Precision Scales

ultra-precision-scale-1Arlyn Scales understands customers’ needs for a supremely accurate precision scale. In fact, they offer both a small and large version to suit almost any weighing need. What sets Arlyn Scales apart from the competition is their attention to detail: weight is not simply calculated by a load cell, rather their technology uses Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) components for the most accurate weight interpretation.

Strategically placed SAW electronic components reside within the precision scale. Once a weight is placed across the scale’s platform, the SAW components act as sensors. Weight calculations are made by the sensors and sent to the scale’s display; the resulting information is extremely accurate down to 0.005%.

A precision scale can be used in areas that range from a laboratory environment to a harsh industrial location. Its smooth platform surface is easily cleaned to ensure that no dust or debris influences an accurate weight measurement. The laboratory setting usually encourages use of the smaller platform model offered by Arlyn Scales since its 8″ X 10″ dimensions fit easily onto a crammed work bench. This small model can weigh up to 10 pounds of weight; in a laboratory environment, this weight limit is typically not a concern since most measurements are relatively small. There are also 12″ X 16″ models that weigh from 25-200lbs.

For those customers looking for a scale that supports heavier objects, Arlyn Scales also offers a large size precision scale. The platform surface can be as large as 20″ X 23″ so that the item does not hang over the scale’s sides. Similar to the small size scale, the platform is also smooth and easily cleaned; this heavy duty scale can support up to 500 pounds.

Arlyn Scales knows that customers will need different weight units over the life of the product. Converting a weight unit can be confusing and will often introduce error into the calculation. That is why Arlyn Scales designed their precision scales to weigh items in 15 different unit types.

Long power cords linking a weight scale to an electrical outlet can create a messy chaos across a work bench; it is unsightly and limits the portability of the scale. Arlyn Scales offers the option of a rechargeable battery pack for the precision scale. Since the scale’s power needs are relatively low, the device would not need to be charged very often, allowing workers to concentrate on their work.

People who work with scales will typically document the calculated weights; Arlyn Scales makes documentation easy with computer connectivity. Gone are the days when customers had to write weights down. Once a weight is measured, that calculation can be instantly moved through an attached computer wire and into a specified database. Arlyn Scales’ precision devices support both a RS-232 link as well as Ethernet.

These scales were built to last; an aluminum frame and stainless steel pan make these devices difficult to damage. Arlyn Scales offers a 3 year warranty to support their rugged scale. If you have any questions or would like to purchase a precision scale be sure to Contact Arlyn Scales today.