Precision Lab Scales & Analytical Balances for Accurate Readings

Ultra Precision Laboratory Scales for Accurate Weighing

When your industry requires a high level of accuracy in your measurements, you don’t want to worry that you might not have purchased the right scale for the job. A scale that is too inaccurate will cause you problems in measurement, but you don’t want to spend too much on a scale that may be more than you need.

Finding a balance between accuracy and cost is a frequent concern for those professionals who must choose equipment for the laboratory. Used in many diverse industries, laboratories require scales that provide exceptionally precise results.

When measuring reactants for laboratory tests, for example, it’s critical that you have neither too much nor too little. Either measurement error could result in problems with your test, such as providing a false result and leading to either accepting a bad batch of material or rejecting a good batch.

The Benefits of High Precision Balances with SAW Technology

Many dealers and manufacturers of weighing equipment offer precise measuring instruments for weighing in laboratories. Unfortunately, they tend to be prohibitively expensive and, often, difficult to use.

To combat this problem, the design team at Arlyn Scales patented a technology that reduces the price of these scales without limiting the precision. Using the kind of Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology you would find in the fabrication of semiconductors and integrated circuits, our Ultra Precision Scales measure much smaller deflections in a load cell for outstanding weighing performance.

By using SAW technology, we’re able to use much thicker load cells that are more resistant to damage from overloading and shock. This provides a much more rugged piece of measuring equipment.

Surface Acoustic Waves Boost Essential Weighing Applications

This is made possible because SAW technology provides more accurate measurements of load cell deflection with one-tenth of the bending of the load cell. With these rigid load cells, you get increased overload capacity, improved stability when measuring in environments with air currents, temperature drift, or nearby vibrations, and elevated scale capacities — some as high as 1000 pounds!

Why sacrifice either quality or value in your scale purchase? With accuracy twenty times better than strain gauge scales — and at one-third the cost of an equivalent Magnetic Force Restoration scale — you don’t have to.

Series SAW-H Industrial Bench Scales

With the unmatched accuracy of SAW technology, the SAW-H Ultra Precision Scale boasts a capacity of 200 pounds and a resolution of 0.002 pounds (or 90 kg by 1g). This bench scale is invaluable in the laboratory and exceptionally easy to use.

The state-of-the-art, high-resolution graphics display system is easy to read. Intuitive operation empowers your operator to devote their time to taking measurements, rather than tinkering with a complicated scale.

Because this model features durable construction, the overload ruggedness of the scale is 250% of the rated scale capacity, so you can be confident that a slight excess of weighing material won’t damage the scale. Platform size is 12” by 16”, and includes intuitive features and standard connectivity options, such as RD-232, Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet.

Large Ultra Precision Scales: When You Need Something Bigger

While our Ultra Precision SAW technology scales boast excellent precision and consistency, they are only available in platform sizes up to 12” by 16”. What if you need an ultra precise scale that is larger?

For weighing larger items, we offer a series of Large Ultra Precision Scales that have platforms measuring 20” by 23” and 31” x 31”. These larger scales still provide superior accuracy that is at least ten times better than regular scales, and with up to 20 times the sensitivity.

Scale accuracy is 0.005% with an internal resolution of 1 part in 2 million and a display resolution of 1 part in 400,000. These units are automatically calibrated and require no expensive service or setup.

Intuitive Features

To provide superior ease of use, these units have no-button functionality on a user-friendly backlit LCD dual display that offers part counting and check weight. It offers 15 different weighing units including grams, pounds, ounces, kilograms and more.

You can even add a rugged, die cast aluminum frame with click switches and a stainless steel weighing pan. Doing so provides you with a rugged scale that is built to last.

Large Ultra Precision Scales: SAW-HL, SAW-JL and SAW-KL

Our three standard, large ultra-precision scales each boast an accuracy of 0.01% of the full scale capacity and operate in a temperature range of 14° – 104° F. Capacities and resolutions on these three units are 200 pounds by 0.002 pounds, 300 pounds by 0.002 pounds, and 500 pounds by 0.005 pounds respectively.

Platforms are stainless steel, 4” in height, and have a platform size of 20” by 23”. Power requirements are 117 VAC, 50/60 Hz.

Many Scale Sizes but Only One Size for Excellent Customer Service

If you are looking for an ultra precision scale, or any other scale for your laboratory weighing needs, we have a knowledgeable team that stands ready to help. At Arlyn Scales, we are the experts in industrial, veterinary, and customer-designed scales.

In fact, we have been a leading authority in the design, development, and manufacturing of technology for the weighing industry for over 30 years. Along with the best designs and top-quality manufacturing, we can often fulfill your weight measurement needs at a lower cost than our competitors.

Since we do not sell through retail outlets or dealers, we can save you delivery time and money by shipping products factory-direct to you so that we can eliminate price markups and time delays created by middlemen in the process. The best equipment, at a lower cost and with faster delivery; what more could you ask for?

Find the Best Precision Lab Scales at Arlyn Scales

There are plenty of options on the market, but many more reasons why you can’t rush your decision. When you’re outfitting your laboratory, you can’t afford to waste time and resources investing in unsuitable equipment.

Fortunately, at Arlyn Scales, we have a passion for helping industry professionals to find the tools they need to run a successful laboratory. Not only do we offer a diverse catalog of superior products, but we also provide our experience and expertise for helping you find the ideal platforms for your operations.

You don’t have to figure this out alone. For help sorting through the latest technology in lab measurement equipment, reach out to us today.