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Commercial Food Processing and Production Using Industrial Scales

People who produce food on an industrial level have a responsibility, the magnitude of which is disguised by its ubiquity. Who else makes a product everyone needs an average of three times per day? They are responsible for so much more than simply delivering a meal that people like and want to buy again (even though this is a key part of their business). They have to ensure they are meeting the standards of clean food production throughout their entire process. This is crucial because responsibility will fall on the food manufacturer in the event of food poisoning or some other concern with regard to edibility, sanitation, and quality.

Commercial Weighing Scales for the Food Industry

As Americans, we largely take for granted the fact that we can easily go to a grocery store or restaurant and order exactly what we want, in the quantities that make the most sense based on our diet. Many of these recent conveniences are thanks to the modernization of food production technology. As companies began to package and distribute food on a large scale, it became increasingly important to closely track all ingredients to ensure recipes were being followed correctly and that quantities were accurate to avoid mislabeling food products.

Therefore one simple but crucial part of any food production process is weighing. Thanks to commercial weighing scales from companies like Arlyn Scales, food production facilities can remain confident that the products they’re selling will have the look, taste, and quantity that their customers expect. When considering buying industrial scales for food production environments, they should be:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Customizable (in terms of programming and display)
  • Highly accurate

Arlyn Scales has a variety of scales with these features and more. Find which one fits your food processing operation and production and contact us anytime for help.

Scales For Food Production

Production of anything happens at a quick and consistent pace. In order to keep up with this, you need a floor scale that is as fast and easy to use onloading and offloading. Arlyn offers you an essentially one-step process for your weighing process with our simple to install and easy-to-use floor scales. Intuitive scales let your employees do what they do best, and operate at a safe and efficient pace.

Digital Bench Scales

Many production lines use industrial bench scales. They are used throughout the food industry for portion control. As a variety of pre-packaged meals are assembled, the scale can provide information to the worker that allows the correct amount of each course to be properly arranged. Packages being prepared for freezing or refrigeration must be weighed for accuracy. If too much product is filled, it could impact the profitability of the company. It is critical that enough product is packaged to meet labeling requirements.

A bench scale is an ideal method to checkweigh a finished package. In situations where a number of items are supposed to be inside the package, the scale can clearly determine if either an extra part has been packed, or if anything has been missed. If the scale is equipped with the correct interfaces, it can send acceptance or failure signals to actuators to allow the package to continue to its destination, or to be flagged for inspection. The formulation may be performed accurately and easily with a digital bench scale. When there are a number of ingredients, they are dispensed sequentially onto the scale platform. This may be done manually by an operator, or automatically. Since the scale can retain a large number of different recipes in memory, when the correct recipe is retrieved, the scale can set its output signals to control feeder devices or valves for dispense.

Intrinsically Safe Scales

Commercial food facilities often have areas where high dust is present, which can create a scenario where equipment must be used that can be safe in these various environments.  While many people may not think of a commercial food facility as an extreme environment, when electrical equipment combines with fine dust particles, which are commonplace in bakeries and commercial food facilities, serious damage can occur if any material becomes a source of ignition.  For this reason, it’s incredibly important that scale owners carefully choose their scales for environments where dust and other fine food particles are present.

At Arlyn Scales, we have a line of intrinsically safe scales that are able to meet the needs of challenging environments seen in the food industry.  Our ArlynGuard Scales are deemed intrinsically safe and approved to be used in the following hazardous conditions:

  • Class I, Divisions I-II, Groups A-D
  • Class II, Divisions I-II, Groups E-G
  • Class III, Divisions I-II

ArlynGuard B Scales

Arlyn’s Guard B line of bench scales are designed for applications where a capacity of 5-150 pounds is present and a resolution of between .001 and .05 pounds is sufficient.

ArlynGuard C Scales

Our ArlynGuard C cylinder scales are ideal to weigh drums or cylinders that may house hazardous materials.  ArlynGuard C scales have capacities of between 60-400 pounds and a resolution of between .02 and .1 pounds.

ArlynGuard P Scales

For customers needing even larger capacities, our ArlynGuard P platform scales feature resolutions of either .1 or .2 pounds and a capacity range of between 500-1000 pounds.

ArlynGuard F Scales

Finally, if you’re looking for a scale with a much higher capacity limit than our ArlynGuard P scales, our ArlynGuard F floor scales have a capacity range of between 2500-25000 pounds, and a resolution of between .5 – 5 pounds.

Sanitary Stainless Steel Scale Construction

One way that our scales separate themselves from the competition is that we offer full stainless steel platform scales and floor scales. Stainless steel construction allows for our scales to hold up to liquids, and corrosive elements, as well as being extremely easy to clean and sanitize when exposed to various food ingredients.

In addition, stainless steel is also able to handle hot and cold temperatures, which are common in food production.

At Arlyn Scales, we don’t just stop at the scale platform and frame, when it comes to stainless steel components. Our load cells are also manufactured from stainless steel to provide added durability. This allows our scales to be extremely resistant to common problems due to overloading or shock loading, as well as being much more sanitary in food environments.

Some added benefits of the stainless sensor include:

  • Much better water resistance. The Arlyn bench scales provide an additional silicone coating on the load sensor for even better performance in a wet environment. That makes these scales perform well in food service environments, or anywhere they could get wet.
  • The scale will also be more successful in operating in areas where there are harsh chemicals.
  • The stronger stainless steel sensors also allow the scale platform to be larger, and to have a lower height, making it easier for an operator to place heavy loads onto the scale platform without too much lifting.

Explore our inventory and Contact us with any questions. We are Arlyn Scales pride ourselves in customer service and helping you improve your businesses.

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