Explosion Proof Scales: All the Stats, Facts, and Data You’ll Ever Need to Know


Across America, there are numerous industrial locations that handle hazardous and potentially flammable or explosive materials on a day-to-day basis. Some applications you may be more familiar with than others. For example, waste management facilities undoubtedly deal with questionable substances and objects every day. Similarly, warehouses, and other facilities, throughout the nation, handle and house various flammable or explosive materials, such as: gases, chemicals, dust, etc.

Special Regulations in Place for Potentially Hazardous Locations

In the United States, industrial locations that handle any amount of hazardous materials are classified by the National Electric Code (NEC), which was created by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The NEC classifies hazardous locations based on the type, condition, and nature of hazardous materials being used in particular locations. Many of these locations prohibit the use of standard equipment because of the high risks they have for fires or explosions; therefore, manufacturers create explosion proof equipment.

Industrial Scales Made For Potentially Hazardous Locations

Arlyn Scales, a leader of design and manufacturing within the weighing industry for over 30 years, offers hazardous industrial locations our line of ArlynGuard intrinsically safe industrial scales. Looking at any of Arlyn’s explosion proof industrial scales from the outside, it would be difficult to tell how they are different from standard industrial scales; however, ArlynGuard scales are designed to function on extremely low voltage, so they can safely operate in hazardous locations.

Here’s everything you need to know about the selection of explosion proof scales Arlyn Scales offers.

Explosion Proof Scales Operate on Low Power

A standard industrial scale can use up to 120 volts of electricity when in use. If a scale that uses this much electricity were to be used in a hazardous location, the consequences could be fatal—it’s certainly unsafe. The smallest spark of electricity in a location where flammable or explosive materials are present could easily result in a fire or explosion, which would put the safety of nearby equipment, merchandise, and human lives at risk.

ArlynGuard scales operate on a significantly low level of electricity. The internal microcontroller components in Arlyn’s explosion proof scales are designed to work well with low voltages and high-quality load cells. Stainless steel load cells are used in Arlyn’s intrinsically safe industrial scales because they are more durable than aluminum and they are fully compatible with low power scales.

Rechargeable Batteries Power ArlynGuard Scales

Explosion proof scales by Arlyn Scales get their power from  a rechargeable C cell battery. The scales do not rely on external electrical cables plugged into the wall. The battery is kept in a sturdy holder on the scales so it cannot be susceptible to wear and tear. The holders are made from machined aluminum and if there are ever any excess electrical currents detected, then the holders prevent the batteries from releasing electricity.

ArlynGuard scales come with replacement rechargeable batteries. 2 spare batteries are provided by Arlyn Scales with the purchase of an ArlynGuard scale. The batteries must be charged and recharged in a safe area, away from hazardous materials.

Intrinsically Safe Scales Reduce Every Chance of Ignition

To further avoid potential fires and explosions in hazardous environments, every component and wiring length in explosion proof scales by Arlyn Scales is designed to prevent electrical shorting. ArlynGuard scales are designed to reduce the possibility of electrical surges and shorts, which could lead to harmful ignition.

Where ArlynGuard Scales Can Operate

Just as every industrial location is different, every hazardous industrial location is different. The materials handled are different and they are handled in various ways and amounts. That is why the NEC exists and why every location is individually classified. ArlynGuard scales are approved to operate in the following hazardous locations:

  • Class I, II, and III, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, & G
  • Class I, Zone 0, Indoor Hazardous (Classified) locations
  • Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D
  • Class II, Division 2, Groups F & G
  • Class III, Division 2, Indoor Hazardous (Classified) locations

How a hazardous location is classified depends on what materials are handled in the facility, how the materials are handled, and how the materials can ignite in flame or explosion. If there are hazardous fumes, liquids, or solids, etc. present, then the location will be deemed some classification of hazardous.

The Kind of Explosion Proof Scales Arlyn Scales Makes

As you can see above, ArlynGuard scales are appropriate for most hazardous environments. ArlynGuard scales are available in bench, floor, platform, and cylinder scale styles. Every explosion proof scale manufactured by Arlyn Scales is easy to use and consists of no moving parts. Each scale comes with a large graphical LCD display that can hold up to 100 memory locations and the load cells used in our explosion proof scales are fabricated from a special heat-treated stainless steel alloy.

Here are the various capacities, readabilities, and features that are available withArlyn Scales’ explosion proof industrial scales:

ArlynGuard Bench Scales:

  • Capacity x Readabilities:
    • 5 lb. x .001 lb.
    • 10 lb. x .002 lb.
    • 25 lb. x .005 lb.
    • 50 lb. x .01 lb.
    • 100 lb. x .02 lb.
    • 150 lb. x .05 lb.

ArlynGuard Cylinder Scales:

  • Capacity x Readability:
    • 60 lb. x .02 lb.
    • 300 lb. x .01 lb.
    • 400 lb. x .1 lb.
  • Platform is available in 14-inches by 14-inches
  • Ramps are available for easy loading and unloading

ArlynGuard Platform Scales:

  • Capacity x Readability:
    • 500 lb. x .01 lb. (20” x 27” platform size)
    • 1,000 lb. x .02 lb.
    • 500 lb. x .01 lb. stainless steel
    • 1,000 lb. x .02 lb. stainless steel
    • 500 lb. x .01 lb. (22” x 44” platform size)
    • 1,000 lb. x .02 lb.
    • 500 lb. x .1 lb. (27” x 60” platform size)
    • 1,000 lb. x .2 lb.
    • 500 lb. x .1 lb. (30” x 30” platform size)
    • 1,000 lb. x .2 lb.
    • 500 lb. x .1 lb. (36” x 36” platform size)
    • 1,000 lb. x .2 lb.

ArlynGuard Floor Scales:

  • Capacity x Readability:
    • 2,500 lb. x .05 lb. (3-feet by 3-feet platform size)
    • 5,000 lb. x 1 lb. (4-feet by 4-feet platform size)
    • 10,000 lb. x 2 lb.
    • 5,000 lb. x 1 lb. (5-feet by 5-feet platform size)
    • 10,000 lb. x 2 lb. (5-feet by 7-feet platform size)
    • 20,000 lb. x 5 lb. (6-feet by 8-feet platform size)

Arlyn Scales offers a variety of available upgrades for all of our explosion proof industrial scales. For example, customers can purchase a parts counting functionality or the Infra Red Communication Interface for their intrinsically safe scales. We also offer a number of connectivity options for all of the industrial scales we manufacture so weighing processes can be kept track of and analyzed over time.

Learn More About Explosion Proof Scales by Arlyn Scales

To purchase an ArlynGuard intrinsically safe, explosion proof scale from Arlyn Scales, visit our website today. If you are interested in learning more about explosion proof scales, then visit our website or give us a call. Customers can get in touch with Arlyn Scales’ staff by calling us at 800-645-4301 or by filling out our online contact form. We’d be happy to help with any inquiries about our explosion proof scales or any of the scales we manufacture.