Intrinsically Safe Scales from Arlyn Scales: What to Know

Intrinsically Safe Scales from Arlyn Scales: What to KnowSeveral businesses throughout the United States work with heavy and inconsistent materials that need to be weighed frequently. Many companies find that their processes are improved and made significantly easier when they have a reliable, durable, high quality and accurate weighing instrument.

Luckily, weighing technology has never been better than it is today. Industrial scales can make manufacturer’s weighing practices systematized and are capable of storing measurement data that can be statistically evaluated by individual corporations that choose to do so. And whatever type of substance your company needs to measure, you can bet there is a scale out there to get the job done.

Out of the many businesses in need of industrial scales, there are a select few that require a weighing instrument that can safely endure a hazardous environment. For example, there are a number of companies that work with explosive or flammable substances that need to be measured before shipment or storage. Therefore, a place such as this requires a special industrial scale that can prevent any impending disaster.

This is where we discuss the intrinsically safe scale. Arlyn Scales is a leader of design and technology in the weighing industry. We manufacture a selection of high-quality scales for every purpose, including our ArlynGuard series of intrinsically safe scales. Here is everything you need to know about them.

Where Intrinsically Safe Scales are Needed

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration created the National Electric Code (NEC) to provide a system of classifications based on how materials are handled in a number of environments. They also set the standards for the safe installation of electrical equipment and wiring in industrial facilities. The NEC classifies each location using three criteria: type, condition and nature. Materials being handled at every potentially hazardous location are taken note of, along with how each substance can become perilous and flammable characteristics.

Any facility that houses or handles flammable or explosive materials is deemed hazardous and is classified by the NEC. Hazardous locations can only use machinery and equipment that is approved for their type of location. Arlyn Scales manufactures intrinsically safe scales suitable for the following hazardous locations:

  • Class I, Divisions I & II, Groups A-D
  • Class II, Divisions I & II, Groups E-G
  • Class III, Divisions I & II

What Makes Intrinsically Safe Scales Special?

Did you know that the common electric scale could use up to 120 volts of electricity? In hazardous locations, the smallest spark could ignite an entire building—ruining materials and endangering human lives. Therefore, companies under these circumstances needed a new scale option that would perform at the high standard of already existing scales but could also endure tough environments while preventing disasters.

Arlyn Scales delivered. With our ArlynGuard series, customers are guaranteed accurate results from scales designed to withstand tough and dangerous environments. Looking at the outside of an ArlynGuard scale, you wouldn’t be able to differentiate between it and a basic scale. However, intrinsically safe scales are completely changed on the inside.

Our priority while designing the ArlynGuard series was to create a scale that would not and could not produce sparks that could cause ignition. Therefore, the electronic circuitry in our intrinsically safe scales uses very little voltage. Each component and wiring length is insulated to retain heat and prevent electrical shorting. External electrical cables do not power our intrinsically safe scales. Instead the scales are powered by rechargeable C cell batteries. This feature further prevents the possibility of an electrical surge or short that could lead to a harmful ignition.

Moreover, many scales overtime succumb to wear and tear after being loaded over and over again with heavy or corrosive materials. In order to thwart deterioration, we provide stainless steel load cells on all of our ArlynGuard series scales.

But are Intrinsically Safe Scales as Accurate as Basic Scales?

Arlyn Scales has gone to great lengths to ensure our customers that they can have a safe scale in their facility that will evade explosions and fires. But with all of the safety features, many people want to know: if the voltage is less on an intrinsically safe scale, is it as accurate as basic scales?

It’s a valid question, but of course ArlynGuard scales are just as accurate as basic scales. Yes, they are manufactured differently so that they can operate in hazardous locations. They have internal microcontroller components that work well with low voltages. And the load cells in our intrinsically safe scales are made from stainless steel, which is compatible with low power and makes the scales more durable. Intrinsically safe scales are made differently so that they can operate safely in dangerous locations, but the results they deliver are on the same level as basic scales.

Intrinsically Safe Scales Made by Arlyn Scales

We supply a number of intrinsically safe ArlynGuard scales for every purpose. Our collection includes ArlynGuard B, C, P and F scales. Their capacities and features are as follows:

ArlynGuard B Scale:

  • Capacities range from 5 and 150 pounds
  • Offer a resolution between .001 and .05 pounds

ArlynGuard C Scale:

  • Capacities reange from 60 to 400 pounds
  • Offer a resolution between .02 and .1 pounds
  • The ideal scale if you are using drums or cylinders to house hazardous materials

ArlynGuard P Scale:

  • Capacities range between 500 and 1,000 pounds
  • Offer a resolution between .1 and .2 pounds

ArlynGuard F Scale:

  • Capacities range between 2,500 and 25,000 pounds
  • Offer a resolution between .5 and 5 pounds

Do You Want to Learn More About Intrinsically Safe Scales?

If you are interested in learning more about intrinsically safe scales and would like to view our ArlynGuard series in more detail, check out our website today! If you have any questions and would like to speak to a member of our knowledgeable and professional staff, you can reach us by calling 800-645-4301 or filling out our online contact form.