Industrial Scales with Checkweighing Features

Arlyn Scales Checkweighing FeatureAnyone who manages industrial, commercial, or manufacturing operations likely appreciates any opportunity to optimize their processes. Weight is an integral variable in practically every industry, from the production of goods to final fulfillment.

By streamlining your weighing operations, you’re empowered to maximize efficiency on your floor. With checkweighing platforms, your operators won’t need to remember an abundance of target weights for a variety of products — they only need to see an “affirmative” from their scale.

At Arlyn Scales, our checkweighing systems are built to be rugged, reliable, and efficient. This empowers you to minimize inefficiencies, reduce overall weighing times, and maximize productivity.

What is a Checkweighing Scale?

Checkweighing is a process that allows a scale operator to quickly determine if a weight meets the desired weight specification of a product once it’s placed on the platform. In other words, bench scales and floor scales with this feature indicate if a measurement is too heavy, too light, or within optimal range.

The scale can be configured to determine a certain weight range that is within the required target range, and it can perform multiple functions as a result, such as:

  • Show indicators on the screen that immediately informs the operator about the nature of the item being weighed, like:
    • “Hi”
    • “Lo”
    • “OK”
  • Perform Setpoint functions to automatically add or remove product depending on the checkweigher results; functions such as turning on a valve or trickle feed.

You can also store multiple checkweighing configurations, which are called “Definitions.” These are easily retrieved and activated through manual entry or by using a Barcode Scanner, if equipped.

Checkwighing SelectionThe Advantages of Industrial Checkweigher Scales

The industrial checkweigher scales have many benefits that businesses can take advantage of, including the following:

  • Precision
  • Uniformity
  • Efficiency
  • Versatility


When it comes to industrial scales, having a checkweighing feature is definitely an advantage.

The scales are exceptionally accurate, which ensures that products are not over or underweight.

This helps to improve the quality of the products and also enables businesses to stay within compliance regulations.


Check weighing scales can also help to improve efficiency in your production process by catching errors sooner.


The scales are able to provide real-time feedback, which allows businesses to make quick adjustments as needed. This can help to improve efficiency and productivity.


Finally, the function can serve a diverse range of industries and applications. Whether your operators are responsible for sorting, manufacturing, or food processing, your operations can be optimized with this simple feature.

Find the Best Checkweighing Industrial Scales at Arlyn Scales

Checkweigher scale functions improve your processes by reducing the effort required by your operators. By receiving immediate feedback from the platform, they’re empowered to reduce weighing time, minimize inefficiencies, and maximize output.

If your operations require the rapid and efficient measurement of products, materials, or components, then this is an invaluable function for your business. You can establish Definitions, which simplify procedures for your employees and colleagues.

Fortunately, at Arlyn Scales, we have decades of experience in the metrology industry, and the collaborative spirit to help others navigate the market sector. To find the best checkweighing industrial scales for your floor, reach out to our team today.