5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Scales

Does your scale need to be replaced? Monitor its performance for signs that your scale is no longer working properly. Learn more.

Programmable Digital Scale Weight Indicator for User Management

Industrial scales can be a big investment, especially if you’re working with more advanced weighing technology like the ArlynGuard T Intrinsically Safe Chlorine Ton Scale. When you have a scale worth thousands of dollars that is used for important tasks like monitoring gas levels in a cylinder, you might not want just anybody to have … Continued

Scheduled Data Log Emails

The weighing data collected by industrial scales plays an essential role in many business operations. As technology has advanced, so have the ways you can record and log this data. You no longer need to have someone manually handwrite or type every weight measured by your scales. With options like the Arlyn UpScale Indicator, you … Continued

Options for Logging and Recording Weighing Data

The weighing data your industrial scales collect is an essential part of the manufacturing process. From ensuring that chlorine gas levels remain safe to determining the shipping cost of mailed items, weighing data plays an important role. Previously, recording this data might have involved an operator manually writing down the numbers, which can be time-consuming … Continued

Scales and Balances: What is the Difference?

The terms scale and balance are often used interchangeably, and while they are both weighing machines, they serve different purposes and can function in different ways. Depending on what you’re weighing and your industry, one might be better suited for you than the other. Are you looking to distinguish between a scale and a balance … Continued

Intrinsically Safe Load Cells

Industrial environments come in every imaginable configuration. All of them must be kept safe from fire and explosion, but most do not need any special steps taken to achieve this goal. But others, by the nature of what they manufacture and how they do so, have special regulations to keep them safe. Dangerous situations can … Continued

Understanding Measurement Uncertainty In Weighing Scales & Instruments

It is easy to consider an industrial instrument to be a perfect machine that provides exact information. But every real-world system has limitations based on the machine itself, and the environment in which it is used. That is the case with voltmeters, flow meters, tachometers, thermometers, and weighing scales, where the weight sitting on the … Continued

Modbus Scales and Industrial Weighing Systems

Scales are designed to accept weight on the platform, and accurately provide a digital representation of that weight. In the most basic format, this weight will simply be shown on the readout display of the indicator. Often, though, the weight measurement is sent to another instrument or computer system for process control and system integration. … Continued

Digital Waterproof Scales for Outdoor Use

Depending on your industry and the environment you work in, having waterproof industrial scales can make a world of difference. You want your scale to last, and if you work with liquids or work somewhere outside like a shipyard, you don’t want to worry about water damage ruining the condition of your scale and leading … Continued

Types of Laboratory Scales

A laboratory balance is a type of scale to precisely measure objects in a laboratory setting, or elsewhere. The items being weighed will determine the type of laboratory balance being used. Purchasing the right type of laboratory scales comes down to a simple matter of knowing what you need for your factory or lab. You … Continued