Build an Automatic Sorting System with Weigh Scales

In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s incredibly important for businesses to do all they can to protect their bottom lines and increase profitability. Companies must constantly be looking at ways to improve their processes and company procedures to ensure they are remaining competitive within their industries. For companies that utilize scales, this is especially important. … Continued

How to Use Load Cells for Weight Measurement

Weight measurement is critical in many areas of industry, health care, and research. Within the manufacturing industry, the product is often purchased by weight. The manufacturer needs to make sure that they are providing the correct amount of material. They also need to make sure that they know the shipping weight, both in terms of … Continued

Scales and Sensitivity: An Overview of Arlyn’s Most Sensitive Scales

Do you need a device that can deliver highly precise and accurate measurements? Arlyn Scales manufactures a selection of newly patented Ultra Precision Scales that utilize our own Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology, which are capable of calculating and producing precise readings for an affordable price. Our scales are made to withstand hectic industrial environments. … Continued

How to Determine Load Cell Accuracy

It is not hard to learn how to determine load cell accuracy. Each cell model has a different specification and default for various measurements. Finding the best one for you is important to ensure that regular weighing is efficient. You also want to note when the load cell starts having issues with weighing accurately. That … Continued

Electronic Shipping Scale

In the world of shipping, orders need to be handled accurately and often quickly. This is the type of business in which customers want their packages delivered yesterday at the drop of a dime. It would seem that everyone has a last-minute emergency on their hands. The Growing Need for Electronic Shipping Scales In the … Continued

Where to Purchase Load Cells Online

Weighing applications are present in almost every industry. Load cells and scales are the predominant solution for these applications. What is a Load Cell? The term “load cell” is often used in the discussion of industrial scales or similar weighing devices. In the simplest sense, a load cell is a force transducer. A transducer is … Continued

Tank Load Cells & Hopper Scales

Tank load cells and hopper scales are used for weighing tanks, hoppers, and vessels. These containers are designed to hold products in bulk, often for industrial purposes; this is called batch weighing. Such items are usually loose, tiny, or tedious to weigh individually. Grain is one such example; individual rice or wheat grains are too … Continued

How To Tell If A Load Cell Has Gone Bad

A broken load cell is not fun for any operator. They serve as the backbone for industrial scales, providing accurate measurements no matter the circumstances. When they can’t provide that accuracy, then it can affect the business. That’s why it’s important to know how to tell if a load cell has gone bad. We go … Continued

Aerospace Scales and Weighing Systems

When it comes to aerospace scales and weighing systems, you want to conform to national or international standards and regulations. Aerospace generally refers to the science of designing vehicles and crafts that can fly through the Earth’s atmosphere and sometimes past it, such as with planes, helicopters, and space shuttles. Such developments also lead to … Continued

Faulty Load Cells? 5 Common Problems & Solutions

Faulty load cells can mess with your readings during the weighing process. Since they bear the burden of delivering on precision and accuracy, sudden problems can interfere with your daily business operations. That’s why it’s good to know the signs of faulty load cells, as well as common problems and solutions. We go through some … Continued

Load Cell Troubleshooting Guide: How to Check Load Cells

When load cells start to malfunction, it can prove a nuisance to the managers and operators in charge of them. That is why it’s good to identify what is causing them to go wrong, from physical damage to the wrong type or range of voltage. Our experts have some answers to these problems. With our … Continued

Industrial Weighing Scales for 1000 kg Capacity And Above

When it comes to handling heavier loads, you want a heavy-duty scale. Operators also want high-precision for these heavier loads, so as to prepare them for shipping, packaging or transportation. Accurate records can make all the difference for the subsequent costs involved with moving these items. That is why you want a scale that can … Continued