Arlyn Scale Keyboard Wedge Feature to Solve Data Collection Issues

Any business that relies on industrial scales in its operations will likely need to store and track that information externally. Whether it’s used to monitor output, track materials usage, or confirm compliance with industry standards, there are likely several teams that use the data.

These days, there are several ways that an industrial scale can communicate with other equipment. However, if you want the data to be shared directly into a specific program that runs on your computer equipment, you may be inclined to consider 3rd-party “wedge” software.

As you likely understand, this presents several unique challenges on its own — or, at least, it did. Now, the creative experts at Arlyn Scales have developed a native solution that eliminates the need for third-party software: the Arlyn Scales Keyboard Wedge Feature.

What are the Problems that Wedge Software Causes?

Wedge software can be a handy solution when you want your weight data to be input automatically into a specific program. For example, you may want each measurement to be stored in a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel, or entered into your own standard or customized software.

However, it’s often cumbersome to install and run additional software on your computer. It can take up system memory and processing power, slowing the operating speed of your computer overall.

Moreover, these solutions tend to have exorbitant upfront costs, making them less than economical for many. This is only made worse by the fact that most wedge software applications are only compatible with one operating system: Windows OS.

How Did Arlyn Scales Resolve Wedge Software Issues?

Simply: by removing the need for third-party software that had wedged its way into the equation. You can opt to equip the weighing solutions at Arlyn Scales with our Keyboard Wedge Feature.

This feature empowers the scale to act as its own keyboard wedge directly, thereby eliminating the need to install programs onto your computer. This is particularly ideal if your IT security team are hesitant to approve the installation of some third-party software onto company computers.

How to Share Weight Data Using Arlyn Scale’s Keyboard Wedge

If your Arlyn Scales platform is equipped with the Keyboard Wedge Feature, you can share weight data in two simple steps:

  1. Plug the Scale into Your PC. Nothing special here, just plug your scale into your PC using the USB cable.
  2. Press the Print Key. Once you do, the scale transmits the information directly into the program of your choice.

You can share weight data into a variety of databases, Microsoft Word, Excel, and even into a web page! In fact, the information is stored in any location on which you place your mouse cursor.

Which Operating Systems are Compatible with Arlyn’s Keyboard Wedge?

As mentioned, 3rd-party wedge software may not be compatible with the operating system on your computer. So, what software is compatible with Android and iOS devices, Linux, MacOS, and Windows?

No software at all.

This is a native feature, and not software intended to be installed on your computer. Therefore, the Keyboard Wedge Feature is compatible with every device that is compatible with your scale.

Develop Solutions to Weight Data Problems with Arlyn Scales

At Arlyn Scales, we delight in developing simple solutions to complex weight measurement problems. To optimize your industrial weighing operations, reach out to our team today.