Load Cells for Tanks

In industrial settings when gasses are stored under pressure in liquefied form, they are stored in tanks, cylinders, or dewars. As the gas is needed for use, the liquid is boiled off and released as gas through a valve that allows it to be channeled to a given area. The remaining contents stay in the … Continued

Types of Scales

Nowadays, there are a variety of scales available and each one tracks a type (or several types) of weight. From weighing animals to shipping boxes, Arlyn Scales has specialized scales made for practically any application. Items of larger weights require scales that can be placed on the floor, whereas some other scales are placed on … Continued

Calibration Procedure of Concrete Batching Plant Scales

In a concrete batching plant all of the ingredients that go into the concrete are measured by weight with special scales. These days most of them are electronic. Those scales have to be calibrated from time to time to maintain their accuracy. Calibrating is as simple as loading predetermined weights on the scales and making … Continued

Small Automotive Parts Inventory System

Keeping track of small automotive parts inventory is no small task. Using a counting scale is one way to ensure the process runs more smoothly, but many counting scales are not capable of providing a high level of accuracy needed in certain situations. When using counting scales, inaccuracies can occur and most often happen when … Continued

How to Control Your Inventory Using Scales

Keeping track of small piece parts for your business can be a challenge. Pieces that are small but important elements of your final products, such as automobiles, toys, and computer products, need to always be counted for inventory control. Counting each piece by hand is extremely impractical. When it comes to saving time and reducing … Continued

Special Weighing Problems solved by Custom Load Cells

At Arlyn Scales, our experience in the industrial scale industry means we’re often approached by our customers to offer unique and custom scales for a variety of needs. These custom scales require features that we’ve worked extremely hard over the past several decades to perfect. One feature of our scales that we’re extremely proud of … Continued

Battery Operated Scales: Portable Scales for Industrial Use

If you seem to do most of you’re weighing on the go, or if your workspace is nowhere near a wall outlet, this page is for you. Our portable scales are compact, lightweight and designed to be moved around. Most of our portable scales come with rechargeable battery packs and chargers for convenience. Our portable … Continued

Industrial Weighing Scales for Zoo Operations

Scales are no doubt an integral part of most zoo operations.  Scales help to alert zoo veterinarians of issues and potential diseases affecting the health of animals.  The problem with many veterinary scales is that they may not offer the capacity to weigh large animals such as alpacas and llamas, which are staples at zoos … Continued