Intrinsically Safe Explosion Proof Weighing

Intrinsically Safe Explosion Proof Weighing

In commercial operations where accuracy and safety are paramount, you must find a reliable source of precision industrial metrology equipment. In this article, the intrinsically safe metrology experts at Arlyn Scales reveal the applications and benefits of different types of explosion-proof scales. 


These specialized weighing instruments are designed to meet stringent safety requirements for hazardous and explosive environments. 


We’ll explore the various types of explosion-proof scales offered by Arlyn Scales, a trusted provider in the field.

What are the Requirements for Explosion-Proof Equipment?

Scales for Hazardous, Explosive and Flammable Environments


Explosion-proof equipment must adhere to specific criteria to ensure safe operations in volatile environments. To meet these requirements, your equipment must be designed and constructed to: 


  • Contain any potential explosion within its enclosure.




  • Prevent the ignition of hazardous substances in the surrounding atmosphere. 


This is achieved through robust construction, specialized materials, and effective sealing techniques.

6 Types of Explosion-Proof Scales

  • Explosion-Proof Bench Scales
  • Intrinsically Safe Cylinder Scales
  • Intrinsically Safe Floor Scales
  • Explosion-Proof Platform Weighing
  • Intrinsically Safe Ultra Precision Weighing
  • Explosion-Proof Chlorine Ton Scales

Explosion-Proof Bench Scales

Our ArlynGuard-B Bench Scales are specifically engineered to withstand hazardous environments. With their rugged construction and superior load cell technology, these scales provide accurate and reliable measurements while ensuring the highest level of safety.

Intrinsically Safe Cylinder Scales

Our line of ArlynGuard-C Cylinder Scales are ideal for weighing gas cylinders or other cylindrical objects in hazardous areas. These scales incorporate advanced features such as tare, zero, and motion compensation to ensure precise measurements even in challenging conditions.

Intrinsically Safe Floor Scales

Designed to handle heavy loads, our ArlynGuard-F Floor Scales offer exceptional durability and accuracy in explosive environments. These scales are suitable for various industries, including chemical processing, oil and gas, and manufacturing.

Explosion-Proof Platform Weighing

Our ArlynGuard-P Platform Scales are built to withstand rigorous industrial applications. These scales feature a robust weighing platform and advanced digital technology, enabling accurate measurements in hazardous environments without compromising safety.

Intrinsically Safe Ultra Precision Weighing

ArlynGuard-S Ultra Precision Scales are specifically designed for applications that demand the highest level of accuracy. These scales provide precise measurements with resolutions of up to 10 times higher than standard scales, making them suitable for laboratories, research facilities, and other critical environments.

Explosion-Proof Chlorine Ton Scales

Our line of ArlynGuard-T Chlorine Ton Scales are engineered to safely handle the weighing of chlorine and other hazardous chemicals. These scales are designed to prevent corrosion caused by exposure to chlorine gas and provide accurate measurements in extreme conditions.

Find Intrinsically Safe, Explosion-Proof Scales at Arlyn Scales

Intrinsically safe explosion-proof weighing equipment is a necessity for operating in hazardous industries. At Arlyn Scales, we understand the importance of providing reliable and accurate scales that meet the stringent safety requirements of these industries. 


Our range of explosion-proof scales offers you a dependable source for your metrology needs. By investing in us, you’ll ensure the highest level of safety and precision in your weighing operations.


Best of all, we’re a leading provider of precision industrial metrology equipment, and we specialize in intrinsically safe and explosion-proof scales. To find the safest metrology equipment for your hazardous workplace, reach out to our team today.