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Meeting the Weighing Needs of the Chemical Industry

Producing chemicals requires exact and complex procedures to manufacture products that meet two standards: the user’s needs for process efficiency and the environmental regulations on safety. Weight monitoring is a vital component during this process in order to maintain steady operations, maximum output, high quality, and profitability.

Arlyn Scales’ precise, reliable, and robust weighing scales help chemical companies in control quality and costs in these processes. Clients trust that our scales provide the most highly-effective weighing solutions including custom systems for unique or complex operations.

Arlyn Scales’ can be used for a variety of chemical manufacturing and processing applications such as:

  • Basic chemicals – polymers, plastics, bulk petrochemicals
    and intermediates, industrials, inorganics, and fertilizers.
  • Life science chemicals – chemical and biological
    substances, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, animal health
    products, pills, and pesticides.
  • Specialty chemicals – electronic chemicals, adhesives,
    sealants, coatings, cleaning chemicals, printing inks, and
  • Consumer products – plastics, cleaning materials,
    cosmetics, paints, primers, and textile chemicals.

Our scales consistently withstand harsh chemicals and industry conditions with many having features specially designed for corrosive or hazardous environments. Several of our scales can be paired with wireless software and touchscreen indicators to create custom weighing systems that control, monitor, and record production throughput and output.


Equipment for Chemical Manufacturing, Processing, and Handling

Chemicals are often stored in pressurized cylinders and ton cylinders when liquid gas, in tanks or drums as a liquid, or drums if in powdered form. For both safety and production, it is extremely important to be able to know the level of chemicals remaining in a tank. Additionally, problems caused by interrupted gas flow during the production process can be extremely costly and slow your overall production.

During chemical processing and handling, aluminum load cells are not able to hold up to the constant rugged handling of drums going on and off the scales or survive coming into contact with any chemical spills or leaks. The process for manufacturing the best drum scales built to withstand this heavy type of activity requires the highest grade of heat-treated stainless steel load cells and to choose four precision matched load cells that are suited for corrosive environments. Despite the added expense of the grade of stainless steel that we use throughout our scales, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Besides being durable, scales that improve efficiency are especially imperative for chemical processing. Time is a valuable commodity and mere seconds wasted can cost a company thousands of dollars per day. Our scales are designed in a manner that accommodates drums efficiently while ensuring accuracy. From start to finish, our drum scales are built to last through the years of rugged wear that accompanies chemical processing applications.

We recommend your process and handling to have these key features for best results:

– Use of proper chemical scales. We recommend,

  1. The 3200-SS Series Platform Models
  2. The 3250 Drum Scales Series
  3. The Standard 320M Platform


– A quick method for subtracting the weight of the drum from the product. Our scales can do that automatically and even store multiple tare weights for future use.


– Have an easy-load scale platform, low to the ground to ensure sturdy support.


– Invest in equipment made of the ideal materials for chemical environments for reliable use.


– Efficiently store your readings with wireless connectivity reporting. This makes it a breeze for manufacturers to fill out forms and inventory sheets.


Also, consider that chemical spills could be costly and dangerous. One way to reduce chemical spillage is to consider purchasing our setpoint controller. It’s a controller that allows you to enter up to eight target weight values for your scale. Once a weight value has been achieved, the setpoint controller can, via solid state relays, turn off or on any machinery. Using this controller, it’s conceivable that you could have a pump dispensing a chemical into a drum container on your scale that will shut off once the drum container has reached the target weight. By utilizing this controller, you may find that automating these types of processes can prevent chemical spills by overfilling due to miscalculation of container capacities. This controller helps reduce human error and make your business more productive.

Browse our products for chemical manufacturing, processing, and handling for the most reliable, accurate and safe methods to weigh chemicals available. Contact an Arlyn Scale team member who can help find the right solution to best meet your weighing needs.


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