Digital Weight Indicators with a User Management System

As companies search for more data and automation in their processes, naturally you seek reporting functions and controls similar to project management software. At Arlyn Scales we’ve upgraded our user management system in the UpScale Indicator so that you can view which of your employees was completing a task, and when. At Arlyn Scales we’re … Continued

Paper Counting Scales For Office Environments

There are wide ranges of counting scales and you’ve probably come across many of them. The scales that you’ve come across have perhaps been average, lacked the specifications you desire or just haven’t had what it would take to fit your need. The great news here is that though you can stop your search because … Continued

Industrial Scales For Sustainable Manufacturing

Just by existing, humans tend to pollute. However, we can all choose to do things in a more bio-friendly manner, especially manufacturers. Arlyn Scales manufactures and does all of the subassembly in-house in Long Island, New York, making it easier for us to control processes and reduce pollution.   Importantly, we’ve chosen environmentally-friendly buildings and … Continued

Digital Hanging Scales For Heavy-Duty Loads

One glaring benefit of a digital hanging scale that is rarely highlighted is the great efficiency gained. Normally, when weighing equipment, goods or pieces, the operator must lift the item, transport it to the scale platform, record the measurement, and then remove it and place the item in its final position, whether it be on … Continued

2 Industrial Scales For The Shipping & Handling Industry

Like most industries, the shipping and handling industry is getting more competitive and, in general, the world is moving at a faster pace. In smaller shipping and handling operations, timing and efficiency is a problem. Meanwhile, shipping industry magazines note that between the longer wait times due to heightened security and the sheer volume of … Continued

Analytical Scales With Calibration Features

When you’re shopping for industrial scales, there are countless features and requirements that you’re likely looking for to ensure the scale you choose meets all your needs. If you are familiar with industrial scales, you may already know exactly what you need, but if you’re just starting out on your scale-buying journey, you likely could … Continued

Floor Scales For Industrial Laundry Facilities

Small-scale laundry services sometimes use a complicated, per-piece pricing system based on the size and type of material. Industrial-size laundry companies, on the other hand, will invariably charge by weight. This is a simpler system that also serves a purpose of not overloading your machine, which could cause it to break faster, or on the … Continued

Scale Calibration : Best Practices For Maintaining Scale Accuracy

If your company relies on industrial scales, you likely understand the importance of scale accuracy. Without accurate scale readings you could end up with incorrect product formulations, excessive shipping fees and much more. Thankfully there are a whole host of industrial scale options on the market that can help you and your team stay productive when it comes to … Continued

Platform Scales For Metal Recycling Facilities

The scrap metal industry is looking strong in the future, despite some of the issues with China with regard to fake coins being traded in as well as their policy changes on importing recycled or scrap metals. Other industrial countries, such as India, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Germany and more continue to purchase the valuable … Continued

Floor Scales For Accurate Pallet Weighing

What should you look for in a floor scale if you use pallets to transfer merchandise around your warehouse? Warehouses are rough places, with constant quick, heavy motions, therefore, in essence, a floor scale needs to be tough and effective. The right scale should be able to: take bumps and temperature changes without warping have … Continued

Ultra-Precision Scales for Agricultural Use

To get the optimizing benefits of precision agriculture … you need precision tools. Count on Arlyn Scales for the most advanced technology that offers competitively priced, highly-accurate and durable scales with user-friendly touchscreens. And we can customize them in-house in our own factory. Made in the U.S.A. Benefits of Accurate Measurements in Agriculture By taking … Continued

How to Calibrate Load Cells

When it comes to industrial scales, one of the most important components is proper calibration. Unfortunately, the process to calibrate most scales is arduous and complicated, which can spell significant revenue loss for growing companies. Many scale manufacturers require their users to actually take their scales out of service for calibration, and some even require … Continued