8 Industries You Didn’t Know Use Industrial Scales

Picture an industrial scale in your mind. In what type of environment do you imagine the scale? If you are familiar with industrial scales and you are aware that there are many styles ofand uses for them, then the picture that pops into your mind is probably very different than what a person who doesn’t know too much about industrial scales imagines.

The styles and sizes in which industrial scales are manufactured are numerous. And the places where industrial scales are used are endless—some you would never guess. Here are a few industries you (maybe) didn’t know used industrial scales:

  1. The Agricultural Industry

Industrial scales are used for a variety of weighing applications within the agricultural industry. Farmers use industrial scales to measure livestock, seed, fertilizer, chemicals, produce, and more.

Farmers keep track of the weights of their livestock so they can recognize health issues that might be identified with inconsistencies in weight. For example, if a farmer notices the weight of an animal has significantly dropped or risen, then it might mean the animal is sick or the animal might need its eating or exercise regimen modified so it can maintain a more healthy weight.

Industrial scales designed to weigh livestock typically have low profiles so animals can easily step on and off them. These scales often have a “weight average and hold” feature, which allows them to accurately measure animals on the platform even if the animals are moving. Scales made for livestock weighing purposes are moisture resistant, as well.

There are multiple add-on features that can help make weighing processes simpler and faster for agricultural locations. For example, Arlyn Scales’ Set Point Controller makes it easy to set up automatic dispense, fill, or mix processes with industrial scales by setting target weights.

  1. Transportation and Shipping Industries

One common reason industrial scales are used in any industry is to measure objects before shipping them out or after receiving shipments. Companies must accurately measure shipments in order to ensure the right amount of products are shipped or received. Measuring products before shipment can help companies accurately predict the cost of shipping, as well.

If you consider a giant cargo ship sloshing on the sea or a mile-long freight train plunging across a Midwestern plain, then you can assume everything on these vessels was properly weighed before departure. Companies often measure products for shipment for money saving and inventory-tracking purposes; however, accurately weighing objects can also be a safety concern. Ships, planes, trains, and trucks oftentimes need to be balanced accordingly in order to avoid disaster.

  1. The Nursing Home Industry

This industry use for industrial scales might seem surprising at first, but just like the many people who step onto a scale each morning for their daily weigh-ins, elderly patients in nursing homes need to be weighed too. Nursing home staffs are required to regularly weigh elderly patients to ensure patients are maintaining healthy weights. Similar to measuring livestock, if there are inconsistencies in weight, then this could be an indication of declining health or a sign that a person’s eating and exercise habits should be altered.

Industrial scales used in nursing homes are designed to accommodate the added weight of wheelchairs and typically have ramps and rails to aid elderly people getting on scale platforms and standing up on the platforms once they’re up there. Check out Arlyn Scales’ selection of wheelchair scales for nursing home settings here.

  1. The Waste Management Industry

Companies that pick up garbage and recycling from houses and buildings throughout America are often paid based on the weight of the waste they pick up; therefore companies in this industry use industrial scales to accurately measure what they pick up so they can be paid appropriately.

Just thinking of all the questionable substances and materials that industrial scales in the waste management industry come into contact with on a daily basis, you can understand why scales in this industry must be specially made. Industrial scales in the waste management industry are generally corrosion-resistant so harmful chemicals or substances do not damage them.

Arlyn Scales Manufactures Industrial Scales For Every Industry

Arlyn Scales is a leader of design and technology within the weighing industry and has been for over 30 years. Our collection of quality, durable, and highly accurate industrial scales is vast. All of the above industries, which you may or may not have known have uses for industrial scales, can find the industrial scales they need with Arlyn Scales.

Industrial scales sold by Arlyn Scales are designed and manufactured in one location: Long Island, New York. Arlyn Scales offers standard industrial scales, such as floor, platform, crane, cylinder, parts counting and more. These scales are available in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel construction. Many of our scales are available in various sizes and customers can choose which maximum capacity/readability they want for their industrial scales. Arlyn Scales offers numerous add-on options that can improve the efficiency of weighing processes for many weighing applications, as well.

Ultra Precision Scales for Increased Accuracy

For customers that want extremely accurate weight readings, Arlyn Scales supplies Ultra Precision Scales. These scales utilize Arlyn’s patented Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology, which makes them the most accurate scale technology available with industrial scales today. Ultra Precision Scales are capable of delivering highly accurate results and are built to endure heavy weights, which makes them superior to traditional scale technologies, such as: Strain Gage and Magnetic Force Restoration.

Learn More About Industrial Scales

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