Precision Scale Models: How to Choose the Right Specification

For many decades, scale owners had two main choices when it came to purchasing an industrial scale: strain gauge scales or force motor scales. If a customer needed precision measurements, they were left with only one option: force motor scales. While force motor scales have their use, they do come with a variety of drawbacks. … Continued

Precision Scale Components: The Best Load Cell for High Resolution

Metrology equipment like industrial scales are essential for a wide range of commercial operations. Higher resolution is particularly important for any operation in which you must be able to detect the most minute changes in weight. For many years, high load cell resolution was something that could only be found on a laboratory scale. Resolution … Continued

Hanging Weight Scale

Scales are used in every industry. Whether for weighing produce at the grocery store, or weighing livestock on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma, scales are indispensable equipment. There are a wide variety of digital scales used in different industries. These include bench scales, floor scales, and parts counting scales. A less common, but important type … Continued

Digital Precision Scales For Industrial And Commercial Use

Digital precision scales are quickly becoming a staple in many industrial and commercial settings. These scales provide a high level of accuracy and reliability, making them ideal for use in any environment where precision is key. There are many different types of digital precision scales available on the market today. Some are designed for general … Continued

High Precision Scales For Biopharmaceutical Industry

In modern society, many of the great leaps forward in healthcare, and overall quality of life, can be attributed to the biopharmaceutical industry. Many formerly debilitating or fatal diseases have been brought under control thanks to vaccines and therapies developed in biopharmaceutical labs. Because these products are developed from organic materials, absolute precision in measuring … Continued

The Advanced Guide to Purchasing Ultra Precision Scales

Does your business need a high precision scale to measure raw materials or delicate substances? You can ensure compliance and accuracy with the right weighing device. Digital scales are one such example. Read our advanced guide to purchasing ultra precision scales to make an informed decision. Once upon a time, there were only 2 industrial-scale … Continued

Precision Scales for Contest Judging

In many places around the United States, agricultural contests are still major events. They serve to help bring the community together, and celebrate its heritage, while encouraging locals to work hard on their best crops. Believe it or not, the value of such a contest extends beyond the morale-boosting effect of a local spectacle. Small … Continued

Industrial Weighing Scales for 1000 kg Capacity And Above

One may question the need for 1000 kg or 1000 lb weighing scales. Metric or imperial, they are an ideal solution for some check weighing circumstances. Some are necessary for industrial counting tasks. Many industrial applications demand an accurate weight with easy operation and a high-performance balance. They require a weighing scale with a 1000kg … Continued