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High Precision Floor Scales from Arlyn Scales

Imagine that you had some difficulty weighing an object because it was simply too awkward to fit on a desk scale. Perhaps it’s too large or the shape is abnormal. In either case, you might have some serious problems if you don’t invest in industrial floor scales like those from Arlyn Scales.

These units have a wide variety of uses across an equally wide subsection of industries, so you won’t have to worry about trying to find particular use in your place of business. After all, chances are that you can think of countless ones as it is. That being said, there are a few areas where you’re likely to see these scales really shine.

Industrial Digital Floor Scales

Arlyn Scales offers a variety of industrial floor scales in a wide range of sizes and capacities in order to accommodate a wide range of industrial production, storage, weighing and shipping needs. We pride ourselves on producing scales that are rugged enough to withstand particularly harsh work environments. They also ensure ease of use and ability to operate in a fast-paced workflow.

These heavy duty floor scales are the ideal weighing equipment. Our low profile floor scales are available with stainless steel construction which is coated with a special zinc-rich epoxy that guards against rust from damp or wet environments and makes for easy cleaning. You can also order them with stainless steel construction for more heavy duty, corrosive, tough industrial environments.

Due to our groundbreaking technology, these large floor scales outperform standard scales on the market in terms of accuracy and durability. The high quality of all the components makes these scales better at performing in harsh conditions such as industrial refrigerators or hot barns and warehouses, all of which are common applications for floor scales.

Our low profile floor scale is designed to make it easy for employees to weigh a number of materials quickly and efficiently with minimal risk of injury to the employee or damage to the goods. This is a key part of maintaining a quick, efficient and profitable work process, especially when dealing with heavy loads.

A ramp can be added for additional safety and convenience. As with many of our products, with every floor scale we offer an extensive list of available upgrades including but not limited to USB interfaces, digital time and date outputs, thermal printers, rechargeable battery packs, and more.

These portable industrial scales come with display options designed to help any work process run at its best. Featuring a Large Graphics LCD digital display, these floor scales will make it easy for your employees to track and record all the relevant data.

Optional color touchscreen indicators bring the latest User Interface for even more intuitive use. Choose from a selection of ten different sizes and capacities, and feel free to get in touch with us if you are unsure which size is optimal for the task you need the floor scale to perform.

Industrial Uses Of Floor Scales

Food industry workers have long used these scales to process liquids, powders and other materials. One of the best ways to find out how much is in a specific container is for it to be weighed accurately on an industrial scale. A large floor scale, as well as smaller drum models, can help to enumerate the amount of material that’s found in any tank, pail, carton, box or any other kind of container you might be using in your place of business.

Over time, this same process has made its way into the cosmetics industry and a number of other places as well. You’re likely to see larger floor scales used to count hardware in certain types of operation as well, which has helped to make them attractive to an even wider section of the market.

Best Industrial Floor Scales By Arlyn Scales

You might say the best scale for you is the one you’ll actually use. If there’s a particular type of scale that seems like it would be the most suitable for your place of business, then don’t hesitate to look into it. Those who need some more ideas might want to check out these popular options.

Stainless Steel Industrial Digital Floor Scale With LCD Display

Since stainless steel contains chromium and other elements in a complex alloy with iron, it’s resistant to corrosion and doesn’t suffer from many of the problems associated with other types of metals. It’s also extremely durable.

That’s why you’ll want to look into stainless steel industrial scales, which come with LCD displays and other nice features that are designed to make it easier for you to see exactly what you’re weighing and the readout once you’re done. That can make the entire process simpler regardless of what industry you’re in and what sort of product you’re weighing.

Those who want to be even more sure in a busy environment might consider investing in something with a significantly larger screen just to be safe.

Steel Floor Scale With Large Graphic LCD Digital Display

A steel floor scale that features a large graphic display will be able to give you plenty of information while simultaneously retaining a good strong base to operate from.

Since these industrial weight scales feature a graphic indicator, they’re more empowered to offer you the kind of real-time data you need. For instance, some companies use a scale while filling containers to check the constant weight of the container in question. Once they know the original tare weight, they can judge just how much product is going into a specific canister.

These scales can be set to report when a certain weight has been reached, which is perfect for those who use them in these kinds of settings. They can also help technicians calculate the weight over a period of time or even find when a certain select condition has been met.

Industrial processes are often in flux, and they often change the way that certain things are done. In this way, these scales are helpful to determine the exact weight at any specific time during the manufacturing process. By this point, you might have thought of a number of other places they could be used in your own business operation.

Types of Industrial Weighing Scales

We offer many types of scales in addition to floor scales to meet needs across different industries. Whether you’re in shipping, construction, manufacturing, food and beverage, or something else, you’ll find the best industrial scale to meet your needs. And if we don’t have something that fits your unique situation, our team of expert engineers is always eager to come up with a custom solution.

Bench Scales

Arlyn offers durable bench scales in a range of platform sizes to meet the needs of your operation. Accuracy is important for every business, and our industrial bench scales vary from standard strain gauge all the way to the unrivaled and highly accurate SAW Precision technology. These scales are easy to use and read thanks to a state of arts graphics display. Stainless steel loading cells and a sturdy design mean our bench scales can handle rugged industrial environments while still providing accurate measurements.

Crane Scales

If you need to weigh a hanging load, our crane scales will get the job done. They are used in many industries from oil work to shipping yards. These scales feature a built-in stainless steel load sensor hidden away in an extremely durable housing that can withstand harsh environments. With 1” high graphics on the digital indicator, you’ll be able to read the weight from a distance, and the hanging scales boast an accuracy of 0.1%. These scales can measure weights in multiple units, including pounds, kilos, grams, etc.

Platform Scales

Large platform scales make it easy for you to get accurate weights for large objects, and we offer sizes up 48″ x 48″. Used in a number of industries, our platform scales have a low profile to increase efficiency and minimize equipment damage and worker injury. These rugged scales are reliable even in harsh conditions like the varying temperatures of an airport tarmac. They are also great industrial pallet scales for shipping operations. Four stainless steel load cells are embedded in a welded frame, which means this scale will stand up to abuse and shock. A molded display with rubber gaskets also allows for water-resistance. Like all our scales, our platform scales are easy to use and perfect for fast-paced, rugged environments.

Drum Scales

If you’re in an industry that uses drums for storing and transporting liquids, you need our drum scales. These scales feature a low platform with a shallow loading ramp so you can quickly and easily load and unload drums. Plus, the platform has a unique design that avoids the side rails often found on other scales, so you can weigh oversized items. Our drum scales have four stainless steel load sensors embedded into the corners, and you can opt for a scale constructed entirely from stainless steel for rougher industrial environments.

Shop Floor Scales For Industrial And Commercial Use At Arlyn Scales

Arlyn Scales has a number of different choices available, which are designed to meet the needs of the largest cross-section of business owners and managers. Whether you run your own small business or represent a larger enterprise-level manufacturing concern, we have a scale that can help you.

Visit our online contact form today and tell us a little more about your company’s specific requirements. We’ll help you find the best scale for your particular use case and even your price range.

Visit our online contact form today and tell us a little more about your company’s specific requirements. We’ll help you find the best scale for your particular use case and even your price range.

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