1000 Lb Scale Guide: Buying Digital Platform Scales Online

digital-scale-indicator-2There is an abundance of high-capacity scales available to industrial workplaces today. With plenty of options at your disposal, it can be time-consuming to find the perfect fit for your operations.

Simply put, when it comes time to purchase industrial scales with a capacity of up to 1000 pounds, there are several things you’ll want to keep in mind. These platforms are used for demanding applications, and are often considered an investment in your infrastructure, so it can be quite damaging to waste time and resources on sub-par equipment.

In this guide, we provide you tips for buying the best digital platform scales for industrial applications with capacities exceeding 1000 pounds. At Arlyn Scales, we know how difficult it can be to navigate the market efficiently, so we’re here to help!

Buying 1000 Pound Scales for Industrial Applications Online

There are many types of platforms available on the market today. In truth, too many fail to provide the accuracy, capacity, and durability that modern industrial environments demand.

Because of this, it’s vital that you find the most appropriate system for your specific needs. However, we recognize that this is easier written than done.

Most business owners and operations managers have much to do and little time to do it. For them, it can be quite helpful to be pointed in the right direction from the very beginning.

What to Look for When Buying a 1000-Lb. Digital Platform Scale

If you’re in the market for a new 1,000-pound digital platform scale, it’s important to consider your needs before making a purchase. Do you need something that can be used both indoors and outdoors? Is battery or AC power preferable?

You must also consider your work environment, the specific application of the platform, and the intensity of your operations. You might also ask: which options can endure, which can communicate data quickly to offsite teams, and which are the best for your operators?

With these considerations in mind, we’ve put together this guide. The objective is to empower you to find the ideal solution for your workplace and the best places to buy equipment online.

Accuracy is Vital for Industrial Scales

When it comes to industrial weighing platforms, accuracy is key. You must know that the weight of the object you are measuring is correct, or else your business could be in trouble.

For one that can measure up to 1000 pounds, you should confirm that it is readable within +/-0.2 pound. This means that you’ll never be more than two-tenths of a pound away from a precise measurement.

This means that consistency is also vital. You must be confident that your equipment always provides precise dimensions.

Weighing Platforms Must Be Durable

The 1,000-pound capacity digital platform scales from Arlyn Scales are durable, rugged, and robust. They feature 4 high-precision stainless steel load cells, which are embedded in the welded frame for maximum shock and abuse resistance.

They are also equipped with a molded display enclosure with rubber gasket. This provides the platform with improved water resistance.

The platforms on them do not exceed 2 inches of clearance from the ground. This makes them easy to load and unload, but you might also consider investing in a model with ramps to assist with loading extremely heavy or hard-to-move items.

Communication Capabilities: Your Team Needs Data Immediately

The 1,000-pound capacity digital platform scale has the ability to talk to your computer via RS-232 protocol, Ethernet, and RS-485 protocol. These technologies enable your display to measure weight, separate stock into pertinent groups and batch results, and send data to a spreadsheet or printer.

You can also get industry-specific software loaded into the display that can make your weighing applications more accommodating. When you purchase an industrial platform scale from us, you can upgrade any of the standard features with additional options.

For example, the standard digital indicators that come with our platforms can be upgraded to UpScale-9 Touchscreen Indicators. We offer optional, full, stainless steel construction for our platforms and customers can add any of the additional following options:

  • Time & Date
  • Relay (AC/DC): Solid State Relays for Industrial Control
  • Battery: Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • NEMA: NEMA 4x Stainless Steel Display Enclosure
  • Flow Rate: Flow Rate Measurement Program
  • Label Printer: Label, Paper, and Card Printer (RS-232 connectivity option)
  • Thermal Printer: (UpScale Only) POS Printer and Interface (Bluetooth/USB connection)

Before You Buy a 1,000-Pound Digital Platform Scale, a Checklist:

  • Be sure the platform is low profile (lower than 2 inches).
    • This makes loading and unloading for measurement easier!
  • Be certain the weight capacity is appropriate for your specific weighing requirements.
  • Find out if ramps are necessary for your weighing applications.
    • Ramps are necessary on either end of the equipment, so items can be wheeled on and off the platform.

Weigh Scales that Go Up to 1000 Pounds

We offer a diverse catalog of high-quality weighing platforms that are built to serve every industrial application imaginable. Our Standard 3200 Platform Scale utilizes industry-leading technology that is matched with our top-of-the-line, stainless steel load cells to provide accuracy.

Standard 3200 Platform Scales

Our “standard” platform is the aluminum-constructed Standard 3200 Platform Scale. This scale is available in numerous platform dimensions.

Each dimension option is available with 2 different maximum capacity/resolution choices, and every scale’s platform boasts a clearance of 17/8-inch off the ground. There is ease of operation with a large, digital graphics display and a swivel mount.

For added convenience, pushbutton features are implemented for automatic and keyboard tare with 100 memory locations, zero, and net/gross. Furthermore, it boasts multiple unit conversions including pounds, kilograms, ounces, troy, and more.


We offer weighing solutions that are accurate down to 0.05% of full scale and load cells with strain gauge technology for an incredibly sensitive weighing platform. For example, Standard 3200 Platform Scales have an internal resolution of 1 part in 500,000.

Available Platform Dimensions:

  • 20 inches by 27 inches
  • 22 inches by 27 inches
  • 27 inches by 60 inches
  • 30 inches by 30 inches
  • 36 inches by 36 inches
  • 48 inches by 48 inches

Maximum Capacity and Resolution Combinations Offered:

  • 500 pound maximum capacity and .1 pound resolution
  • 1,000 pound maximum capacity and .2 pound resolution

All of the above scale options are also available in full stainless steel construction.

Made in the USA

It seems that, today, most products sold in the United States are produced elsewhere. Arlyn Scales is happy to say that all of our industrial scales are manufactured, from start to finish, in one place: Long Island, New York.

Arlyn Scales designs all of the industrial scales we supply from the inside out. Some of our scales even feature our own-patented Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology.

Scales manufactured by Arlyn Scales feature stainless steel load cells. Made in-house, these cells are also available in aluminum and steel.

Find the Most Reliable 1,000-Lb. Scales at Arlyn Scales

There are a lot of options on the market, and new products every year. With information in this guide, you’re empowered to source the scale you need.

Arlyn Scales’ 1,000-pound digital platform scales have features that can only be found on competitors’ scales for 3 to 5 times the price. Suffice it to say, you’ve come to the right place.

We are happy to assist with any questions or concerns you might have. For help finding the best 1000-lb. scales for your facility, reach out to us today.