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Ultra Precision Scales offer readings that are as much as 10-20 times more accurate than standard strain gage scales, yet are able to provide accuracy similar to magnetic force restoration scales at a fraction of the cost. Both strain gage and magnetic force restoration scales have shortcomings that have been avoided with our development of the Ultra Precision Scale.

A typical strain gage scale can provide you resolution of 1:5000. The Surface Accoustic Wave (SAW) load cells used in our Ultra Precision scales can provide you resolutions of up to 1:200,000. This means:

  • In a typical 100lb SAW Scale, the smallest weight that can be read is 0.001lb.
  • In a typical 100lb Strain Gage scale, the smallest weight that can be read is only 0.02lb.

The Ultra Precision Scale is a must-have for applications that require high weighing capacities combined with the need for high resolution.

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