Touchscreen Indicator with Barcode Scanning and Printing Ability

The first time that a Universal Product Code (UPC) barcode was scanned was in 1973 for a pack of Wrigley’s chewing gum. From there, the UPC would go on to dominate the shipping, logistics, grocery, and retail industries, among many more.

Today, there are newer and more advanced versions of the barcode that permit greater amounts of data to be stored and communicated. However, the recognizable 2D barcode remains ubiquitous across a range of commercial applications.

For example, many industrial operations require the use of barcodes to track parts, inventory, and more. Fortunately, at Arlyn Scales, we offer advanced solutions for optimizing the use of barcodes in your workflow.

Barcode Scanning & Barcode Printing for Industrial Scales

Many consumers may assume that the usefulness of the humble barcode is limited to the checkout counter. In fact, they’re the backbone of any inventory management system, which makes in-house scanning and printing capabilities essential.

Thanks to advancing technology, you no longer need separate barcode equipment like scanners and printers. When you upgrade your scales with Arlyn Upscale Touchscreen Indicators, you get access to the Barcode Feature.

This feature can perform essential barcode functions right from your scale. Now, in addition to weighing functions, your scale can capture barcode data and communicate barcode printing commands!

QR Code Scanning & QR Code Printing for Industrial Scales

In addition to providing Barcode Scanning and Printing abilities, our scales also provide the ability to scan and print 3D barcodes such as QR Codes. We are Arlyn Scales understand that in most modern applications, QR Code is the go-to method for capturing and storing data in various parts, boxes, containers and travelers. Our scanning and printing features also accommodate QR Codes as well.

Arlyn UpScale Indicator

The UpScale Touchscreen indicator is a state-of-the-art digital scale indicator available only from Arlyn Scales. In addition to the convenient Barcode Feature, this indicator boasts many exceptional benefits.

First, we designed the UpScale Indicator with ease-of-use in mind. It features a visually driven interface with a color touchscreen display and a swivel bracket that enables users to see the display from any angle.

The injection molded enclosure is highly water resistant, making it perfect for all types of environments (and we even have stainless steel enclosures available!). Best of all, it simplifies the logging and recording of your weighing data.

Barcode Scanning for Parts Counting and More

This function offers users two great ways to scan barcodes. You can use the available handheld scanner, or take advantage of the Upscale Indicator’s built-in camera system.

The Barcode Scanner can be useful in a wide range of situations, but it is particularly great for parts counting and inventory control. With the Barcode Feature, you can search for a part definition on the scale and activate it for counting.

You can also search and activate the tares of your containers quickly, accelerating and optimizing the process of changing containers. If you regularly use a parts counting scale, you should upgrade it with our UpScale Indicator to get all the great benefits of the Barcode Feature.

Barcode Printing Boosts Tracking & Organization

It may be obvious that the Barcode Feature makes it easy for operators to scan with speed and efficiency. However, it also streamlines the process of printing barcodes.

How to Print and Scan Barcodes

To use Barcode Printing, you need a 58mm Bluetooth and USB Thermal Printer, or a Star Micronics TSP Series label printer. These are the only printers that support this feature.

Your printer should already be set up with the default Print Frame. All you need to do is press the “PRINT” button on your indicator and select the correct printer.

You can customize your Print Frame to include the information you desire, or change where the barcodes are placed.

Using Barcode Scanning for Tares & Samples

When it comes to parts counting and other industrial uses, Barcode Scanning empowers you to retrieve and activate Tares or Samples quickly. This is much more efficient than manually searching for them.

However, you must have Tare Definitions and Sample Definitions stored in the scale. This means that, for every barcode your operators will scan, a Tare ID or Sample ID must be stored in the scale.

If you have that all set up, it’s time to start scanning.

First, you must ensure that the camera window is at the bottom right of the indicator display. If that window is there, press and hold the “UNIT” button to open the scanner.

Place your barcode in front of the camera, ensuring that it aligns with the red line you see on the display. If the scan is successful, you will hear a short beep after a few seconds.

Upgrade Your Operation with Arlyn UpScale & Barcode Feature

The Barcode Feature on our Arlyn Upscale Indicator saves you time and effort, empowering your operations to run smoothly. To take advantage of this great feature for your parts counting scales or other industrial scales, upgrade your setup with the Arlyn UpScale today.
For more information on boosting productivity with an UpScale digital indicator, reach out to our team today.