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The textile industry handles the design and production of raw materials and fabrics used to create products sold in the marketplace. Textiles must be accurately measured to ensure that the correct amount of material is produced for each product which can easily be done by weight. Several tools are used for this purpose, ranging from basic sewing kits, thread, and scissors to heavy-duty, textile production machines and industrial scales used in garment factories.

Manufacturers can efficiently measure the materials, monitor their progress through the creation process, and weigh the final loads of finished product using Arlyn’s range of innovative scales. Both our smaller and larger industrial scales are tough and reliable, with a higher degree of precision.

  • Our counting scales are perfectly suited for piece counting and bulk counting since they are highly accurate, even with lightweight pieces and materials, ideal for textile mills.
  • Our floor scales, platform scales, and cylinder scales work great for textile manufacturing that involves dyes or bulky materials.

How are scales used in textile and clothing production?

Besides piece weighing, bulk weighing, and weighing containers with dyes and pigments, weighing scales can be useful for a variety of applications related to the textile, retail, and clothing industry. This includes clothes recycling collections, thread for producing furniture, and maintaining consistency in hand-made apparel.

Certain scales include unique features such as the ability to weigh thread in grams or ounces per square foot while other scales can perform more perfunctory tasks such as checkweighing and counting tasks.

Bench Scales

Versatile and compact, bench scales offer a spectrum of features, including weighing, counting, checkweighing, and percentage weighing. They’re ideal for measuring materials, products or tools and can be used to count sheets of paper, cloth, and fabric. Bench scales are also commonly used in laundries and clothes recycling stores where they charge by weight.

Platform Scales

With a sizeable weighing platform, these scales are able to weigh larger cuts of fabric or multiple items simultaneously. Platform floor scales can be used to checkweigh bulky bags of clothing or material that cannot fit on a benchtop scale due to its rigidity for example.

Ultra-precision Scales

Arlyn Scales’ ultra precision scales are available in a number of sizes and capacities, meaning you are certain to find one that will work in your process, no matter how big or small your operation may be. This means you’ll even have thread measuring capability for high-volume manufacturing if needed.

Textile scales in A Variety of Manufacturing Outlets

Used Clothing Outlets and Commercial Laundry Facilities

Businesses that buy previously owned clothing by weight use trade-approved platform scales with a checkweighing function. This helps them determine the price they pay for the clothes they receive from a seller. Manufacturers need large platforms when selling clothes by the pound while allowing multiple bags to be weighed simultaneously.

Laundry and dry-cleaning establishments use retail or laundry scales with price-computing features. This helps them determine the customer’s cost based on the weight of their laundry. Industrial scales are also useful for those venturing out into custom-made fabrication for their establishments. Typical businesses in the service industry, such as restaurants, spas, and hotels.

Furniture Production

Furniture design continues to use more unique materials and involves elaborate production processes. Textile manufacturers rely on scales to accurately gauge the proper amount of fabric needed or weight specification allotted when fulfilling orders from designers looking to create customized furniture. Wholesale manufacturers also sell raw fabric in bundles or sheets using a counting or checkweighing scale to sell products in bulk by weight.

How to choose the right scale for your needs

When you’re ready to purchase a textile and fabric scale, think about how the scale will be used. Take into consideration the cost and how it fits into your budget, along with the size and how much weighing capacity you will need. As always, our experts are ready to help and encourage you to contact us for any questions or even to find a custom-solution based on your specific operations.

Recommended Textile Scales

Platform Scales

Arlyn Scales offers quality Industrial Platform Scales for every type of requirement. Our Stainless Steel 3200 scales utilize industry standard technology matched with top of the line stainless steel load cells and full stainless construction to provide accuracy, ruggedness, and durability. And the Factory Direct cost is much, much lower than the industry standard.

These textile scales can be used for the determination of weight for paper or in the textile industry for the determination of the length of strings and percentage weighing for warehouse procedures.

Parts Counting Scales

Parts counting scales convert the weight of a batch of parts into the number of pieces in that batch. This is accomplished by weighing a small sample of parts, calculating the weight of an individual piece, and then dividing the weight of the full batch by that calculated piece weight. While this sounds like it should be pretty simple, many of our competitors get it wrong. Our counting scales’ high precision and advanced digital algorithms make it a quick and easy process.

Large Ultra Precision Scales

Arlyn’s Large Ultra Precision Scales offer superior accuracy at a factory direct cost that can’t be beaten. The scales use the same technology as Arlyn’s Ultra Precision Scales, but they utilize larger load cells to accommodate even bigger capacities. Using an all-digital Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) transducer, these scales provide more than 10 times better accuracy than any other scale in its price range. As a bonus, they are also more rugged than regular scales and can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications.Arlyn Scales is a leader in the design and development of technology for the weighing industry. Headquartered on Long Island, New York, our company has been manufacturing electronic weighing systems for more than thirty years. Explore our inventory of textile scales and contact us today to upgrade your textile manufacturing process.

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