Sensitive Weigh Scales: Why SAW is Better than Force Motor

V9_SAW_SteelIf your application is sensitive enough to require a highly precise and accurate measurement reading, you are likely investigating what is available and finding that highly precise scales are an expensive investment. Finding the right scale for your unique application doesn’t have to be the onerous task that it appears to be. Turn to the dedicated team at Arlyn Scales for the help you need.

Along with the standard designs for strain gauge load cell scales, Arlyn has patented a new scale technology that is both highly precise and affordable. For a high-resolution measurement in an industrial environment, we recommend you investigate our surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology scales.

Highly Precise Measurements at Higher Capacities

Until Arlyn Scales designed the SAW technology scale, the MFR scale (also known as the force motor) was the go-to technology for precision and accuracy. However, this scale was not a perfect solution for all uses.

MFR scales provide accurate readings for smaller total weightings, with their accuracy realistically limited to about 25 pounds., making them difficult to accurately measure larger objects. On the other hand, our new technology SAW scales are great for capacities starting at 10 pounds going up to 1,000 pounds, and even higher.

So, if your application requires an accurate measurement on a smaller or larger total quantity of material, SAW technology may solve your problems much better than a force motor scale at a price that is considerably lower.

High Shock Levels and Overload Conditions: Trouble for Industrial Applications

One of the biggest problems with the force motor technology is its susceptibility to damage in industrial applications. Damaging a scale in an industrial environment can cause unnecessary delays and costs when you least expect them. It is difficult to properly control your operation if your scale is damaged during use and is either in need of repair or replacement.

SAW scales tolerate high levels of shock load and overload, which are present in most industrial applications. By being more tolerant to punishing situations, there will be many fewer times when repair or replacement is required.

In fact, the overload capacity of the SAW technology scale is more than 250% rated capacity, which is much better than either the strain gauge or MFR scale. It is also important to note that it is much less likely that unknown damage could cause incorrect readings from your scale if it is more tolerant to these shocks.

Stability: Savings for Time and Money

If you are buying an MFR scale for precise and accurate measurements, then you are taking the time necessary to ensure that the scale is re-calibrated when necessary. Without proper calibration and re-calibration, a scale will drift out of tolerance and could give false readings, so it is important to ensure that you follow the necessary steps to maintain the scale properly.

With an MFR scale, you will need to do this re-calibration fairly often, as often as once a day or even more so as per manufacturers directions. On the other hand, SAW scales are very stable. The design is such that the stability of the unit is easily maintained at a much longer interval than an MFR scale.

SAW technology scales should be checked for accuracy about once a year, saving you time, money and worry that your measurements have become inaccurate. These savings, while seemingly obscure, are not to be understated.

Lower Unit Cost Means in-Budget Measurements

Along with the technological shortcomings of the MFR scale, there is one big drawback that has been hinted at above—the cost. Magnetic force restoration scales can cost 4 to 5 times the price of the very best strain gauge scale due to their superior precision and accuracy.

This cost is paid immediately as it is the initial required outlay to bring the scale into your facility for use. For those industries that require precision measurements, buying an MFR scale to do the job is an expensive undertaking.

SAW scales are much, much less expensive than force motor scales and for similar resolution, repeatability and linearity. In fact, you can get the same performance from a SAW technology scale as you can from an MFR scale while only paying the same price as a reasonably priced strain gauge scale.

These cost savings can then be put into finding ways to better use the measurements of the scale to improve your processes for savings all across your business. In short order, this will no doubt turn into an investment well worth the cost.

No Matter Your Scale Needs Talk to Arlyn Scales

Even with our patented SAW technology scales, we know that there is still a place for other scale technologies, and that is why we have a dedicated team that designs and manufactures all types of scales.

Arlyn Scales has been a leader in the design and development of technology for the weighing industry authority for over 30 years. We produce high quality veterinary scales, industrial scales and scales designed specifically to fit our customers’ specifications. With this remarkable design heritage, we always strive to live up to our motto of using the “latest technology, superior quality, and utmost value.”

One of the easiest ways to start finding what you need is to learn more about your next scale purchase. If you are local to Long Island NY call us at 516-593-4465, and national customers can call us toll free at 1-800-645-4301.

We can also be contacted online and one of our knowledgeable team members will get back to you as soon as possible with the information you need to help make a decision. We look forward to working with you soon.