8 Industries You Didn’t Know Use Industrial Scales

Picture an industrial scale in your mind. In what type of environment do you imagine the scale?

If you happen to be familiar with industrial scales, then you may be aware that there are many types and applications. This means the picture that pops into your mind is probably very different from what the average person imagines.

In fact, there are numerous, diverse styles and sizes of industrial scales available manufactured every year. So, what are the different industrial and commercial operations that use these scales?

What Industries Use Industrial Scales?

  1. Electronics
  2. Food & Beverage
  3. Agriculture
  4. Transportation, Shipping, & Logistics
  5. Waste Management & Recycling
  6. Paper & Pulp
  7. Chemicals
  8. Mining

Just as diverse as the scales themselves are the work environments that use them — and some might even surprise you. Here are a few industries that (you might not know) rely on industrial scales in their operations:

Additionally, by knowing the weight of each product, businesses can more accurately calculate the cost of producing each item. Industrial scales can also be used to measure the weight of finished products, allowing businesses to ensure that they are meeting customer demands and expectations.

1. Scales & Balances in the Electronics Industry

Industrial scales are an important piece of machinery in the development and manufacturing of electronics. For example, Ultra Precision Scales are used to weigh minute components and materials during the manufacturing process.

This ensures that products are made to the correct specifications and that no materials are wasted. Better still, scales can be used in a variety of ways in the electronics industry.

For example, they can be used to weigh small components such as resistors and capacitors, or they can be used to weigh large pieces of metal such as chassis plates. In addition to their practical applications, industrial scales can also be used as a quality control measure.

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2. Scales in the Food & Beverage Industry

Industrial scales are used to weigh food, beverages, and ingredients. This allows businesses to accurately measure the amount of ingredients they are using, which helps them to produce consistent products.

Additionally, industrial scales can be used to track inventory levels and determine how much product needs to be ordered. Businesses in the food & beverage industry also use scales to measure the weight of finished products prior to packaging and shipping.

3. Scales in the Agricultural Industry

Industrial scales are used for a variety of weighing applications within the agricultural industry. Farmers use industrial scales to measure livestock, seed, fertilizer, chemicals, produce, and more.

Farmers keep track of the weights of their livestock so they can recognize health issues that might be identified with inconsistencies in weight. For example, a farmer may notice that the weight of an animal has significantly dropped or risen in a short amount of time.

This might indicate that the animal is sick. Alternatively, it may also suggest that a change is required in the animal’s nutrition or exercise regimen modified.

How are Industrial Scales Designed for the Agricultural Industry?

Industrial scales designed to weigh livestock typically have low profiles so animals can easily step on and off of them. These scales often have a “weight average and hold” feature, which allows them to accurately measure animals on the platform even if the animals are moving.

Scales made for livestock weighing purposes are moisture resistant, as well. This enables usage in inclement weather, or the event of an animal relieving themselves.

There are multiple add-on features that can simplify weighing processes for agricultural locations. For example, Arlyn Scales’ Set Point Controller makes it easy to set up automatic dispense, fill, or mix processes with industrial scales by setting target weights.

4. Scales in the Transportation, Shipping, & Logistic Industries

Industrial scales are essential for just about any industry. This is because almost every industry needs to measure objects before shipping them out or after receiving shipments.

Companies must accurately measure shipments in order to ensure the right amount of products are shipped or received. Measuring products before shipment can help companies accurately predict the cost of shipping, as well.

Consider a giant cargo ship sloshing on the sea, or a mile-long freight train plunging across a Midwestern plain. In general, you can assume everything on these vessels was properly weighed before departure.

Industrial Scales for Shipping is about Safety as much as Revenue

Companies often measure products for shipment for money saving and inventory-tracking purposes. However, accurately weighing objects can also be a safety concern. Ships, planes, trains, and trucks often need to be balanced accordingly in order to avoid disaster.

5. Scales in the Waste Management & Recycling Industries

Companies that pick up garbage and recycling from houses and buildings throughout America are often paid based on the weight of the waste they pick up. Therefore, companies in this industry use industrial scales to accurately measure what they pick up so they can be paid appropriately.

Just thinking of all the questionable substances and materials that industrial scales in the waste management industry come into contact with on a daily basis, you can understand why scales in this industry must be specially made. Industrial scales in the waste management industry are generally corrosion-resistant so harmful chemicals or substances do not damage them.

6. Scales in the Paper & Pulp Industries

The use of scales in the paper and pulp industries is important for measuring the thickness and weight of paper products. Scales can also be used to measure the moisture content of paper, which is important for ensuring that products are properly dried. In addition, weighing platforms are used to weigh paper products during the manufacturing process to ensure that products are being produced within the desired weight range.

7. Weighing Systems in Industries that Handle Chemicals

Intrinsically safe industrial scales are commonly used in chemicals industries. These scales are designed to prevent the ignition of hazardous materials through the use of special circuitry and construction.

This makes them ideal for use in environments where flammable or explosive materials are present. By using these scales, companies can minimize the risk of accidental fires or explosions, and ensure that their facilities operate safely and efficiently.

Meanwhile, gas cylinder scales are ideal for weighing liquified gas and other materials that are stored in cylinders, tanks, and pails. With capacities up to 300 pounds and safer, low profile construction, these scales enable chemical operations to handle and produce large quantities of goods, and safely.

8. Industrial Weighing Platforms in Mining

There are different types of mining, but all of them require accurate measurements. This is where industrial scales come in.

Industrial scales are used in mines to measure the weight of the aggregates that are being mined. This information is used to calculate how much ore is being produced and to determine the value of the mineral deposit.

The scales are also used to weigh the trucks that transport the ore and to monitor the production process.

Precision Scales are Essential to the Mining Industry

They help to ensure that the right amount of resources are extracted and that they are worth what they are supposed to be worth. Without industrial scales, the mining industry would be a lot less efficient and productive.

Why Do So Many Industries Trust Arlyn Scales?

Arlyn Scales is a leader of design and technology within the weighing industry and has been for over 30 years. Our collection of quality, durable, and highly accurate industrial scales is vast.

All of the industries above can find the industrial scales they need with Arlyn Scales. Industrial scales sold by Arlyn Scales are designed and manufactured in one location: Long Island, New York.

Arlyn Scales offers standard industrial weighing systems, such as floor scales, platform scales, crane scales, cylinder scales, parts counting scales, and more. These scales are available in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel construction.

Ultra Precision Scales for Increased Accuracy

For customers that want extremely accurate weight readings, Arlyn Scales supplies Ultra Precision Scales. These scales utilize Arlyn’s patented Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology, making them the most accurate scale technology available with industrial scales today.

Ultra Precision Scales are capable of delivering highly accurate results and are built to endure heavy weights. This makes them superior to traditional scale technologies, such as Strain Gage and Magnetic Force Restoration (MFR) scales.

Customize Your Scale for Your Industrial Operations

Many of our scales are available in various sizes and customers can choose which maximum capacity and/or readability they want for their industrial scales. Arlyn Scales offers numerous add-on options that can improve the efficiency of weighing processes for many weighing applications, as well.

Find the Best Industrial Scale for Any Industry at Arlyn Scales

If you are interested in learning more about all of the uses of industrial scales in various industries, then visit Arlyn Scales’ website today. Check out our blog for a variety of articles that discuss where and how our scales are used in industries nationwide.

To find the best industrial scale for your industry and operations, reach out to our team today.