuracy, whereas the SAW scale can give you the accuracy of half of 1% for the same pigment. The highest capacity of an Ultra Precision SAW scale is 500 pounds with a .005 pound resolution and offer a maximum resolution of .0001 at the ten-pound capacity.

The die-cast aluminum frame and stainless steel weighing pan are rugged and durable, which is ideal for the paint-mixing environment. When working with the highest necessary accuracy formulation, batching, and mixing in industries such as transportation, geotechnical and environmental, these scales will exceed your expectations. Some of the outstanding features on these digital scales are

Surface Acoustic Wave Sensor: Their overload specification of 200 percent of the full capacity of the scale means it is one of the most durable scales available.

Climate-resistant: Due to the excellent temperature specifications of the scale, it will always offer accurate readings since exact ratios must be carefully formulated in order to successfully match dye colors.


Browse our Selection of Scales for your Paint, Pigment, and Dye Needs

Regardless of the scale solution you choose, each of Arlyn’s digital and electronic scales provides their operators with user-friendly features so that anyone can operate an Arlyn scale. If you’d like to find out more about the SAW scale for Paint Mixing Scales, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Arlyn Scales. Our team of seasoned experts is always on hand to address whatever scale needs you might have. Browse our products above and read more about the paint formulation process using our industrial scales, here.


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