Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Explosion Proof Scales

mistakes-to-avoid-when-purchasing-explosion-proof-scalesToday, consumers looking to buy industrial scales have a wide selection of scale styles to choose from, in addition to a range of scale manufacturers. It’s important to realize that every scale manufacturer is different from the next. For example, every scale manufacturer offers customers a different selection of scale styles and customization options to choose from.

Although Explosion Proof Industrial Scales are uniquely designed in a way that ensures they operate safely in potentially flammable or explosive environments, they are generally available in a variety of scale styles. For example, Arlyn Scales supplies explosion proof Bench, Floor, Cylinder, and Platform scales.

Even with Explosion Proof Industrial Scales in existence, operating industrial scales of any type in hazardous environments has risks. That’s why it’s imperative for purchasers of Explosion Proof Industrial Scales to avoid making mistakes when they can.

If you are looking to buy an Explosion Proof Industrial Scale, then avoid the following mistakes when you make your purchase:

  1. Not Understanding the National Electric Code

 Before you buy an Explosion Proof Industrial Scale, you should definitely understand why you are required to buy one—because not everyone is.

If the location of where your scale is going to be is considered ‘hazardous,’ then you are required by law to purchase a scale that is explosion proof. Hazardous locations are described as areas that have a high risk of fires or explosions because of the presence—or potential presence—of flammable gases or vapors, flammable liquids, combustible dust, or ignitable fibers or flyings.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) created the National Electric Code (NEC) to provide a system of classifications for all locations that handle and/or store hazardous materials and substances. Locations are classified based on the type of materials they handle and how the materials are handled. Classifications include Class I, II, and III, Divisions 1 and 2, and Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.

Explosion Proof Industrial Scales by Arlyn Scales are suitable to operate in Class I, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups A-D; Class II, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups E-G; and Class III, Divisions 1 & 2.

  1. Not Knowing What Makes Explosion Proof Scales Different

There’s a reason Explosion Proof Industrial Scales are specifically referred to as ‘explosion proof’ and ‘intrinsically safe’—they’re not the same as standard industrial scales. Did you know that regular industrial scales use up to 120 volts of electricity to operate? Scales that operate in hazardous locations can’t afford to use this much electricity. Otherwise, the risk of fires and explosions is high. Therefore, Explosion Proof Industrial Scales are designed completely different than standard scales so they can operate safely in hazardous locations.

Explosion Proof Industrial Scales can’t use a high amount of electricity because the smallest spark produced in hazardous environments could result in deadly fires and/or explosions, which could easily endanger the lives and safety of people nearby—in addition to wrecking buildings and/or materials. To reduce the risk of fires and explosions, Arlyn Scales manufactures intrinsically safe scales that operate on low-power, rechargeable C Cell batteries. There aren’t any external power cords attached to our explosion proof scales and the electronic circuitry runs on little voltage. Moreover, every wire in our explosion proof scales is insulated to prevent electrical shorting.

  1. Buying the Wrong Scale for Your Weighing Application

The best thing about having variety in a selection of industrial scales is that consumers never have to settle for a one-size-fits-all kind of scale. Arlyn Scales supplies a wide assortment of industrial scales because we understand there are countless weighing applications out there and none of them are identical. Even when it comes to our series of intrinsically safe ArlynGuard scales, we offer a range of scale styles, sizes, and customizations.

Arlyn Scales designs, manufactures, and supplies industrial scales; therefore, it’s important to us that our customers purchase the best scale for their needs. To ensure that our customers buy the best Explosion Proof Industrial Scale for your needs, we encourage them to think about what they plan on weighing and where they plan on weighing it. When a person fully understands what he or she needs in a scale, then deciding which scale to by is infinitely easier.

ArlynGuard B

Intrinsically Safe Bench Scales

ArlynGuardB scales are available in a variety of maximum capacities and readabilities, but they all feature a 12-inch by 16-inch weighing platform. To prevent overloading and shock loading, purchasers of ArlynGuard B scales should buy scales with maximum capacities that are higher than what they plan on weighing. Maximum capacities and readabilities include:

  • 5 pounds; .001 pounds
  • 10 pounds; .002 pounds
  • 25 pounds; .005 pounds
  • 50 pounds; .01 pounds
  • 100 pounds; .02 pounds
  • 150 pounds; .05 pounds

ArlynGuard C

Intrinsically Safe Cylinder Scales

 Arlyn’s explosion proof cylinder scales can have 9.25-inches by 9.25-inches or 14-inches by 14-inches platform dimensions. The available maximum capacities and readabilities of these scales include:

  • 60 pounds; .02 pounds
  • 300 pounds; .1 pounds
  • 400 pounds; .1 pounds

ArlynGuard F

Intrinsically Safe Floor Scales

For heavier loads, explosion proof floor scales are available in an assortment of platform dimensions and maximum capacity/readability combinations. The variations available are:

  • 2,500 pound Maximum Capacity (MC); .5 pound Readability (R); 3-feet by 3-feet Platform Size (PS)
  • 5,000 pound MC; 1 pound R; 4-feet by 4-feet PS (also available in complete stainless steel construction)
  • 10,000 pound MC; 2 pound R; 4-feet by 4-feet PS
  • 5,000 pound MC; 1 pound R; 5-feet by 5-feet PS
  • 10,000 pound MC; 2 pound R; 5-feet by 7-feet PS
  • 20,000 pound MC; 5 pound R; 6-feet by 8-feet PS

ArlynGuard P

Intrinsically Safe Platform Scales

The maximum capacity/readability combinations and platform dimensions for explosion proof platform scales manufactured by Arlyn Scales are the following:

  • 500 pound MC; .1 pound R; 20-inches by 27-inches PS (also available in complete stainless steel construction)
  • 1,000 pound MC; .2 pound R; 20-inchs by 27-inchs PS (also available in complete stainless steel construction)
  • 500 pound MC; .1 pound R; 22-inches by 44-inches PS
  • 1,000 pound MC; .2 pound R; 22-inches by 44-inches PS