3 Types of Hazardous Areas Intrinsically Safe Scales Are Used

Accidents happen. Obviously, accidents can’t always be avoided. If they could be avoided, then accidents would never happen. But, when it comes to hazardous locations that employ electrical weighing scales, it is very important for accidents not to happen.

When accidents take place in potentially hazardous locations, such as warehouses or facilities that store or frequently work with potentially flammable or explosive materials and substances, the consequences can be fatal. At the very least, the consequences of fires and explosions in hazardous locations are damaging, either to human lives or objects and structures in the vicinity.

Regardless, there are buildings throughout the world that store flammable and/or explosive materials and substances, and these places require industrial scales for a variety of purposes; however, these potentially hazardous locations cannot use standard industrial scales, because standard scales use too much electricity. Just one spark exposed to flammable or explosive materials could cause a tragedy.

So, that’s why intrinsically safe scales exist. Let’s find out more about the kind of places that use them.

An Overview of the National Electrical Code

In the United States of America, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) established a set of classifications for hazardous locations and these classifications are outlined under the National Electrical Code (NEC).

The NEC classifies hazardous locations in the U.S. by class, division, and zone. The code also provides descriptions for flammable and explosive materials present in specific locations and appropriate equipment that can be used.

Depending on the type(s) of hazardous material present or possibly present in a specific facility, every hazardous location in the U.S.A. is classified into 1 of 3 classes according to the NEC. Then, each location is categorized into a division or zone within its class.

For example, Class 1 includes locations where flammable gases or vapors are, or may be, present. The quantities of flammable gas and/or vapors must be sufficient enough to produce fire and/or explosion if ignited. Within Class 1, there are Divisions 1 and 2, and Zones 0 and 1.

Division 1 usually means ignitables are significantly present under normal operating conditions in a facility and Division 2 means ignitables are significantly present under abnormal conditions.

To be classified in a particular class and division or zone, a location must meet the requirements for the specific classification.

Intrinsically Safe Scales are Safely Operable in 3 NEC Classes

As stated above, Class 1 locations include hazardous locations that do have, or might have, flammable gases or vapors present at any given time. Class 2 locations are places that have, or might have, combustible dust present. Class 3 includes facilities where ignitable fibers or flyings—that are not suspended in the air—are present.

Intrinsically safe industrial scales by Arlyn Scales are suitable to function in all 3 of these classes, which includes each class’ multiple divisions and/or zones, and groups.

Arlyn Scales Manufactures Explosion Proof Scales For Every Location

Not every hazardous location is the same. That’s why the NEC exists. The equipment that can be used in a location that deals with flammable or explosive materials regularly faces a different level of risk for fires or explosions than a facility that rarely handles dangerous substances.

But although hazardous locations differ depending on the types of materials they handle and how often or in what quantities, it’s nice to know there is one company that makes industrial scales that can operate in all of them, no matter what the situation: Arlyn Scales.

Plus, Arlyn Scales manufactures a variety of explosion proof industrial scales. It’s not just a one-size-fits-all operation. Whatever kind of scale is need for whatever classification of hazardous location, Arlyn Scales makes it.

Arlyn Scales’ selection of explosion proof industrial scales includes the following:

  • ArlynGuard B Intrinsically Safe Bench Scales
  • ArlynGuard C Intrinsically Safe Cylinder Scales
  • ArlynGuard F Intrinsically Safe Floor Scales
  • ArlynGuard P Intrinsically Safe Platform Scales

What Makes Intrinsically Safe Scales Special?

The main difference between explosion proof/intrinsically safe industrial scales and standard industrial scales is explosion proof scales operate on low power. Also, many intrinsically safe scales do not have any external power source—rechargeable batteries power the scales.

The idea with intrinsically safe scales is to reduce the risk of fires and explosions as much as possible. Sparks coming into contact with flammable and explosive materials is what causes fires and explosions; therefore, it is necessary to eliminate the opportunities for sparks to be created to avoid fires and explosions.

ArlynGuard Explosion Proof Scales are Highly Accurate

Consumers often wonder if explosion proof scales are as accurate as standard industrial scales because explosion proof scales operate on low power. The answer? They can.

Arlyn Scales’ selection of ArlynGuard explosion proof scales is available in a range of maximum capacities and resolutions. For example, the ArlynGuard B Intrinsically Safe Bench Scale is offered with weight capacities ranging between 5 and 150 pounds, and resolutions ranging between .001 and .05 pounds.

The capacities and resolutions for other ArlynGuard scales include:

ArlynGuard C Intrinsically Safe Cylinder Scale

  • Maximum capacities ranging from 60 to 400 pounds
  • Resolutions ranging from .02 to .1 pounds

ArlynGuard P Intrinsically Safe Platform Scale

  • Maximum capacities ranging from 500 to 1,000 pounds
  • Resolutions ranging from .1 to .2 pounds

ArlynGuard F Intrinsically Safe Floor Scale

  • Maximum capacities ranging from 2,500 to 20,000 pounds
  • Resolutions ranging from .5 to 5 pounds

Find the Intrinsically Safe Scale Your Facility Needs Today

You can learn more about the OSHA and NEC by visiting the OSHAwebsite, and you can shop for the intrinsically safe industrial scale suitable for your facility today by visiting Arlyn Scales’ website.

Take a closer look at the different styles and customizations available for our explosion proof scales and reach out to our team with any questions by calling us at 800-645-4301 or filling out our online contact form.