What Is A Load Cell And How Does It Work?

Load cells are transducers that convert mechanical energy into electrical signals. This mechanical energy tends to be a force like pressure, tension, compression, or torque. In short, these devices assist when weight provides any of these forces. Load cells can either be used in strain gauges, hydraulics, and pneumatics. At Arlyn Scales, we tend to … Continued

Bulk Material Weighing Systems

Bulk material weighing systems are often fast, fluid, and flexible. They handle large volumes of products to weigh on a regular basis and must be able to withstand higher amounts of weight. The latter is called a weight capacity. Checkweighing may also be a priority when you are transporting and weighing objects at the same … Continued

Industrial Scales with Remote Displays and Readouts

If your work environment has a lack of visibility or elements that interfere with weighing equipment, then you want an industrial scale that comes with a remote display and convenient readouts. They are designed for increasing the viewability of your results and make recording more reliable. You can also use them in environments where the … Continued

Strain Gauge Load Cell Basics: Definition and Working Principles

Many industrial scales use strain gauge load cells for accurate measurement. In fact, they are the standard for when a force is applied to a scale and then converted into electrical energy. That is why scale operators can troubleshoot if they know strain gauge load cell basics. If you know the working principle and what … Continued

What Does “Intrinsically Safe” Mean?

“Intrinsically Safe” is a term that generally refers to controlling thermal and electric energy releases within an industrial environment. It’s also a safety term that is subject to government regulation. Your scales and equipment need appropriate certification f to carry the label Intrinsically Safe. Some industries that require intrinsically safe equipment include chemicals, paints, solvents, … Continued

Air Freight Scales

Airfreight scales are a type of scale available in different designs, as well as capacities. This way they can suit the particular weighing needs they are intended for, especially in the busiest airports. No matter how many containers you need to load and unload, our scales can handle any weight and measure them accurately. Weighing … Continued

Dustproof and Washdown Scales

Dirty environments are not beneficial for accurate measurements. Whether you work with the mud, or with waste, you want to ensure that nothing skews your measurements. Browse our array of dustproof and washdown scales to see which models are just right for you. We’ll ensure that your stainless steel construction is up to the task.  … Continued

Digital Precision Scales For Industrial And Commercial Use

Digital precision scales combine modern technology with historical demands to ensure that your numbers are accurate, complete with LCD displays and data storage. These scales have a low margin of error, usually within .01 %. As a result, they reduce the potential for injury or hazardous inaccuracies on the job. Digital scales also have a … Continued

New Weighing Technology: Surface Acoustic Wave

If you’ve been exposed to weighing technology, you’ve likely heard of the strain gage load cell.  This is the most common type of technology used by scale manufacturers around the world.  Just because it’s the most common technology used in our industry, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best fit for your needs. In fact, … Continued