What Does “Intrinsically Safe” Mean?

“Intrinsically Safe” is a term that generally refers to controlling thermal and electric energy releases within an industrial environment. It’s also a safety term that is subject to government regulation. Your scales and equipment need appropriate certification f to carry the label Intrinsically Safe. Some industries that require intrinsically safe equipment include chemicals, paints, solvents, … Continued

How to Count Small Parts

One challenge that many manufacturers in various industries must face is the requirement to count a wide variety of small parts. Small parts are tedious and impossible to hand count in an industrial setting without human error, which is why more efficient methods are available. No matter the industry, small parts are needed. Small parts … Continued

C1D1 Scales: Where to Use C1D1 Scales

Explosion-proof scales may sound mythical, but they’re vital to many diverse industrial & commercial applications. However, unless you handle explosive materials, how do you know if your workplace requires a Class I Division 1 designation? Fortunately, at Arlyn Scales, we have a unique perspective on intrinsically safe scales for hazardous environments. In fact, we’ve innovated … Continued

Arlyn Scales Barcode Scanning and Printing Feature

The first time that a Universal Product Code (UPC) barcode was scanned was in 1973 for a pack of Wrigley’s chewing gum. From there, the UPC would go on to dominate the shipping, logistics, grocery, and retail industries, among many more. Today, there are newer and more advanced versions of the barcode that permit greater … Continued

Industrial Scale Pricing Guide

Industrial scales are as complicated as they are diverse. As you might expect, then, industrial scale pricing is a complex process that takes into account many factors. When searching for the ideal weighing platform to fit your operations and your budget, you must consider many variables. This includes the cost of materials and labor, the … Continued

Arlyn Scale Keyboard Wedge Feature to Solve Data Collection Issues

Any business that relies on industrial scales in its operations will likely need to store and track that information externally. Whether it’s used to monitor output, track materials usage, or confirm compliance with industry standards, there are likely several teams that use the data. These days, there are several ways that an industrial scale can … Continued

8 Industries You Didn’t Know Use Industrial Scales

Picture an industrial scale in your mind. In what type of environment do you imagine the scale? If you happen to be familiar with industrial scales, then you may be aware that there are many types and applications. This means the picture that pops into your mind is probably very different from what the average … Continued

Precision Balance Scale

Precision balance scales play a critical role in manufacturing high-quality products. They are vital for research and development, quality control, and healthcare settings by providing precise and reliable measurements. By measuring with exceptional accuracy, and for a variety of applications, these scales ensure consistency in workflow, output, and effectiveness. Additionally, the diversity in their application … Continued

Special Weighing Problems solved by Custom Load Cells

At Arlyn Scales, our experience in the industrial scale industry means we’re often approached by our customers to offer unique and custom scales for a variety of needs. These custom scales require features that we’ve worked extremely hard over the past several decades to perfect. One feature of our scales that we’re extremely proud of … Continued

How to Integrate Your Scale with 3rd Party Tools & Platforms

Metrology equipment is vital for a diverse range of industrial and commercial operations. The good news is that there is an abundance of options available to businesses, both large and small. However, as your operators become more familiar with your weighing systems, they’ll begin to notice inefficiencies. In these cases, it’s often sensible to turn … Continued

Case Study: Intrinsically Safe Scales for Manufacturing Automotive Paints

Different industries have various hazardous locations in warehouses and workspaces. The reasons could be chemicals that release flammable gasses or vapors. Paint fumes and vapor protection are also important. That’s why having scales and intrinsically safe electrical equipment can improve quality control, compliance, and safety. How To Keep Employees Safe In A Hazardous Environment, Especially … Continued