Keeping Track of Inventory with Counting Scales

keeping track of inventory with counting scalesMost businesses, whether they are selling goods or importing, have some type of inventory that they must keep track of. Often, employers will set aside a few days and sometimes, even weeks (depending on how huge the business is) dedicating it solely to tracking inventory—a time of the year that few workers look forward to.

Why? Because counting inventory is often a long, tedious process that takes time away from regular productivity. Not to mention, it can get boring causing a decrease in efficiency, resulting in human error that is most likely to cause a miscount.

Nevertheless, it is a task that must be done in order to run a successful business. After all, how will you know what to guarantee your customers if you don’t know what you have on hand? This could result an overstock of inventory, having bought items that you already have in stock that will take up shelf or floor space.

Depending on the type of products the business has, a company may be forced to sell their inventory at a reduced price or worse, discard it—especially if it is expired food! Either way, overstocking inventory results in a loss of potential revenue.

Think of it as going grocery shopping without checking what you already have in your refrigerator and cupboards. If you buy a gallon of milk when there’s already an unopened container in the refrigerator, chances are you might be crying over spilled milk! In other words, you will be pouring money—and literally milk down the drain!

No one wants to lose money, especially businesses. There’s too much to lose. That’s why it’s important to keep an accurate record of inventory, especially when dealing with small units as they can easily get lost or misplaced. This can be achieved by investing in a counting scale.

How Counting Scales Works

Counting scales measure large batches of units and are able to calculate how many units were weighed based on the weight of that one particular unit. Imagine how much more efficient counting inventory can be? Imagine how much money can be saved based on the reduction of required manpower hours? By reducing the amount of time it takes to count, a 3-day inventory can be reduced to a day and a half, and a 7-day inventory might only last 3 days.

Precision – Weight & Capacity

It used to be that one would have to choose between purchasing a small scale with higher resolution or a larger scale that displayed less resolution. This suggests that big items do not require a precise weight and smaller items do. This could not be further from the truth, but with the type of technology that was available, these were the choices that consumers were left to bargain with.

With Arlyn’s Ultra Precision Scales, companies that need to weigh heavy equipment now have the ability to acquire an accurate weight reading of their product, no matter the size. Since we are able to provide this cutting edge technology, we now have the ability to design our scales to weigh with 10 times more accuracy than any other standard scale in the industry by implementing an all-digital Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) transducer. As most standard scales measure their weight based on strain load cells, SAW transducer transmits its load cells to an analog and digital converter that is able to give a more precise number.

Arlyn’s counting scales offer weight capacity and resolution that ranges from 3 lbs. x .05 lbs. to 200 lbs. x .002 lbs. This means that buyers are no longer restricted to purchasing a smaller scale in order to get a higher resolution.

Android Features

Arlyn Scales’ new Android technology makes our counting scales user-friendly making it easy for anyone who has operated a smartphone to run. Our scales can now be designed with a bright, easy-to-see 7” diagonally LCD touchscreen enclosed in a stainless steel frame protecting it from harsh work conditions.

This software provides a set-up screen that allows the users to select from. Those selections will then lead to other options to choose from. Another user-friendly feature for operators to use is the numeric keypad that appears when needed and disappears when it is no longer in use.

The familiarity of this Android technology will no doubt reduce user error, resulting in a more time-efficient operation, not to mention accurate weight readings.

Data Transfer

Being able to transfer all of the accurately weighed data from your scale onto your computer is an efficient way to keep record of your inventory. Aryln Scales offers businesses the option of choosing from some of the following:

•    USB (Universal Serial Bus) – This is the most popular option. Users can directly wire multiple scales to their computer, importing data on a Microsoft Access spreadsheet in addition to any compatible software.

•    RS-232 – This use of data transfer can print complex labels and work with logic controllers and computers.

•    Ethernet – This connection is run through the router to access the scale’s data. It includes a Remote Indicator software that allows users to control the data directly from the scale.

•    Wi-Fi – This is a wireless option that is convenient if your scale isn’t in close proximity to the computer.

Examples of Businesses that Could Benefit from a Counting Scale

•    Retail Stores – Home improvement stores and businesses that sell a large volume of identical items like jewelry, hardware, office supplies, etc.

•    Manufacturing Companies – Large auto industries, companies that supply auto parts, sensors, and computer parts.

Considering what type of data transfer options would complement your counting scale is important and is ultimately up to how each business manages their inventory tasks. Whatever combination of options you decide, it should most definitely reduce inventory hours and minimize human error.

Arlyn Scales can help you keep track of your inventory with the counting scale that’s right for your business. We’re located in Long Island, NY and have been assembling scale designs for over 30 years. We custom design our counting scales and ship directly from our factory, avoiding any dealer mark-ups.

Search our selection of counting scales that might fit your business needs! Contact Aryln Scales online or call us at 516.593.4465. International customers can toll free at 800-645-4301. Our offices are open Monday – Friday from 8pm – 5pm Eastern Time.