Industrial Weighing Scales for 1000 kg Capacity And Above

One may question the need for 1000 kg or 1000 lb weighing scales. Metric or imperial, they are an ideal solution for some check weighing circumstances. Some are necessary for industrial counting tasks. Many industrial applications demand an accurate weight with easy operation and a high-performance balance. They require a weighing scale with a 1000kg … Continued

Luggage Weighing Equipment for Airports and Airlines

In this day and age, where time is money and fuel costs are sky-high, it is more important than ever to provide luggage-weighing equipment that is dependable and able to withstand the heavy usage that comes with the territory. Every day, millions of travelers will stop at your check-in counter and hurl their luggage onto … Continued

The Evolution of Scales: From Balances to SAW Technology

You may wonder about the evolution of scales, how they went from a limited capacity to industrial applications, from mechanical balances to our SAW technology. Did you know that civilization has only been around for the past 6,000 years? Yet modern-day humans have existed for nearly 200,000 years. And our ancestors were on Earth close … Continued

Keeping Track of Inventory with Counting Scales

Most businesses, whether they are selling goods or importing, have some type of inventory that they must keep track of for regular sales. Accuracy is key when weighing or counting such items. Too much excess supply means the company wastes money, while too little means they won’t have the products that people want. Managers also … Continued

Tare Feature on Scales: What Is It?

When you require exceptional precision in your daily operations, you must have complete confidence that your weighing devices remains consistent in every measurement. Unfortunately, the nature of your materials may require you to measure them in cartons, bottles, or other containers. Tasks like these are where the humble tare feature becomes invaluable. If you must … Continued

Types Of Gram Scales

Gram scales are a type of weighing scale that is used to measure the metric weight of small objects. They are often used by people who are baking or cooking because they need to measure the weight of scant amounts of ingredients. However, they are also used in several commercial, industrial, and manufacturing applications, such … Continued

Portable Industrial Scales

Portable industrial scales are ubiquitous in almost every manufacturing organization. A range of different types of weighing equipment is used in various applications. You may see industrial pallet scales in agriculture, or in the transport industry for delivering packages. Even doctors may use them in hospitals or nursing homes, complete with ramps to assist wheelchair-using … Continued

Digital Engineering Scales

When engineering any new product, there are several steps that an engineer or team of engineers must take. First, there must be a need for a certain product that has not already been developed, ideally verified with authoritative sources. Second, the engineer must identify the problem with designing this new product. What must be overcome … Continued