Case Study: Intrinsically Safe Scales for Manufacturing Automotive Paints

Different industries have various hazardous locations in warehouses and workspaces. The reasons could be chemicals that release flammable gasses or vapors. Paint fumes and vapor protection are also important. That’s why having scales and intrinsically safe electrical equipment can improve quality control, compliance, and safety. How To Keep Employees Safe In A Hazardous Environment, Especially … Continued

Intrinsically Safe Scales for Combustible Materials

Thankfully, we live in an era where health and safety is seen as being of paramount importance. Gone are the days when accidents were simply seen as a “side effect” of working, and hazards were dealt with only when an accident occurred. Eventually industries were regulated, mechanisms for compliance and enforcement were put in place … Continued

Weighing Liquid Waste With Intrinsically Safe Scales

Facilities that must handle liquid waste often have to use highly specialized scales due to the unsafe nature of the materials being handled. Standard industrial scales may not be able to stand up to these conditions, which is why there are strict standards on how manufacturers must build scales that are deemed to be intrinsicallyContinued

3 Types of Hazardous Areas Intrinsically Safe Scales Are Used

Accidents happen. Obviously, accidents can’t always be avoided. If they could be avoided, then accidents would never happen. But, when it comes to hazardous locations that employ electrical weighing scales, it is very important for accidents not to happen. When accidents take place in potentially hazardous locations, such as warehouses or facilities that store or … Continued

Intrinsically Safe Ultra Precision Scales – ArlynGuard S

INTRODUCTION Congratulations on your purchase of the Intrinsically Safe Ultra Precision Scale – ArlynGuard S. This Scale offers a combination of versatility, accuracy and simplicity in an easy to use and easy to maintain package. Advanced menu driven operating software, large memory capacity and an easy to use menu structure allows the scale to be … Continued

ArlynGuard F – Approved Intrinsically Safe Floor Scales – Specification Sheet

Intrinsically Safe Floor Scales – ArlynGuard F – Data Sheet [DOWNLOAD PDF] Product Page Configure and Buy at Description Take advantage of our Explosion Proof Scales that provide intrinsic safety at an affordable price. They feature a power-efficient Cortex-M microprocessor incorporated on a single circuit board. Their extremely low power consumption provides long battery … Continued